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What is the Order of the Concritters?

The Order of the Concritters is a group of associated critics, based at Fanfiction.net, with the purpose of improving the quality of fiction on the site by reviewing. Our mission is:

I. To offer constructive criticism and advice where we can.

II. To provide comprehensive and unbiased critiques of any and all stories, regardless of fandom or overall quality.

III. To warn authors of rules and guidelines that they may be unaware of and to generally educate on proper procedure for this site.

How do I become a member?

If you are interested in membership with the Order, contact Que Quieres Sparkling Boy, Aspiring Mythmaker, or Conqueror of the North Wind by PM for an interview. Your stories must comply with FFN Guidelines, or you will not be considered until all stories comply. If your case is well-made and all things are in order, you will be asked to email a link to what you consider to be your best review for consideration by Order Leadership before you are formally inducted.

What does being a member entail?

Once you are accepted, you will receive email Updates and Reviewing Assignments, which you will be asked to complete each week. These should be considered Order business, and are not to be discussed with non-members.

All reviews made in the name of the Order (resulting from TSMs or the "Constructive Criticism Request" thread) must abide by ourReviewing Ideals,visible in the Forum Rules and Regulations thread, and should be signed with the Order Signature ("~Order of the Concritters~").

Membership in the Order of the Concritters and participation in option Order mailing lists are considered confidential by the Order Leadership. While Members are not prohibited from sharing information about their own activities, we respect the privacy of our Members. Queries for information about other Members, including those from fellow Members, will be ignored.

Order Updates:

7/12/11: Customize Your Membership

The Order of the Concritters continually seeks out new ways to improve our organization, and facilitate the wants and needs of our members. To that end, it is the conclusion of the Order Leadership that additional activities can, and will, be offered to all present and future members in order to maximize their effectiveness in improving FanFiction.Net.

All Order members receive "Top Secret Missions", or TSMs, on a weekly basis, detailing their Reviewing Assignment and responsibilities as members of the Order. Traditionally, we have maintained a standard of one assignment per week, with which we have seen great success. However, we are aware that many members are capable, and willing, to complete more than a single assignment per week.

To facilitate this, the Order will now offer to increase the weekly allotment of TSMs on a voluntary basis.

There will be three mailing lists for the organization starting now:

-*-Basic membership mailing list of one TSM per week, fandom-specific and original for you.

-*-Advanced TSM mailing list, where you receive extra TSMs.

-*-Report mailing list, where you are given a report list.

Member can be a part of all three lists if they so choose. More details can be found below about each of the new mailing lists, or by contacting Member Leadership. The standard for members is your basic membership mailing list. You are not required to do anything other than the basic membership list for Order membership.

Any member may place their name placed on a second mailing list to receive further assignments each week, provided that they have completed each of the last 4 TSMs that they have been assigned to them. Members will have the option to increase or decrease the number of TSMs they will receive each week, from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 10. We hope that this will allow those who wish to put their talents to further use the opportunity to do so, by reaching out to more authors and offering criticism to help them improve their stories.

Members of the Order are never required to report a story that violates the rules, either on their own, or on an assignment, though many members choose to do so, regardless. However, it is a well-known fact that while many authors are receptive to constructive criticism, a significant minority of them are contemptuous of the sites rules, and even more contemptuous of those who seek to enforce them. For these, an amiable and constructive debate is impossible, and the only recourse is to report the individual.

As such, members who place their name on the third mailing list of the Order of the Concritters will receive a selection of links to stories whose authors are unwilling to accept criticism and edit/remove their story to comply with site rules. Upon receiving this list, members will be asked to report the stories for violating the site's rules, for the purpose of seeing it removed from the site. Information regarding how the story violates the site's rules, what actions have been taken to secure their cooperation, and any other relevant information will be provided along with each link. Participation in this and any other mailing list is completely at the discretion of the individual members. It is not mandatory.

To prevent sudden changes in a member's status from interfering in the creation of TSMs, all applications to modify a member's status on each of the Order's mailing lists, either by inclusion or removal, must be received by Wednesday, Eastern Standard Time to take effect the same week. Applications on Thursday on will not take effect until the next TSM cycle.

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