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Love Interest (if any) :




No family relationship with canons

12/19/2010 #1

Name: Criss

Age: 14

Appearance: She had short black hair with orange and pink streaks that covers her eyes. She has pale skin. She's not tall or short, about average.

Personality:Very quiet and shy. Makes small squeaking noises when scared

Love Interest (if any) : Johnny

History: From a family of Soc's, she deals with child neglect and abuse

Soc/Greaser/Other/None: From soc family, but is simply an outcast


12/19/2010 #2

Accepted :)

Hey, I'm not sure if I'm gonna be on this rp or not, so you can tell people if they're accepted or not, kay hun???

12/19/2010 #3

Name: Charlotte ( Charlie ) Baker


Personality: Charlie is a tough broad who can take care of herself. She's not afraid to get herself into a rumble, too bad that the guys won't let her in one. Charlie has an extremely bad temper. The smallest thing can set her off. she also refuses to be called a midget. She HATES being called a midet. She also has a hate for Steve. He's always mean to her.

Appearance: Charlie is 14 years old and only 5 ft, 3 inches. She has long, curly, blonde hair that goes down to her waist that is kept in a high pony. She has light skin with freckles dusted across her nose. Her eyes are a bright, unnatural green. She has a scar on the back of her leg that runs from her knee, all the way to her heel. She got it picking a fight with a soc.

Love Interest (if any): Soda, but she has a crush on Ponyboy.

History: Charlie hates her parents. Even more so than Steve. They have always nagged her into being the daughter that they want her to be. Her grades weren't good enough. Neither were her friends, her clothes, her things, or anything. Charlie avoids being home so her parents don't bother her, so she usually crashes at the Curtis house. by crash, I mean she lives there. Charlie gets along with Johnny fantastically because she can relate to the parental problems, though they are not as severe as Johnny's. Charlie met the gang when she moved to town when she was 6 years old. Ever since, her and the boys were joined at the hip.

Soc/Greaser: Greaser, obviously. :)


10/21/2011 #4

Name:Angel Evans


Personality:She has a pretty good personality. She's caring to other people and her friends. She is very nice and kindhearted to others and friends. She tries to be tough but she is somewhat sensitive sometimes. Don't ever get her mad cause she has a bad temper.

Appearance: She has long black hair and bright blue eyes. She's very attractive for her age. She is 5'7 inches tall. She wears t-shirts with jeans and jean jacket. Her skin is soft and doll like. She's got good figure,since she works out sometimes. She's skinny but not extremely skinny.

Love Interest: Darry

History:She came to Tulsa from Arizona. She has no family expect for her aunt and uncle. She decided to move out when she turned 20 and she did the next day. She is friends with Kandie. She likes to read and work out mostly. She just moved here 2 days ago so she has living in a foster home. She just adores Darry so much and in fact she loves him.



Name:Kandie Myers


Personality:She's mostly nice but sometimes mean. She's very caring of others especially friends. She can be sweet most of the time but can act bittersweet sometimes. If you get her mad enough,she'll hit ya so hard,your head will spinning. She's very sensitive when it comes to talking about her past or if you hurt her feelings badly. She can be bipolar,but rarely. She's kindhearted to others around her mostly. She has a bit of a temper if you get her in a bad mood. She's hotheaded sometimes.

Appearance:She has long dark brown hair that goes down to the middle of her back, golden-brown eyes. She's fairly skinny. She's 5 foot 5 1/2 inches tall. Her skin is white like snow but not extremely white,she's fair skinned so if she's outside for a long time ,she might get a sunburn.She has a huge scar on her back from a fight. She always wears either tank tops with pair of short shorts and leather jacket, and her dark blue jacket sometimes,t-shirts with jeans and her faded jean jacket.Her bust size is fairly small.

