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Providing CC to young furries everywhere. And also annoying Blizz. Help by spamming all forums above Clan of the Clouds. Good day.
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Sextuple Covalent Mo2 Bond


Nyuk a duck. :D

I'm a mod there, Ten's a reg there, my bestest friend in the whole wide world is the admin.

So. Anyone will be accepted there. There's also a critic group programme similar to that of the Order.

Check it out, yo~

6/18/2012 #1

is the forum really dead? / 3

6/29/2012 #2

I think at one point I ventured in here, but alas, memory has epically failed me. :O

7/3/2012 #3
tommy tennyson

Hello, i'm new to the chat

I'm SuperStoryboi124

9/3/2012 #4
Aspiring Mythmaker

Not the chat.

9/3/2012 #5

It always saddens me to find dead forums. And read unfinished chats or roleplays. This truly is history.

8/15/2013 #6

I'm sure dead forums are equally as sad that you find them.

10/1/2013 #7
Sextuple Covalent Mo2 Bond

Rape is ok.

7/11/2014 #8
Blazing Bright Streak of Light

You should leave Blizzard alone. Don't be so discouraging. She and her friends have a goal, and you, for no reason are putting her down and encouraging others to build up other forums so hers gets pushed down. That's not very nice, so I'm here to be brash and stupid and tell you to stop. Sorry about your dead forum, but leave Blizzard's alone.

Very sincerely,

Blazing Bright Streak of Light, leader of LightClan.

7/12/2014 #9
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