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I know when I'm writing or have writer's block it's nice to bounce potential ideas off a couple of friends. I figured why not have the same thing here?

Basically just set up your story so far so we understand where it's generally going and then tell us about an idea you've had or ask for suggestions from us. Then we'll talk about it back and forth until you get what you need. We'll get our stories back on track.

1/22/2011 #1
Madame Apathy

I'm considering doing a doomed romance story on fictionpress set in WW2 Germany between a jewish girl and a german boy, seeing how the war affects them and their relationship. Any thoughts?

4/1/2011 #2

It's always interesting to delve into a storyline that's Romeo and Juliet-esque, but the whole WWII thing is sort of cliched in my mind. Not that it wouldn't be interesting but you could take this as an opportunity to put a new spin on it.

Did you know that the Armenian genocide is the most widely researched after the Holocaust? You could write a story about "doomed romance" between an Ottoman girl and an Armenian boy or something.

4/8/2011 #3
Madame Apathy

Perhaps. Thanks for the input.

4/8/2011 #4
Madame Apathy

I had an idea for a dystopic England in which people are divided into classes based on their attractiveness(Ten being the highest class and one being the lowest), then looking into the problems caused by being too fixated on appearance. Any thoughts?

4/15/2011 #5
Aspiring Mythmaker

It's an interesting premise, with some interesting possiblities.

If status, and likely hirings, were based more on attractiveness than qualification, there could be potential for a great deal of infrastructure problems with that society. There might also be a greater demand for cosmetic surgery, which I think would be an interesting perspective on what the lower numbers would do to advance. There are so many possibilities for how somethign like that would affect society.

As far as plot goes, you've got a lot of choices, though I'd recommend trying to avoid some of the more popular tropes, unless you've got a pretty creative use.

4/15/2011 . Edited 4/15/2011 #6
Madame Apathy

I've got a main character sorted out, as well as a few main plot points sorted. I'm going to try to explore as many things as I can once I figure out where to start the story.

4/15/2011 #7
Aspiring Mythmaker

Good stuff. I have a lot of trouble with characters, though I'm usually pretty good with creating premises.

4/15/2011 #8
Madame Apathy

I have problems with starting points, but then I'm great.

The main character is a six nanny, but I'm not sure where to start. Any thoughts? I was considering having her telling some PC story to cover up the parents shouting downstairs, or having her read about something in the paper.

4/15/2011 #9
Aspiring Mythmaker

Err, what sort of story were you planning to write? Long or short? Light or Dark?

4/15/2011 . Edited 4/15/2011 #10
Madame Apathy

Long. Fairly dark.

4/15/2011 #11
Aspiring Mythmaker

Hm. Probably the story. It's a bit more symbolic, and moe significant to someone who's work deals with children.

4/15/2011 #12
Madame Apathy

Thanks. I've also had an idea involving illegal slimming pills that should come in handy later in. Now to decide on a name- Penny, Polly or Betty, what do you think?

4/15/2011 #13
Aspiring Mythmaker

Penny, probably.

4/15/2011 #14
Madame Apathy

That's the one I was leaning towards. Probably because I decided already that the higher class would have gem names so Penny would fit in with that I guessed. :)

4/15/2011 #15
Aspiring Mythmaker

This is more of a niggling plot idea I've been plagued by recently. Basically, the plot of the story would revolve around a powerful psychic with the ability to bend reality to his will. However, constant use of this ability has left him unable to discern between acutal reality, and the one he has created. Does this sound like a workable premise?

6/4/2011 #16

YES. Very workable. I have no idea what fandom this is for, but that opens the door to so many questions and dilemnas that it is certainly interesting enough to make the backbone of a story. The idea might become stale if you drag it out too long, but I doubt you would take it that far.

I assume you have a workable explanation as to how this character came about if they are not canon.

6/4/2011 #17
Aspiring Mythmaker

I have no idea what fandom this is for, but that opens the door to so many questions and dilemnas that it is certainly interesting enough to make the backbone of a story.

Sonic, probably. I've already got a few ideas in the mix I'd like to try out already.

I assume you have a workable explanation as to how this character came about if they are not canon.

Err...kinda. My working idea was alternate dimension, and I had a few thinks worked up for the plot, but I'm a little hesitant to use it because it is a bit overdone.

6/4/2011 #18

Oh. Yeah, how this character came about is kind of important. Alternate dimension would be pretty plausible, since he/she would create an alternate dimension with every change they made, but we still need some sort of origin. Come to think of it, Eggman experimentation wouldn't be entirely implausible, would it? Unless his specialty is just in machines, which brings in the question as to what he was doing tinkering about with psychics. I'm not a Sonic fan, though, so I don't have many good explanations as to how this would occur.

6/4/2011 #19
Aspiring Mythmaker

Canon tie-in would be nice. I'd originally figured something external, but...

I'll have to think about that...

6/4/2011 #20
Aspiring Mythmaker

Okay, I'm trying to write a story where the protagonist is in a non-central role. The idea is he's a squire/servant to a knight-like character. The problem is, by nature of the characters and setup, he's got to be somewhat central to the story, though not necessarily the plot. Aware of the group dynamics and able to influence them, but not necessarily important to their ultimate resolution. In other words, he's sort of the every-man, the Samwise Gamgee of the story, who's more just tagging along.

My question, then, is how I make a character, with no established ties to a group of adventurers, an active member of the group without Sue-ness resulting?

8/19/2011 #21
Sextuple Covalent Mo2 Bond

So you want a semi-shy person to sorta "tag along" to a group? That's not Sue-ish at all.

8/23/2011 #22
Aspiring Mythmaker

Not exactly...let me set the stage a bit.

Basically, the protagonist is the squire of a knight-like character, and they go on the usual quest-method of fighting baddies and gathering a group to fight evil, etc..

Anyways, this character is not a strong fighter, and he has no special abilities. Sort of a wrong place, wrong time sort of thing that he ended up where he is. I plan to develop him, a bit, but that's how it starts.

My question, then, is if I want to keep it mainly in his POV, how do I tell a story based mostly around fantasy action and a group dynamic when the character himself doesn't contribute much to either?

8/23/2011 #23
Sextuple Covalent Mo2 Bond

So... it's like an RPG.

That's the style of so many stories I've seen. Simply write it from a lurker point of view. Like... he's watching them, in a way. He's not involved.

Another plot structural device would be to make him a disliked person around many parts, so he follows others and tries to train himself from watching others.

If that makes sense?

8/23/2011 #24
Aspiring Mythmaker

Sort of. It gave me an idea, though, that I think will work.


8/23/2011 #25

My brain is shot, and I need help coming up with an ide a for an Arthur/Eames story (Inception)

Any suggestions? Please?

1/30/2012 #26
Aspiring Mythmaker

Did you have a genre in mind yet?

1/30/2012 #27

I'd like to have it angst and/or hurt/comfort, just cause I can't write humor at all.

Do you have any ideas?

1/30/2012 #28
Aspiring Mythmaker

Honestly, not really. Expanding on ideas, weighing options, maybe, but as far as actual concepts go, mine tend to suck. :P

1/30/2012 #29

Yeah, I suck at things like plots.

1/30/2012 #30
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