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Ever Heard of a Dictionary

Get to know us; perhaps we'll become a close group of friends.

Update to be made later!

--Forum History--

Welcome to the Order of the Concritters, a site-wide critiquing and social forum that welcomes FanFiction.Net members from all walks of life!

This forum was made expecting nothing, however, it became apparent that the forum was growing. Essentially, this place was made from boredom and ambition. After a few weeks of operation in solely a forum setting, the organization decided to open the doors of membership to critics to further clean up the site in all available fandoms possible. Months later, the Order of the Concritters has become one of the most prominent critic organisations on FanFiction.Net and the 20th-largest General category forum on-site.

Since then, the Order of the Concritters has expanded greatly, acquiring several regular posters, a large membership base, a personal blog, three membership reviewing/mailing lists, a moderator table, a defined core leadership and a democratic view on most activities, where everyone has a voice on how things are run, and everyone is listened to.

The Order of the Concritters membership base was founded on ambition and ideas of change to the world of FanFiction.Net. We are not a delete-only group. We look to assist the author in any way possible through critique and teachings. More information on the Order of the Concritters membership may be found in the appropriate thread.

[may be added to later]

Forum Moderators

---Moderators control all user activity in the forum. Their opinion is listened to and weighted by leadership the most. They are regularly requested to help with decisions regarding forum activity. Their opinion may also affect the inner workings of the Order of the Concritters movement---

Que Quieres Spyro Kid-- Jimmy can be anything you want, from your worst enemy to your greatest friend. Being a fairly experienced critic, he won't hesitate to tell you when you're doing something wrong. Many people enjoy his "can-do" attitude. Much like the average forum regular, Jimmy can often be found spreading joy through the chat thread (nosrsly :3). Jimmy is not a video game nerd, much to his best friends' dismay. He's from Ohio, but due to his incredible sexiness, it was mandated that he move closer to Disney World to increase it's traffic. So... here he is stuck in mini-Hell, also known as Florida. Jimmy enjoys his online life and can be found sitting in front of a computer at least five hours a day on school days. His best friends come from the Internet, unsurprisingly. He's gay and shows it pretty well when he wants to. Originally hailing from the Spyro fandom, he recently emerged to the South Park fandom for God knows what reason. Maybe it's because he can always find a good fic to review there. Who knows? Go on and poke him, he won't bite you. In fact, given a couple of months, he'll probably grow to be your fun little dragon-wolf wonder.

Aspiring Mythmaker-- A pretty swell guy. He's sort of shy at first, but will eventually loosen up. He's a great guy to talk to and ask for advice or if you just need someone to listen. He has a higher level vocabulary, but will explain a word or two if needed. He hails from the state of Kansas but has yet to be transported to the world of OZ. He can be found lurking in the forum without saying anything, so you may need to introduce yourself or say hi first. He'll also ocassionally break into Olde English for the heck of it. He's one to talk civily and will speak to you as an equal. Overall, he's one of the best guys you could meet. You'll be lucky to have him as a friend.

Conqueror of the North Wind--

Ten ways to spoil dinner-- Ten is the universe. Or, at least, his ego is. And to him, that's the same thing. He enjoys being fed, and he enjoys a daily dose of lulz. He's also a pervert, so don't wear skirts around him. Off the forum, he writes, he reads, he acts almost normal. On the forum, he pervs, he annoys, and he jokes around.

Forum Regulars

--Forum regulars have been around for a bit and are generally known by most posters. Their opinion is listened to regarding forum activity, and many of them are involved in the Order of the Concritters movement. Regulars are generally trusted and even respected by forum leadership. Regs are always next in line for moderation, so don't ask!

Ever Heard of a Dictionary-- Mandy is a fucking win. She owns everything from leather, to hell… to you! Mandy's a University student studying medical stuff, because, despite residing in the Leather and Lace Hallway by the Gateways of Hell, she has an instinctual desire to keep her servants alive. Working at the hospital because she's independent like that, her favorite part of the job is looking after the newborns. No, she does not eat or steal them, no matter how much she wants to keep them because they are so cute and cuddly and adorable. Talking in third person is not a big quirk for her; she actually enjoys it. Dubbed the 'Party animal', a party or a fun time is never complete until she is there. She's the leader of the Perverted Pride group, the Procrastinators!Unite...tomorrow group, and she owns the Chamber of Darkness--her basement. Mandy's actually very friendly, but also very temperamental and brutally blunt; be open minded when talking to her. She gets angry easily and will stop communicating with anyone if they irritate her tremendously. She absolutely loves the darkness, rain, thunder, storms, and places where she can be alone with her thoughts. She is nearly obsessed with different types of metal music, drawing anything and everything relating to Dark Art, erotic and exotic dances, and her leather clothes. Mandy's love for learning everything she can often leads her into sticky situations. To learn more about aforementioned sticky situations, please talk to her on the chat or her personal favorite, the doomed Yahoo Messenger.

