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(Forum Rules and Regulations v3.0, credited to Myth~)

Go by these basic forum rules, and we won't have a problem. (:

Forum Rules:

1. We respect grammar here. A minor typo here and there is fine, but do not tyPe l!3k d!$$$$.

2. Newcomers are expected to post in the Introductions thread before entering the chat thread.

3. If you have come to this forum to discuss a signed review of your story story that you believe was unfairly made, you may state your case in the Complaint thread. We welcome your opinion. Trolling, however, will not be allowed. The first offense regarding trolling will result in a warning. Further offense will result in a ban.

4. Sexual innuendos are allowed. However, if someone tells you to stop, do it immediately.

5. Racist comments or harassment based on sexual orientation or gender, or anything of the sort is NOT allowed under ANY circumstances, and will result in a ban.

6. Direct promotion of other forums is not allowed. First offense results in a warning. Further offenses will result in a ban.

Forum Moderators:

Que Quieres Rainbow Boy, Aspiring Mythmaker, Conqueror of the North Wind, and Ten ways to spoil dinner hold the power over the threads of this forum. They may also edit or delete posts at their discretion, or ban users in compliance with established forum rules. If you feel that you were banned unfairly, talk to the moderator that banned you, as well as the forum admin, when arguing your case.

Note: You become a forum moderator when you are trusted enough to look after the place and we have an open spot, not by asking.

Reviewing Ideals:

I. After a reasonable amount of time has passed post-warning, and an author has not corrected material that infringes on the guidelines, a story may be reported without the need for further warnings.

II. Reviewers are expected to act with civility and respect when responding to criticism of their reviews, regardless of the manner in which that criticism is given.

III. If you are a forum regular reviewing stories from the Constructive Criticism Request thread, or you are a member of the Order of the Concritters movement reviewing stories provided by us, we would like you to follow these simple guidelines for reviews:

-Give examples of what's wrong, if possible. Don't just tell the author what's wrong, describe as best as you can how to correct the issue in the future.

-Although flamers are welcome here, when we give out stories to be concritted, we meanconcrit. When reviewing a story in the concrit thread, flames are not acceptable

-Address any violations of FFN Guidelines/ToS in your review. If necessary, describe how to correct it or where the violation takes place.

-If you are familiar with the canon, you should try to address issues on characterization or plot, if they come up.

-Try to be somewhat gentle on a first warning of guideline infringement. However, this is not mandatory, as we do not wish to switch around your reviewing style completely.

-Eliminate defensiveness. Remember that not all authors will act defensive if you point out faults in their story. It is never a waste of your time. Authors have come to me months after acting immature to a review, and apologized, accepting advice. If an author acts rude, direct them to the forum.

-Sign your reviews. If you review from the Constructive Criticism Request thread, or you are reviewing your membership stories, it is appreciated that you sign with "~Order of the Concritters~".

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