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Let's be frank. There's not much Tron fanfiction, and that means there's less good Tron fanfiction floating out there for us to grab. But, suppose you did see an amazing Tron story. What would it have in it? What ideas, plot direction, or sceneswould you want to see? Be as specific or as general as you want. Whether its a detailed description of a particular scenario, a list of must-have qualities, or some original character that would go perfectly in the setting, I want to see it. I know for a fact that everyone here has something to contribute.

1/12/2011 #1

Major props for starting this thread as while I'm not a writer I'm a dedicated reader, and I've been thinking a lot about this. For now I'll throw some ideas out stream of conscious-style then maybe come back to them later if they kick up a debate.

When I walked out of the theater the thing I wanted most to see more of was what Quorra's entry into the User world meant. Kevin Flynn waxed poetic about all her potential to 'reshape the human condition' but there were never really any boundaries or articulation of how he believed this would occur. In a sense he's given this riddle (in the form of a person) to Sam and its now up to Sam (and perhaps Allen) to fully realize his fathers vision.

The problem really is that the film has such an open ending theres many avenues for explorations. In addition to what I already mentioned theres other stuff as well. Sam's running of Encom, how has his experience in the Grid changed his views on information freedom? I've seen some reviewers suggest that the struggle for Flynn's disk is meant to teach Sam that not all information deserves to be free and shared, not to mention the way CLU is used as a cautionary tale regarding the quest for utopia.

I think the Dillinger character is one that should be more fully explored, again its been suggested that by reviewers that you don't cast an actor like Cilian Murphy in a 2 minute cameo role like that unless he's going to be a major factor in the sequel, most likely as the villain. I think Fanfic could explore the potential clashes between Dillinger and Sam.

I also think this fandom needs to more clearly define Quorra as a character, she's not really fully formed in cannon so interpretations of her have really run the gambit. In my opinion her years inside the Grid and time spent in exile with Flynn have matured her in many ways so she's for the most part a more mature character than many Fanfic writers seem to think her. However the fact that she has spent the majority of her life in exile and isolation has left her with a very adolescent understanding of interpersonal relationships. Her awed curiosity when watching Sam and Kevin shows that she isn't much familiar with the concept of family, and I think its something that fascinates her.

I also think that her time spent with Kevin, probably listening to him talk at length about the son he cared so much for an though so highly of must have made Sam something of a fascinating character to Quorra. One that when she finally meets she already feels a kind of fondness for, in addition it was quite clear to me by her body language that she clearly had a physical attraction to him. All rolled together I think the end result for Quorra is a feeling best compared to an adolescent girl with a crush, one thats built in a already strong connection, yet she still doesn't quite seem to understand what it means or how to process it.

I think this relationship should be the primary 'ship' of the fandom, I also think it should be explored in a way that develops the deep connection they now share but at the same time is honest with the way it handles a romantic relationship that has to develop slowly, and in stages as Quorra learns to understand and come to grips with the very human emotions shes experiencing. I also think Sam has a great deal of character development in him as he transitions from a radical loner who seemed to avoid deep relationships due to his abandonment issues, into a more responsible adult and somebody who can be there for Quorra as she matures emotionally and adapts to the user world. All in all I think its a 'ship that provides ample fodder for both fluffier purely romantic fic and more angst driven fic that delves into how they struggle with their demons and hard lessons.

1/13/2011 . Edited 1/13/2011 #2

I spent a while trying to figure out how just one Iso was supposed to revolutionize science, medicine, religion, and all of that if he or she was just one person. Only after a great deal of time could I imagine a satisfactory answer. I also agree with you completely about Quorra's character. This is a person who's lived for hundreds of relative human years, and knows how to handle herself in any situation except for a relaxed or social one. Many fics out there seem content to portray her as a naive, helpless character in the User world, but I feel that this is far from what we've seen in the film. While there's definitely an element of being overwhelmed by events, Quorra would, I feel, eventually find her footing and excel.

As for Sam, I never even thought of pointing at abandonment issues to help explain why he is the way he is. That's a new and very helpful way of thinking of it for me. While I also believe a good Tron fanfic should include the Sam and Quorra relationship and how that develops, I don't think that it needs to be at the expense of the adventuresome spirit of the films. There's still the question of what happens to the Grid now - he is shown shutting off the system at the end of Tron: Legacy. I don't think he'll forget the ability to enter any system through the laser, and I doubt Quorra would be content with never again returning to the digital world. Sam's struggle to retake Encom from a power-hungry board of directors being manipulated by Ed Dillinger Jr. is an exciting frame for a story that could easily be identified as Tron.

1/13/2011 #3

When I posted up my thoughts I wasn't really thinking in a singular sense, I was taking a broad approach to outline my thoughts on the film and the way I'd like to see a Fanfic community develop. I don't really there has to be a singular work of fan fiction, in fact I think its a story that's so open it can be adapted to suite a number of different potential plot lines and focuses.