Lessthanthree-Carissa-- Carissa: She's a child at heart, but mature on the outside. She loves Naruto and Fruits Baskets. Her favorite author is Melody Carlson. She tends to get stuck ogling over really good stories that she finds on the interwebs and consequently racks up said authors hits. She doesn't eat pig or cow. She believes Lewis Carroll is a genius and thinks math should go die in a hole. She loves making friends on the interwebs, but isn't afraid to point out the flaws or plot holes with stories. She is extremely loyal to those she puts her trust in, which is few and far between. She also believes you need to earn her respect before it is given. Have fun with this gem~

Madame Apathy-- The undisputed mistress of the universe. Having gained several degrees and a loving harem, Apathy once created a fanfic so epic that reading it can cure incontinence. Several major religions worship her as a goddess, and she has recently had to have a secure room built to protect her from fanboys. She has an IQ of 1897, a Mary-Sue face and her smile once brought a puppy back to life. Moving onto the truth, Apathy is a 16 year old English girl with a love of musicals and a need to make sense of everything. An avid reader, she's pretty good at darning plot holes and likes to hope she is a decent concritter. Usually good-natured, Apathy is happy to help as a beta and will try and improve herself whenever she can.

Stolloss-- Stolloss is a Computer Science major and Pokénerd through and through. He is much more of a reader, reviewer and lurker than a writer and contributor, so posting on this forum goes directly against his nature. He likes to say he thinks through everything he says, and often won't say anything unless he has reason to say it and evidence supporting it. As a result of the need to lay out this evidence, his reviews and arguments can become quite lengthy when he decides to make them so. Said reviews range from analysis/praise to concrit, though instances have been reported of stories leaving him at such a loss for words that he writes one-liners. Stolloss has no preferred genre besides anything that involves motivations. Unlike everyone else on this forum, he does not have a YIM.

Swissigar-- He's in high school. Swiss is a laid back fellow but not carefree. His sarcasm and logic become a powerful weapon when put together. He enjoys helping people with their psychological or any problems at all. In a writer's perspective he's good, not the best but not the worst. He enjoys rhythm games, especially Rock Band and he has a PS3 for it. He's a collector of knick-knacks. He hit the dragon-phase of childhood ten years late. He's also fond of Pokemon and Magic: Gathering.

Crimson Dei-- Zero (Loomy. :K) is the forum's death-insect. Or, to put it simply, she's our self-proclaimed Scyther, and will be rolling in your cyber-blood if you get on her bad side (lol you can't get on her bad side). On a more serious note, Zero's not really as murderous as she's made out to be, though it's strongly advised you disregard her antics, else you'll lose your sanity (if that's still intact (haha it isn't)) within the hour. Overall, she's sort-of-kind-of fun loving, loves to talk, and will spew Portal references at random; don't let the blades scare you off~

Chaos Productions-- Chaos is, matter-of-factly said, a very harsh, very blunt critic hailing from the blazing sun and cultural earths of Africa. He has a vast number of fandoms, but mainly lurks in the Negima! And Aliens vs. Predator sections, and doesn't take kindly to those who desecrate said fandoms with utter rubbish and violating 'texts', often unleashing his controlled sociopathic nature unto them. He tends to be impossibly mature when reviewing, even when pointing out any Ugly factors, and is almost unfairly honest, even when praising. Good stories, however, often gain this author's greatest applause. In typical fashion, he is an avid writer of the horror genre, and will soon be establishing a number of such fics, and due to this, his favourite authors tend to be along the likes of Stephen King, Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti. He is reasonably skilled in English, an avid and near-professional user of metaphorical language, and is, unfortunately, catastrophically bad at math. Those who befriend him often experience a more playful, child-like side to this stone-faced, ice-hearted critic, but he still is not afraid to berate his friends on any actions he disagrees with. As a typical side-note, his later stories oft require patience and an above-average intellect. Lastly, he does NOT write for mainstream crowds. Any requests to do so will be laughed at and deleted A.S.A.P. Keep him happy, and you'll get along with him just fine.

Gallaghergirl-- Rory is a bit different then most, but maybe similar to many (lolwut?). Anyone else with her life would shy from love, they'd probably claim it doesn't exist and be afraid. But she's just not like that. She believes in it. She search it out and try to give it out as much as possible. She just a hopeless romantic, and a cynical yet too. A contradiction by definition. Rory thinks humanity is a contradiction in itself. It is beautiful, but it is ugly. It is brilliant, yet stupid. It is genius, and still naive. It is great, and awful all in one. Humanity is good and pure but it is tainted and murky and dirty. Humanity is everything. People are far to busy being "normal" and "average" and yet people are all unique and special. People are humdrum and boring. People are dazzling and creative. Humanity is praise by itself, but it's also its harshest critiques. It has killers, murders, drug dealers, rapist; awful souls that should be killed off, too far gone to be save. A repeat rapist deserves no second chance... in Rory's mind and yet she thinks all life should be sacred. She is confused. And yet humanity is young and still much like a child. Great minds, thinks, explorers, saviors alike. If people want to count the bad things in humanity then count the good as well. Count the children, the dreamers, the innocents. So even when people forget, Rory thinks life. is. beautiful. People are beautiful. They just need to be polished every now and then like any other gem.

