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Some topic ideas:

Plastic surgery

Gay rights

Teen moms/ getting pregnant under the age of 20

3/20/2011 . Edited 3/20/2011 #31
Madame Apathy

I have one- where is the line between being protective or possessive in a relationship?

4/4/2011 #32

I think that if both people can acknowledge and accept what the other feels it's protective, but when either person encroaches on the other person's comfort zone that may be edging into possessive.

And then again it's pretty subjective, some people just like things that others don't.

But I also think if a person is becoming obsessive and/or controlling about this person to the exclusion of all else then it's unhealthy and needs to be addressed.

4/8/2011 #33
Madame Apathy

This is more a query about popular belief than a debate- what do you think feminism is?

5/8/2011 #34
Ever Heard of a Dictionary

I think feminism in politics is for the same level standing of a female as a male. It is critical, but not anti-men, at least not until it's taken to the extremes. I believe feminism is that a female doesn't need a partner to make her who she is. We can have an identity of our own.

5/9/2011 #35
Madame Apathy

Thank you. I just wanted to see what the general opinion was as opposed to the dictionary definition.

5/9/2011 #36

Censorship in schools?

5/9/2011 #37
Doragon Eichi

I think that is stupid. School should be a place of knowledge. To censor knowledge is pour more ignorant idiots into this world. And we need no more of those...

5/9/2011 #38

The argument against it is simply that .. We shouldn't allow books with 'foul language' to be taught in schools because it will teach children immoral lessons.

5/9/2011 #39
Doragon Eichi

But the world is immoral. It's better for the children to learn those kinds of things in a safe learning environment where they will learn everything about said subject then with some weirdo on the street inciting the kid on something he or she knows nothing about.

5/9/2011 #40
Madame Apathy

It doesn't teach them foul behavior. It just tells them that it happens. If anyone has read Forever by Judy Blume, then you'll know what I mean.

5/11/2011 #41
Venere Veritas

It doesn't teach them foul behavior. It just tells them that it happens.Here-here.

Lies My Teacher Told Me takes a very good approach to uncensored history.

5/11/2011 #42

In my opinion, people who go out of their ways to censor controversial material are simply individuals, though part of something bigger. There is no regard for the views of others, and one person can take away something of meaning from many people. For example, a person who requests the removal of a nude statue from a park disregards the fact that someone else may indeed find the statue beautiful. Eh.

5/11/2011 #43
Ten ways to spoil dinner

Censorship in school is moronic. If 'bad words' teach immorality, then censoring our ability to learn how these words are used, and impairing our ability to judge lessons in a book, is an even worse lesson. Take the lesser of two evils, okay?

For one, my Language Arts class read To Kill a Mockingbird. It wasn't censored, so 'bad words' appeared. Nigger, for example. Appeared a lot in the book. And some schools want to remove that word because it's... going to teach some immoral lesson? Like... racism is bad? Yeah, real immoral.

Besides, there is nothing inherently bad about any word. It is the context in which it is used that makes a word good or bad. Yelling fuck at the top of your lungs when you cut yourself on a rusty knife... not really bad. The same as yelling, "Oh, god, that hurts", but no one is trying to censor that. And even if the word is used in a negative context, the use of such words often has meaning in the story. Again, To Kill A Mockingbird. Using the word nigger is kinda important to the story. You take out that word and a lot of the racism in the book is gone, and one of the main themes of the story becomes less visible.

If I ever have kids who go to a school where books are censored, I'll buy an uncensored copy for them to read at home.

5/12/2011 #44
Madame Apathy

I have a debate idea about marriage: Is it bad to have really expensive weddings?

7/25/2011 #45
Aspiring Mythmaker

My brother's fiance doesn't, but I'm a penny-pincher, and also completely unattached, so...

7/25/2011 #46

I have a debate idea about marriage: Is it bad to have really expensive weddings?

Honestly, I don't understand it. In my opinion, it's so much better to have a small wedding and put the money to something else like a house or just into savings. Again, in all honesty, I think eloping in the way to go. :) Buuut, that's just me.

7/26/2011 #47
Ever Heard of a Dictionary

I have a debate idea about marriage: Is it bad to have really expensive weddings?

It's not bad at all. It's a personal preference, who are we to judge what someone else wants?

As for me, I do like the idea of the whole long aisle, big ring, huge beach setting, and all that. I don't believe in divorce. I'll only be getting married once, so why not make it memorable? Now to the other hand, you don't need big weddings to make it memorable. I'm perfectly content with having a small wedding with just the closest friends and family and a small ring. I don't mind either. What I really want is a mixture of both of this. A really expensive, simple gown, intricate simple ring, small wedding with expensive catering and decorations. I know I can afford it and if my "would-be-husband" is okay with it, yeah, I'd like an expensive wedding. Sometimes, it's okay to spend money on yourself. You have your entire life to build up that house and the family and trust fund for the kids.

...And I also don't think I'll be getting married, honestly. Marriage changes everything, so it would take a lot of convincing...

7/26/2011 #48

I heard some news that kind of pissed me off. In the states of Washington, Utah, and Colorado, we're not allowed to collect rainwater on our property and use it for our own personal uses (not selling it or making a profit). There is a law now that states that rainwater is the property of the government, no matter where it falls in the states of Washington, Utah, and Colorado.

Anyway, I just thought this was absolutely stupid. Here's the article:

I'm not going to lie, it sounds really biased, but it has some good facts about why this shouldn't be illegal.

I was just wondering if anyone had an idea as to why this law should stay in place. So far I've only heard people against it, but I would like to hear the opinions of someone for it.

7/28/2011 #49
Madame Apathy

This is an argument I read in a Philosophy textbook(I've taken up AS Philosophy and Ethics). Paraphrased:

If God is omniscient, he knows everything.

He therefore knows I will do X.

Therefore I have no choice but to do X.

Therefore I am not to blame for doing X.


9/11/2011 #50
Sextuple Covalent Mo2 Bond

That all falls back to religious influence and how much effect it has on you personally.

Most major religions believe in one or many omniscient God/s. However, if one does believe in an omniscient God, then you have to take into account the Biblical verses that state the Christian God gave people the will to act as they please, so they have no control over your choices per say.

Like I said, it all falls back to what God/s you personally believe in.

9/11/2011 #51
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