Love Interest:Ponyboy

History:She came all the way to Tulsa from Arizona. Her parents broke up when she was 4. One day,her mom and her decided to move out,so they did. She has no brothers or sisters. She also likes to read,sing,play electric gutair,drums or draw. Also likes to watch movies and sunsets. She's fairly new here,she moved to here a few days ago. Her mom is currently dating some man. Her parents are both drunks and they don't care about her. She can't stand it when her mom is drunk,so she just leaves her house sometimes. She had a boyfriend for three years who cheated on her and tried to rape her. Currently,she just got kicked out of her house and living on the streets.When she first saw Ponyboy instantly fell in love with him,now she has been in love with him ever since. She tries her hardest at anything she is doing.



Name:Allie Birch


Personality: She is sometimes very sarcastic. She has a soft spot for animals. She can be mean,coldhearted and cruel if hurt her friends. She is very sweet and kindhearted once you get to know her. She is a bit sensitive sometimes. She is very caring to those she cares about. She's very witty,humourous and funloving.

Appearance: She has long straight midnight blue hair and dark green eyes. She's pretty and beautiful for her age. She is 5'5 inches tall. She wears tank tops with dark blue jacket. Her skin is soft and light caucasian. A nice looking body that also looks fragile. She has a petite body.

Love Interest:Steve

History:She came all way to Tulsa from Florida. Her mother and dad left her when she was 9. She lives with her grandparents now. She knows Kandie and Angel,they all met each other at concert. She likes to work on cars,she is very good with cars. She likes to read sometimes. She moved here five days ago. She saw Steve one day at the DX and fell in love with him.



3/2/2012 . Edited 3/3/2012 #5

Just thought I'd get this out there for everybody, since a lot of people don't know. In the 60's and 70's especially, being curvy wasn't always good. A large bust and waist were considered fat and ugly by a lot. You wanted a more childish look, meaning smaller chest size and less curvy body. Curves were not considered all that pretty during the late 60's and early 70's.

3/3/2012 #6

I'm gonna edit them now.

3/3/2012 #7
Be My Master

Name: Lionel Bane

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Blond hair, green eyes. Pale skin, sharp canines. Always wears baggy clothes, preferably black.

Personality: He likes to talk with his friends a lot. He can be hostile to strangers, so he doesn't have many friends. He loves to draw, he hates to watch movies and he likes reading, though it isn't something he'd admit to his friends.

Love interest: Johnny Cade, and he is outwardly gay, which gets hi beat up a lot.

History: He's lived with his mother all his life, since his dad went to jail. His sisters are at school in texas, where they live with their grandmother. His mother couldn't care less that he is gay.

The lower middle class.

4/19/2012 #8

Name: Christine "Crystal" Smith

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Appearance: She has long, golden-brown hair, pale skin, and brown eyes. She wears shorts or jeans with bright colored t-shirts, and a leather jacket. Owns one pair of black Converse sneakers, and wears no jewlery. Thin with few curves.

Personality: She likes to do dangerous stunts (like backflip off of a tree) and is very wild. Tends to be very shy around people she doesn't know. Is kind of skittish and is easily scared. Hates fights, and depends on others to fight for her. She is fun, happy, giggly, and not a girly girl. She doesn't like to shop, and usually manages to get hand-me-downs from older Greaser girls (Sandy, Evie, Kathy, etc.). Doesn't carry blades, and hates to listen to adults. Causes mischeif, but has never been to jail or been in trouble at school or with the police. Is very proud of her goody-goody image. Taught herself acrobatics and gymnastics

Love Interest: Johnny Cade

History: Parents left her alone in Tulsa, and ever since has been living alone with no parental guidence. Has few people looking out for her, so has to go long periods of time without food sometimes.

Soc/Greaser: Greasers 4evers!!!!

Other: Used to live in Michigan, but moved due to the cold. No brothers or sisters, but does have a lab puppy, who wanders around alleys looking for scraps. Has no job, is in 9th grade.

3/25/2013 #9
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