As for your thoughts on the future of the Grid its something I've struggled to decipher, I think one of the things about the film was the way they hyped up the potential of the Grid and its effects on the real world. Specifically with the way Iso's/Quorra would impact life on the outside. That being said the centerpiece of the franchise is the Grid so its obviously got to play into the future of the franchise as centerpiece, and primary setting, of future films.

1/13/2011 #4

I didn't really mean for this to be some moot discussion about an unobtainable perfect story. Your wide-view commentary is what was hoping to see when I created this thread. The new movie has definitely attracted much more interest to the Tron community than it's seen in a while, and it's tough for writers to develop a story of their own when they have few examples to look to. Hopefully we can get some good commentary in here that, if all goes well, fic writers will see and be able to use to get their creativity flowing. I think it's helpful to keep in mind that Tron: Legacy was made as the first part of a trilogy. Ideas and concepts presented during its course, while profound, are not necessarily meant to explain every nuance that the writers plan to explain in its sequels. Whether or not the storywas intentionally left as open ended as it was, the thought-provoking resolution of the film will no doubt draw in a good deal of those that saw it to see the sequel in order to answer the questions they were left with. Back to the discussion at hand, I still don't understand the necklace Sam is seen wearing at the end of the movie. My best guess is that it's Flynn's disk shrunk down with the laser. If that's the case though, it implies that Kevin Flynn could possibly be reconstructed by piecing together the data held within it.

1/13/2011 #5

If I may, I would like say a little something about the reshaing of the human condition.

The program/ISO wouldn't have to DO anything per ce to change the way the world all of the religion and science and other jazz. Remember the quote, "Every idea mankind has had about the universe up for grabs." This in itself explains just exaclty how the ISOs would change the world. They would simply have to exist and mankind itself would change everything. If people could see the ISOs and their genetic makeup and digital DNA and realize just where they came from and that they were indeed created inside a computer, they would change the world themselves knowing that there was something else in there that was beyond their control. A ghost in the machine that creates life forms.

Sorry if this goes in the other thread, I just felt like adding my two cents. :)

3/29/2011 #6
Harry Apprentice

Solving the mystery of Quorra is something the next movie should do if they make a 3rd one ever.

But for me I think it is obvious that Quorra saves the world so that's what I have happen in mine writing.

4/23/2011 #7
Mr. Eclipse

I would like to see a story that doesn't take place after the movie, but rewrites it. That movie, in my opinion could have been stretched out to be an amazing trilogy. I think that if Sam had taken his father's advice from the start, to do nothing and wait for the rebellion, the movie would be so much better. The movie hardly even mentioned anything about the rebellion. I think the only scene really was that one guy demanding to see Zeus. If Sam had taken his Kevin's advice then he could have somehow gotten involved in the rebellion. Of course he would drag Quorra along with him and then the two would end up with a deeper relationship.

I just think that the movie could have been stretched out to epic proportions

4/17/2012 #8

Hello, I'm Balzmann but you can call me Balz and before I say anything I will say I'm sorry if I am about to break ay rules or anything I am posting this up in the closest thing I can find to a chat thread so I will cause the least amount of trouble.

Ok back to the point, I have a Tron RP and we at the RP need some people. The plot is pretty open, given that we don't have one yet, and we are looking for some direction. Anyone that joins will have a say in the plot. You can also claim canon characters and make OCs. We got the whole deal here. :D We are always looking for new people and would be happy if you joined.

Here is the LINK. Hope to see you here...... PM me or the admin Negabandit if you have any questions.

Thank you for your time and one of your posts, again sorry if I broke any rules......

6/21/2012 #9
I'm more of a crossover reader. It's just what I like. I think an interesting crossover idea would be 'how does an AI interact with the grid?' I know you could consider each program an AI in their own right, but I'm talking about a different AI, one not from the Grid. Probably the most interesting AI to visit the Grid, in my opinion, would be UNSC Smart AI CTN-0429 'Cortana'. The way the UNSC create Artifical Intelligence is rather unique to sci-fi, quoted from the Halo wiki: "Instead of simply "programming" a smart AI, their matrix is created by scanning and replicating the neural pathways of a human brain.This process destroys the original brain tissue, and so the brain being used is typically obtained after the host is dead. This process is still inefficient, however, as neural linkages are "wasted" in the process of the budding AI generating its own system of more efficient neural linkages to replace those of the seed brain, in turn eroding the AI's limited lifespan. Because of the nature of this process the smart AI often retains residual thoughts, memories and/or feelings from the brain donor. These residuals can be anything from the "feeling" of a hair brush being pulled through hair (in the case of Sif), to an effect on the mannerisms and characteristics that make up the personality of an AI, in the case of Cortana and her likeness to Dr. Catherine Halsey as well as her possessing many of Halsey's memories, which surfaced during her descent into rampancy." This method of construction feels like it might blur the line between 'program' and 'user', perhaps generating conflict with Grid programs, thinking she is some kind of ISO.
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