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Sextuple Covalent Mo2 Bond

Introduce yourself before hopping in to chat with us~

I am Jimmy, the almighty, sexy, sexy, awesome, and sexy forum admin. I've been a concritter for almost a year. I am awesome~

Your turn~

12/20/2010 #1
Seoul Gamer

I'm Seoul Gamer.

I read stories. I review stories.

I'm going to write a story.

Enough said~

12/20/2010 #2

I'm Ataokoloinona, or Atao/Ata/etc. for short.

I read, I review, I even sometimes concrit.

I'll be here to help make sure the forum runs smoothly and that nothing untoward happens and if it does then to deal with it.

It's a pleasure I'm sure. :)

12/20/2010 #3
Shiner Shining Bright

I'm Brighty. Aloha~

Yeah, I concrit. xD

12/20/2010 #4
Elodie the Scribe

I'm Elodie, your friendly neighborhood co-mod. I change my avatar a whole lot, I'm a nerd, and I will burn your rule-breaking fic to the ground. :D

12/20/2010 #5

'Tis Lumi.

(or Raeg, or Nati, or Crimson, or Dei, or--)

... whatever you want to call me.

I concrit. I report. I write. I read.

(I rage.)

... uhm, yeah. Hi.

12/20/2010 #6

Ohai. I'm Daky/CG. I'm that chick who gets obsessed with things reeeaaaally easily~

12/20/2010 #7
Sextuple Covalent Mo2 Bond

Welcome to Order of the Concritters, Daky and Lumi. Hover around the chat thread or something. Welcome~ :)

12/20/2010 #8

Hello. I'm pie. I'll be dropping by a bit when time permits.

12/20/2010 #9

Elodie!sock. Used when n00bs block me from forums and PMs and such.

12/21/2010 #10
Ever Heard of a Dictionary

I'm Mandy. My entire existence is win~

12/21/2010 . Edited 2/23/2011 #11

Stolloss, Olly, whatever you want to call me. I will be around for a while, maybe longer depending on what I find.

Oh, and I'm a concritter.

12/21/2010 #12
Sextuple Covalent Mo2 Bond

Welcome to the forum, Olly. See you in the chat, when it's being talked on~ :P

12/21/2010 #13
Earl Gray

Whoops, I haven't post an intro.

Ohai. This be Evie. :D

12/27/2010 #14

Hello to all. You may call me Claire. I'm an honest and I've been on this site for over 2 years now (despite what my profile says). I'm currently making my way through the Heroes of Olympus fandom, though I currently only write for the Clique fandom.

12/28/2010 #15
Sextuple Covalent Mo2 Bond

Welcome to the Order of the Concritters, guys! Hop your way into the chat thread, or the complaint thread, where a rich debate is happening!

12/28/2010 #16

Hey there. I'm Cloethdragoness ( Cloe for short). I've been on this site for over a year, which can be confirmed by my profile. I don't take any bullshit, so get that into your head. But I'm usually nice. Ask Jimbo :) The reason I'm here, mainly, is to assit in the little fight against Jester whats-his-face. Well...that's pretty much it.


"And they said speak now..."

12/28/2010 #17
Centrifugal Convexity

I'm Centrifugal Convexity, or CC for short. I like flying, women, and video games--though, not necessarily in that order.

That's pretty much it.

12/30/2010 #18

Hello! You can call me Dreamer. I like literate people.

12/30/2010 #19

Hello, everyone. I'm Madame Apathy, feel free to call me whatever you like.

12/31/2010 #20

I'm Crow.

That's about all I have to say.

12/31/2010 #21
Ten ways to spoil dinner

I'm Ten (age, not name, I just constantly confuse the two. Srsly.) and I finally have the power to change my post from when Atao changed it ;)

Fo sho~

12/31/2010 . Edited 8/6/2011 #22

hi. i dont have good grammer but i thought u guys cud help me with that,

1/1/2011 #23

We're always happy to help, come chat with us. :)

1/1/2011 #24

Ohai loves. I'm Carissa. I'm also part of Authors Appreciation Guild and you can find me lurking on Critics United. I will warn you. If you have a list fic, I will report you. I'm currently working on a nice rant that people can go and be annoyed at when I review. Mostly for the Code: Lyoko forum. I like pretty things, glitter, J-pop, K-pop, and dramas.



1/3/2011 #25
Wild Lion

Hi! I'm Irene~

Basically you should know that cheerleading and Harry Potter own my heart. I also love glitter and abuse smiley faces. :)

Also, proper use of grammar turns me on. Just sayin'.

1/3/2011 #26
Onyx Gallan

Hello. Ciao. Hola.

I'm Onyx. But Big Mac or whatever name works for you is good.

I read stories, I write stories, and I review them.

Still, I'm writing for the Spyro Archive, but I'm crossing over to Streets of Rage, Sly Cooper, and Sonic the Hedgehog soon.

1/5/2011 #27


I'm Briony, I like rainbows and pretty things, and I listen to cheesy music. I'm just here to stalk, really; and I was sort of searching for some concrit. :)

1/5/2011 #28
Held like a Canine

Call me Canine and I won't bite. Sweet forum and hopefully sweet people.

Head on into the chat thread, Canine! Pleased to see you~

1/5/2011 . Edited by Sextuple Covalent Mo2 Bond, 1/5/2011 #29

Carissa likes an occasional bite. *wiiiiiiiiiiiink*

New kid, join us in the chat forum.

1/5/2011 #30
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