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[Thread subject for renaming.]

Create a word? Make something up that sounds immensely stupid, but... you want to use it anyways?

Perhaps you just came across a stunning piece of wordcraft?

Enlighten us all with your creations and discoveries.

2/11/2011 #1

Lulz. I'm terrible with names.

'Kay. So, here's what I use:

Fecking - The nicer way to say Fucking

Feck - The nicer way to say Fuck

'S.. - "It's.."

Ditto - Same as what you said.

Deffo - Definitely

On mon dieu! - 'Oh my god!' In French.

Merde - A combination of cursewords in French.

Pshft - Juno's curseword.

2/11/2011 #2
The Hendog
Awsometacularnessism: When something is so epic that normal words can't even describe it. My own creation.
2/25/2011 . Edited 2/25/2011 #3

Naw- The more laid-back way to say "no, it's fine".

Eh- "I don't really agree with you but I'm going to be nice about it anyways".

C'mon- "You know you want to let me pry into your business".

4/8/2011 #4

Gixie - girl (from Tamora Pierce)

Mayhap - perhaps

7/3/2011 #5

Me and my friend used to hang out in the library with the librarian (yeah, we were THAT cool) and she used to hate how much we would say 'ridiculous'...so we now say it like so - "ri-donk-ah-lous". It just kind of caught on and now it feels weird to just say ridiculous.

So there's ridonkalous...created by me and my friend.

I used to work at a pet food specialty store (basically, we sell crazy expensive food and no pets), and out of nowhere my coworker peaked around the corner, asked "What's a skink?" and slowly walked back around the corner. Apparently the packaging on 'skunk food' was printed wrong and it said 'skink' food. However, we now have replaced the work skank with skink.

7/27/2011 . Edited 7/27/2011 #6
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