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Raven's Spark

What I want to know is, What exactly did Kevin Flynn think he could do with them?

12/31/2010 #1

Something about their coding made him very excited. Perhaps he saw then that they were complex enough to come into the real world, or at least for their "digital DNA" to help humans.

Imagine being able to bring an injured/disabled human into the computer world and go through their code for the damages, perhaps using some Iso code to help fill in, and then reboot the human before taking them back out. Instant healthy person.

That would be really, really huge.

And then of course there's the impact of another form of life...people who think differently from us, who could look at everything from an entirely new perspective. We could learn a lot from that. Assuming it wasn't seen as a threat instead, which--well, people. *sighs*

But the latter should have been just as applicable to the programs, so I'm not sure what Flynn was thinking keeping it a secret. As I've said before.

12/31/2010 #2

Oh, and it's "isomorphic algorithms" that Iso is short for. Isotope is chemistry, not so much computer science.

12/31/2010 #3
Raven's Spark

I knew I heard that....

Oh actually they can go into the real world... You saw the end of the movie.

12/31/2010 #4

Yes, of course, but before the Isos Flynn probably never thought it was possible. I figure it took him a while to work out that it was possible even after they showed up, and how to manage it.

Thus why Clu needed that information to bring his own programs out.

12/31/2010 #5
Raven's Spark

Yeah...Maybe everything in the "World of The Grid" can come out into our world?

(Found the name of my Fic.)

12/31/2010 #6

Not without some kind of pattern to translate digital to, er, analog. Say a lightcycle--what would it be here, what molecules could possibly fit with its function?

Models probably wouldn't be too hard, though. 3-D printing? Probably not cost-effective. It has to take a lot of energy.

Speaking of--but no, that should be its own topic.

12/31/2010 #7
Raven's Spark

Yup... good idea.

12/31/2010 #8
I think the main thing was that the ISOs came into being on their own. The potential of the Grid changed. Forget the title right now, but the founder of the company that makes robot vacuums wrote one and in it he mentions how making a robot chess master is easier than making one that wanders. Also, entering our world was dependent on Flynn's disc. I'm sure his knowledge was one factor but his DNA was probably another. I suspect Clu needed some form of DNA information to manifest in our world.
1/9/2011 #9

Well, a wandering robot is going to encounter more situations than any programmer can predict. Very tricky.

I agree, Flynn's DNA was involved there--and, very likely, work he had already been doing with the Isos to enable translation from digital to human, otherwise Sam's disk would have worked just as well. Possibly some kind of code for the Portal, too. Passworded?

But I think the excitement was about the complexity of the isos and their similarity to humans, rather than just that they appeared on their own.

What were the conditions that made it possible, anyway? I have to think that all the trips Flynn was making into the Grid had something to do with it, seeding the system with human digital-DNA code. Maybe even the creation of Clu from inside instead of written from outside affected things. Clu as the proto-Iso?

1/9/2011 #10
Well, there's a robot wandering on its own and one who mimics it. To program a robot to do things with the same flexibility as people, or create a world where such flexible beings can emerge- programming becomes less about creating each piece and more about one creation that unfolds on its own into a larger world. That's what I think the whole "science, religion, etc." bit is about. Flexibility is also why I'm more inclined to consider Tron an Iso than Clu. Clu had tunnel vision, unwavering in executing his programming. Whereas the movie suggests there might be more to Tron with the way he could be reached under certain conditions despite his reprogramming.
1/10/2011 #11
I'm wondering if it was more to do with the 'digitized' DNA, I mean Stanford had to set folding@home in order to make real progress in protien folding and molecular mapping. What if the 'algorithm' in the Iso's digital DNA was an equation that could be applied to human DNA. Essentially the source code for things like folding@home and other things of that nature. I'd say that completely changes the genetics playing field, which has a knock on effect in things like religion, I.e. Its another step forward in mans understand of the universe and the dominating mystery of an almighty creator.
1/10/2011 #12
It strikes me that we're looking at evolution happening in a synthetic world, people as data, and all of questions about souls. Do ISOs have sosuls? Does a human entering and exiting a computer face the same risks as have been theorized concerning the transporter in Star Trek- that one's soul is lost in this process.
1/18/2011 #13
Cmdr's Monkey

Flynn already suspected that Programs could enter the User world long before the ISOs appeared, hence why he put the Portal out over the Sea of Simulation so that no program could accidentally wander through it. Clu wanted Flynn's Disk because it was, essentially, a key to activating the portal. Note that as soon as Sam let go of the Disk, a communication stream shot up from the portal. Before that, there wasn't one.

Think of the portal like a password protected iPhone. When it's idle, it goes to the Lock screen. You can't make a connection to another phone or the internet until you Slide the Bar to unlock it and input the password. That is what the Disk is. It's that little Lock Bar with a password.

As for what a Lightcycle, etc would turn in to in the User world, I think they would turn into what they are but instead of energy and digital cells it would be whatever is possible in the laws of the Universe. Just because we don't have Light Swords and gravity defying dreadnoughts doesn't mean its not possible for it to be translated exactly as that.

Things like the Light Ribbon probably would become magnetic encased plasma that eventually dissipates the longer it gets and the further away from its source.

Can a Lightcycle/Jet form around a controller like it does on the Grid? Sure. Why not? Energy has the same sub atomic properties as solid objects. It's just a matter of solidifying said Energy into a Solid Mass before the controller comes crashing back to the ground in a world of hurt.

I think Clu would have figured out a way to translate his world's technology into the User world exactly as it is before attempting to invade it. Wouldn't do him any good if his soldiers tried to get into Lightjets only to discover that the Batons don't work. Be rather funny actually.

4/23/2011 #14

Some weeks back, I went to a screening of the original Tron where its director claimed the film Spartacus was one of his influences in making it.

4/23/2011 #15
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