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Sextuple Covalent Mo2 Bond

My Hill! Don't we all know how to play this game?

We're all battling for the hill, which must contain pr0nz or something, otherwise... why would we all keep fighting over it? Candy?

Take the hill the only way you know how, yeah?

*gallops up the hill*

My hill? :D

4/15/2011 #1
Doragon Eichi


*Rams Star off of the hill*

My Hill!

4/15/2011 #2
Spyro's Bud

*chuckles as I kick Eichi off the hill*

Like old times eh?


4/16/2011 #3
Doragon Eichi

*Looks up* OMFG! Shadow! YEAH!!!! *Runs up and Freezes Shadow. Then shoves him off my hill*

My Hill! Haha!

4/16/2011 #4

Agalia meanders up the hill and sits next to Alex.


Their hill. (Or maybe our? Depends? Um....)

4/16/2011 #5
Spyro's Bud

Damn, even Agalia's coming into this? All we need is Al3jandr0 and Pheonix and we have the old Hill crew back again.

*blasts Doragon away with a fireball and sits next to Agalia*

'Ello dear.


4/17/2011 #6
Doragon Eichi

That was unacceptable! *My personal army of dragons come and take Shadow away to a dark & evil place. Sits next to Agalia* Hello!


4/17/2011 #7

"Um...Alex, Shadow, Alex...at least I like change."

Our Hill.

4/17/2011 #8
Serenity in Virginia

*Grabs you by the jaw and throws you into a refrigerator*


My hill.

4/18/2011 #9
Doragon Eichi

*Gets back up and throws the fridge at Serenity knocking him down the hill*

Challenge denied!

My hill.

4/18/2011 #10
swinging from saturn

-has sex with Eichi, which stuns him-

-kicks off hill-

My hill, mofos.~

4/18/2011 #11
Ten ways to spoil dinner

*Throws an object shaped like a penis elsewhere, and watches as Pasta runs for it*

My hill, bitches~:D

4/18/2011 #12
swinging from saturn

-catches object shaped like penis. Is sad when it turns out not being the real thing-

-throws at Dallas' head-

I run this bitch, er, hill.~

4/18/2011 #13
Serenity in Virginia

Oh hold on a second.

*Shoves into Jukebox*

My hill.

4/18/2011 #14
swinging from saturn

Oh, no problem.

-kicks jukeboxes ass while eating chocolate-

-throws off hill-

I'm the hill's pimp, yo.

4/18/2011 #15
Serenity in Virginia


*Tackles off the hill*

My hill.

4/18/2011 #16
swinging from saturn

You like tackling girls, don't you? ;)

-grabs, pulls off hill-

Still my hill.~

4/18/2011 #17
Serenity in Virginia

You're just a fool on the hill.

Beatles reference.

*Throws into the air*



I love bumper cars. So crunchy.

My hill

4/18/2011 #18
swinging from saturn

I can make a kill more interesting than that.~

-flings in air and then shoots-

My hill, and kill.

4/18/2011 #19

-Watches weird fight over a hill-


-Climbs up next hill over and eats popcorn-


4/18/2011 #20

Agalia walks cautiously up the hill and sits next to Atao.

"You're not Proletariat, Shadow, or Alex, but you seem nice."

Our(?) hill.

(Btw, Atao, you have to say some form of My Hill for it to count. Therefore I did it for you.)

4/18/2011 . Edited 4/18/2011 #21
Serenity in Virginia

*Grows a tree on the hill*

My hill and symbol

4/18/2011 #22
Doragon Eichi

*Looks at both hills confused* Er...*Shrugs and forms a ice bridge between the two. Kills off Atao and Serenity by freezing and shattering them and freezes the tree solid.* My...two hills

4/18/2011 . Edited 4/18/2011 #23

Agalia scoots toward Alex.

"Hi, Alex!"

Our hill.

4/18/2011 #24
Serenity in Virginia

*Pops head out*

Oh I'm sorry.

*Flattens one hill with finger*

And now for you Doragan. Leave!

*silently leaves*

My hill

4/18/2011 #25

Agalia, however, did not leave.

"Thanks for not hurting Alex, whoever you are," she says.

Our hill. (Mostly his.)

4/18/2011 . Edited 4/18/2011 #26
Serenity in Virginia

*Points finger to door*

My hill

4/18/2011 #27
swinging from saturn

-kicks everyone off two hills-

My hill(s).

4/18/2011 #28
Doragon Eichi

There is only one hill. SO YOU MUST PAY THE PRICE OF BEING WRONG!!! *A electric dragons comes in and shocks Atomicity to death. I walk onto the hill and smile*


4/18/2011 #29

Agalia climbs back up the hill and sidles up to Alex.

"So many unfriendly people...."

Our hill.

4/18/2011 #30
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