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Have you guys ever heard of the other critiqueing group "Critics United"?

I highly recommend that you guys for an alliance to help spread good reviews all over this sight of ours.

7/19/2011 #61
Sextuple Covalent Mo2 Bond

I am knowledgeable of all the major critic groups, as is my moderation team.

The major critic groups have a loose alliance, being that we all do try to do the same thing. However, our differences in methodology are what make us different from one another. Critics United is more strict than the Order. It's really a matter of taste and how critics wish to work.

We work fine as it is. We send several critiques and there's always more to be done. If you wish to help spread constructive reviews throughout the site, you are always welcome to drop by a list of fictions that could use a critique in our Constructive Criticism Request thread.

Also, if you plan on posting in the future, I suggest you introduce yourself.

7/19/2011 #62

I have a question about running a forum. How do you ban users? I see where a list of the banned users would come up, but I can't figure out how to actually ban them. Anyway, help would be appreciated sometime soon, as I think I may have to ban someone in the near future.

7/24/2011 #63
Sextuple Covalent Mo2 Bond

Click on the Mod menu of the user you wish to ban (the wheel next to the reply button). Click "Ban User". Select your ban duration, click okay.

7/24/2011 #64

:) Thanks. I've been looking through my profile under 'My Forums' trying to figure out where I do it.

7/24/2011 #65
Madame Apathy

What's the difference between M romance and MA romance? Forgotten.

7/25/2011 #66
Aspiring Mythmaker

The rating for M can contain

non-explicit adult themes

The rating for MA contains

explicit adult themes

So, as long as nothing sexual is explicitly mentioned (specific acts, body parts), it would be M.

7/25/2011 #67

Hello, hopefully someone can help me out with this one: Would copying the exact dialouge from a movie, expect putting it in context and inserting a (Mary-Sue) character be counted in the no copyrighted material rule?

7/26/2011 #68

Hmm...that's a really hard one. I would think if the person got the dialogue down word for word, it would count as copyrighting (the movie script), but you may want to talk to one of the admins - they'll know better.

7/28/2011 #69

I'd actually like to know as well.

7/28/2011 #70
Sextuple Covalent Mo2 Bond

This is a very odd case. Not one that I've encountered.

Judging from what I know and what I've looked around about on the subject, I would call it fair use, honestly. Since you are putting the dialogue in context and adding your own character, it becomes fan fiction.

Now, if the dialogue was copied word-for-word, it would be a very rough decision, honestly.

Oh, and I do apologize for the late response~

7/30/2011 . Edited 7/30/2011 #71

The dialougue is copied for word for word from I can tell. The new character hadn't even got her own lines yet, just steals ones from the existing characters. This is a toughie, I'll ask the admins.

7/30/2011 #72

So, I have a question, but it's more opinion-based rather than rule-based. I've been reading a few stories where the author writes the dialogue in a French accent. In the original books, the author wrote a few characters with French accents, but I think she pulled it off because of how consistent and how little she used those characters - they were more in the background. However, with this story almost everything is 'zis' or 'zat'.

I gave him/her some constructive criticism, and said that personally I'm not a fan of this. (The entire dialogue in the first paragraph is in French (not just in an accent), which I frowned upon as well.) I think that the same thing could be achieved by simply adding it into the dialogue tags or letting us all know at the beginning of the story who has an accent, because reading through the accent (for me) means I have to slow down, and it interrupted the flow of reading.

Now I'm curious...are you guys okay with reading stories where a majority of the dialogue is in a (just slightly inconsistent) accent?

8/1/2011 #73
Aspiring Mythmaker

As with most things, if done correctly, I don't mind it. If the character has that accent in canon, and the accent is properly written, I have no object to the author trying to write it into dialogue. When you get to a really heavy accent, it can become obnoxious, but really, few authors are willing to go that far.

8/1/2011 #74

Sorry, got another question for you. If I'm going to be leaving for a while and won't have access to a computer (for TSM's), who do I tell?

