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So, you're curious about English as an author, reader, or anything in between? Welcome to heaven.

Feel free to post your own guides on anything writing-related or FFN here. For ease of use later on, a table of contents may be posted.

You can also post writing-related links or tools here for the world to use. You'll be thanked a thousand times over for helping to better FFN and it's users!

10/8/2011 #1
Ten ways to spoil dinner

If you have trouble thinking up names for characters, like me, this might be pretty useful for you:

10/9/2011 #2

Words used for movement:

Over 300 ways to say said:

10/9/2011 #3
Ten ways to spoil dinner

You know, this thread could be very useful. I think we should get some more posts and topics in here.

11/12/2011 #4

I'll post a few :D

Some lists of easily confused words that really helped me out.

Dunno what a Mary Sue is? Take a gander~

Some overused cliches and stuff.

11/12/2011 . Edited 11/12/2011 #5

Helpful spell check site. I suggest you don't use the grammar check option though, it's iffy at best.

A site to help with grammar.

Online dictionary.

11/13/2011 #6


What you need to understand to write a story. Not what a character is or anything basic like that; this goes deep. It's old (relatively, for the Internet), but it starts at why people read stories and ends with why constantly swapping POV is bad. I'm not sure how appropriate it is for the common level of writing on this site, but it has some good points to keep in mind. The whole site has a lot of information if you like clicking links.

11/30/2011 #7

Generator site that generates descriptions of everything from villains to magical ponies to plots to rooms.

12/3/2011 #8
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