Cgaume12-- Cgaume12, Cameron, Cammie, Cammy, Camera, Snap. Anyway you slice it, you get the same guy. He's certainly not the most friendly person in the forum, or the best for conversation, but he'll be there when (or preferably if) you want it. He enjoys RPing, and is, in fact, disappointed to only have one going at the moment. If you cross paths with him, be prepared for tasteless, humorless sarcasm! In all truth, though... he's a pretty cool dude who will tag along in most conversations. He's an author of several stories, and always wants to learn more about writing. Simply put? He's a kick-ass writer and a good person to hitch a conversation with.

Indigo Crescent-- Indi is a fairly recent addition to the forum (haha not anymore), and spends much of his time being hyper and glomping people. He can be timid to the point of absurdity, and will generally hesitate to ask whether or not it's okays to ask what someone's YIM chat name is. He is fairly sensitive at times, and often confizzled, but he likes making friends and giving nicknames. He's extremely loyal, as well as being almost incapable of holding a grudge. While he may seem shallow at times, keep in mind that he is a criminal mastermind with thousands of plots towards his meany and not-nice plans for the planet, which include world peace, equality for all, and an end to unfair prejudices, bullying, and 11:00 bedtimes. Like any person one meets on a forum, he has a mysterious past. He spends most of his time in the Pokemon fandom, though he has a multitude of others. While he doesn't approve of flaming, he does know that it helps people sometimes, and supposes that's okay. However, nice concrit is far better in his opinion, which is part of why he dropped into the Order. ...and I'd better stop selling out all his secrets or [WARNING] ...too late. Run for your lives! [WARNING: HYPEROCITY BOOST AT CRITICAL LEVELS. PLEASE STAND BY FOR ENERGY VENTING ACTION.] *glomps* :D

The Ghost of a Tribal-- Ghost (or Baneyboozey as Jimmy and only Jimmy can call him :K) offers his positive outlook and advice on any problem, making him a great person to carry on a conversation with. He accepts everyone to whatever extent and houses a nice disposition with a slight mean streaking bad side (that's adorable and coated with soft wolf fur :3). The mean streak is caused by anything igniting his temper fuse, but in most cases, he's moderately happy and friendly to almost anyone who doesn't treat him badly...because wolf abuse is bad! He knows when to butt-out of any situation and also knows when he's not needed. He's a little obsessive, but he's a great person to look up to.

Peach Wookiee-- Peach Wookiee is of advanced age... she's probably old enough to be your mother. However, despite the fact that she's thirty-one, she seems like a light-hearted teenager most (read as: all) of the time. She loves to read, watch television, cook and loves baking for people. If she had to pick a pony she's most like in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic universe, she'd say she's a combination of Fluttershy (chronic apologizer), Twilight Sparkle (smart and introverted and rather serious in her youth) and Pinkie Pie (she bakes and is sometimes very random). She hopes you will be her friend (Cupcakes anyone? ;) ).

Halloweenbaby-- Mars (also known as Hallow, Halloween, Pumpkin) is a sixteen year old girl, with a horribly unimaginative pen name. She loves to RP, is a total Harry Potter geek and can be fairly shy. She reads anything and everything and spends much too much money on books. She isn't always the most observant of people and can get horribly confused very easily (the slow one!). She can also sing along with almost all of the Ministry of Magic songs without messing up the lyrics (but not Justin Bieber :K). She's awesome in a lame sort of way.

Forum Newbies

--These people have been around the forum for a little bit of time recently. They'll get pushed to a forum member and their description added to the next section once they stay for a little longer and people know them a little better--


Spyro's Bud--


--These are people that used to be regulars, but had to stop posting for whatever reason, became less interested and left, or otherwise. Regardless of their reasons, they'll always be remembered by us--


Atomicity-- Pasta is the kind of girl you could vision yourself marrying (which she'll probably make sure of). She has an awesome sense of humor, and is one of the best people to talk to when you're having a bad day. Although she finds herself wondering if she should really stay on FFN, she figures her friends wouldn't take her sudden leaving very well (would probably tie her up and force her to chat). She loves chocolate, and she'll become one of your bestest friends if you give her some.

Ataokoloinona-- is a human being on the other side of this screen. Ooooo, mysteriooooous.

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