8/1/2011 #75
Aspiring Mythmaker

Feel free to contact the Order leadership by PM or email. Just let us know how long you'll be gone, though we might have some follow-up questions.

8/1/2011 #76

Alright. And what kind of advance in time should I give?

8/1/2011 #77
Aspiring Mythmaker

Whenever it's convenient. The earlier, the better, though.

8/1/2011 #78

Okay, thanks.

8/1/2011 #79

Question: Okay, so I write all my stuff on word, but I don't make a separate document for each chapter. Then, when I upload the story it has all the chapters mashed into one registered chapter. So I need to start separating each chapter onto a separate document, or is there a way to do this with just uploading the one?

Also, dumb question, but what does SYOC mean anyways? I've tried looking it up....and lets just say I don't think thats the right meaning. |D

Thanks for assisting my noobness. (I seem to likementioning that in all my posts -.- )

8/3/2011 #80

So I need to start separating each chapter onto a separate document, or is there a way to do this with just uploading the one?

I'm thinking you need to separate them in different documents.

but what does SYOC mean anyways?

Submit Your Own Character, I believe. Basically those fics and whatnot that accept characters from readers to use in the story.

8/3/2011 #81

I'm thinking you need to separate them in different documents.

*sigh* I thought that might be the case. Oh well, I'll reformat that today.

Submit Your Own Character, I believe.

Thanks, it was just bugging me not knowing what it meant. xD Thanks for the quick response too, the help is appreciated!

8/3/2011 #82
Venere Veritas

I has a question, but first I need to know if anyone here is familiar with the "Regular Show" or it's fandom?

8/4/2011 #83

I am a huge fan of that show. Shoot. :)

8/5/2011 #84
Venere Veritas

I'm noticing a boom of fictions. There are several M rated fics, and I wondering where I would start to draw lines between M and MA. I ask this since none of the characters are human (and one of them is a bubble gum dispenser) and would like to know where that line would be (if changed at all) .

And since you are a big fan, and this has been bothering me for a while; in the episode "the unicorns have got to go", there is a unicorn who has a "Clockwork Orange" theme. Do any of the other unicorns have a theme to them, or was this unicorn the only Easter egg?

8/5/2011 #85

It would be the same as every other fic, even for Benson. M-rated fics contain non-explicit adult themes, references to violence, and/or strong coarse language. MA-rated fics contain explicit adult themes (example: graphic sex scenes). However, that's a hard one with high-five ghost and Benson. That could be on a case-by-case basis...since they don't have human, um...organs, to describe in great detail.

Do you have an example of a story that you think is MA-rated? Just a link would be fine so I can see what you're looking at.

As for the unicorn, there is only one clockwork orange unicorn (and I think he's a reference to Alex DeLarge in 'A Clockwork Orange').

8/5/2011 #86
Venere Veritas


However, that's a hard one with high-five ghost and Benson. That could be on a case-by-case basis...since they don't have human, um...organs, to describe in great detail.

There are several M rated Mordecai/Rigby ones that I can figure out with some thought. It's fics like these were I kinda turn my head;


Not sure if crude humor, or actually sexual. There are also a ton of OC fics (no surprise) with problems of their own.

8/5/2011 #87


That has to be one of the weirdest stories I've ever read. In my opinion, that kind of counts as oral sex... but you may want to send it over to one of the site admins and ask what they consider it. Then, if they consider it MA material, you can quote the admins and be confident that it's against the rules.

8/5/2011 #88
Venere Veritas

Okay. Thanks for you're input.

8/5/2011 #89

I've been trying to figure this out for a while to no avail, so hell, why not ask here?

When referring to someone of a much higher status than yourself (in writing) would their 'title' be capitalized? For example, I know that if you were to speak with an average mind, you'd simply say 'sir', but to, say, a king or whatever, it would be capitalized, like 'Sir'. Does the same apply to other things like 'my lady' or anything along those lines? Because a character of higher status in a story I'm working on is generally called 'my lady' by others, and I'm not sure if it could be kept lowercase or if if it should be capped.

8/5/2011 #90
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