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Derezzing appears to be, of course, the Tron-world equivalent of death. But what is it, exactly? Can a program that has been derezzed be loaded from a backup unchanged? That would make it not nearly as serious as everyone seems to feel it is.

However, in most of the time we actually see the programs, the program in charge (MCP or Clu) would not be interested in allowing derezzed programs to come back, and the Users are rather out of touch or at least not in control. In a system under better management, is derezzing actually a tragedy, or more of a temporary setback with perhaps a little memory loss? Would a program reloaded from a backup feel like the same person?

Is it different for Isos than for basic programs? Can they be backed up at all? Clearly Flynn knows enough about their code to make edits, even if he didn't write it. Why wouldn't he back up the beings he was so excited about? Do backups maybe not work the same way in their universe as in ours?

Some things I'm thinking about while trying to write fic. I'd welcome any other notions.

12/31/2010 #1
Raven's Spark

It matters if, when de-rezzed, their disc, or life force, is completely destroyed or if it stays complete. If it stays complete then I'm sure they would be able to come back.

12/31/2010 #2

The way I see it, the identity disk is like the hard code of the program, while the active program is actually in the computer's working memory--liable to be overwritten.

Thus throwing a disk = attempting to overwrite active memory, making a program unable to function. I think.

But I agree, the disk can regenerate a program, if it's not damaged. Perhaps only if commanded to do so by a User (or sysadmin like Clu)?

The question is, would Flynn have just one copy of these programs that he sees as people? Where are his backup hard drives, his CD-ROM copies? And why aren't the Isos on them already?

(I have my theories, of course. They may be better suited to full fic-length.)

12/31/2010 #3
Raven's Spark

Remember Clu can only change what a Program is, but cannot make programs. I don't think Clu could remake a PRogram after destruction even with the Disc.

12/31/2010 #4

Making a program isn't the same thing as reviving a program; I think it could go either way there, depending on whether Flynn thought early on that Clu ought to be able to do it.

12/31/2010 #5
Raven's Spark

Well I guess if Clu could REMAKE a program he could Revive one too.

12/31/2010 #6

I had a thought that perhaps rewriting a program's code is easier when the program is stubborn programs go to the games first, but the ones who fight well enough to protect their disks all get repurposed in the end?

Because it seems inefficient for Clu to permanently dispose of too many programs that way, when he has a limited supply.

12/31/2010 #7
Raven's Spark

Judging by what the movie shows, The programs don't go offline. Unless by that you mean they were de-rezzed.

12/31/2010 #8

I did mean derezzed. Easier to mess with code when it's only the disk and not a protesting live program.

12/31/2010 #9
Raven's Spark

Most of the time the Disc is destroyed.

12/31/2010 #10

Unless the disk automatically goes to some kind of storage when a program gets derezzed. (If there's no interference, like damage or someone else grabbing it.)

Do we actually see disks vanishing? I can't remember.

12/31/2010 #11
Raven's Spark

Never do. IT only matters on what you decide. It's your fic.

12/31/2010 #12

*laughs* True. Thanks!

12/31/2010 #13
Raven's Spark

Your welcome...I'm deciding if I want to make a fic myself...

12/31/2010 #14

Good luck if you do!

12/31/2010 #15
Raven's Spark


12/31/2010 #16

Clearly ISOs can't be remade/reborn/reprogrammed otherwise Flynn would have done it already. I think when ISOs are gone they're gone. In the comic we see that the Sea of Simulation get's poisoned by a isomorphic virus rendering it so ISOs can no longer be created. (My theory is that you could clone Quorra or use her cells to recreate ISOs, but other than that I think it's safe to say she's the last. Unless someone fixes the sea...)

1/10/2011 #17

oooh...sorry about that last post...I hope spoilers are ok here. If not please delete my response :D I take full responsibility.

1/10/2011 #18

I'm pretty sure derezzing is death. Let's say you're in the Tron setting and you have your computer, and you have your antivirus running in the background. ViralProtect is going around stopping viruses from entering your system and alerting you to possible threats. He's an okay guy. Then, ViralProtect is taking up too much memory for you to play a graphics intensive game, so you shut him down. He goes off however you want. Maybe he disappears to the hard drive, maybe he goes to sleep somewhere, maybe he takes a break. Whatever. It makes sense that even though he's not in active memory, he could be back just as you remember him, with all of your settings intact, if you turned him back on. He hasn't been derezzed. In system that is operating as it should, there would be no derezzing. Programs are either running or they're not running, but they're perfectly capable of operating if you wanted them to. Now let's say that a virus gets on your computer while you were had ViralProtect turned off. The virus begins damaging your programs so that you can no longer run them. If you would need to go through the effort of reinstalling a program to get it to run again, that program is derezzed. If the virus just prevents programs from running, but as soon as you remove it you can run your programs again, that (I think) would be the virus blocking off communication with the User or somehow preventing that program from operating by impeding it. Again, not derezzing.

TL; DR version? A derezzed program is a program you'd need to reinstall to get working again. Derezzing doesn't happen on stable computer system. Only malicious action damages a program to the point where it can no longer run.

1/13/2011 #19
Derezzed is short for deresolution. I suspect it depends on the program's strength, where it's been Derezzed and to what degree. A full derezz would be death.
1/18/2011 #20

About malware impending programs and consequences, it's often possible to simply 'Repair' the running damaged/corrupted program instead of reinstalling it completely. So how do we call that action? Re-rez? I don't think any kind of program could not be restored one a perfect copy is made. In the Tron verse, backups seems to be taboo. Guess it would complicate the philosophical aspect, bring in new questions on soul related individuality (and moral, and infidelity, etc) of each sentient program, plus kill many an innuendo during the movies. But for all carelessness Flynn seems to be, I can't imagine a conceptor not making any backups.

4/2/2011 #21
Cmdr's Monkey

Disk disappears if it's attached to the program upon full deresolution. Note that Tron derezzed one of Clu's guards and took his Disk for a second weapon. So that Guard's coding still exists inside that Disk. But I would think it would take a User to reinstall that Guard, something a SysAdmin program cannot do.

I'm actually writing a post-Legacy story where Clu took the precaution of creating a back up plan in the event he was derezzed. He basically backed up his Disk like a User would for a file, attached the backup Disk to a repurposed program, overwrote that program's coding like a virus and gave himself a new body. I mean if Zuse/Castor can give himself a new look and identity, Clu can do the same thing to another program so he can have a new body.

4/22/2011 #22
Harry Apprentice

I found this on the TRON wiki after I figured out the right spelling (Deresolution for those who don't know) and the wiki is confusing. Is anyone an editor so can you please edit the wiki and make it so it explains everything? Thanks if you do this maybe I write a bonus chapter. Maybe!

4/23/2011 #23
Mr. Aleyado

I believe that, theoretically, if a Iso or Program is derezzed, they're dead. Portrayed in both movies is that the only users there, (Sam and Kevin), are the only ones capable of coding/creating. Therefore, you could be brought back if Sam or Kevin (even though Kevin is dead) chose so by reprogramming you. Your memory, life story, coding, even your suit's color is in that little disk. As shown in Tron Legacy Kevin helped the last Iso. (forgive me, It's been a while. I forgot her name.) He pulled up a minimap of her and tweaked it a bit, fixing her problem instantaneously. As long as they have all the pieces of you form deresolution, you would be able to be brought back.

11/29/2014 #24
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