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Seems the HL Rp's are dead, so here's a new one! Now some people have doubted this will work as it isn't a sandbox and Ep 2 has now sequel. But this Rp is about surviving everyday life, doing what you can to protect yourself and/or family as a human, whet
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Vacant Coffin

Welcome, welcome to Half Life Roleplay. you have chosen, or been chosen, to relocate to one of the finest HL rps on ff.net!

Basically, this is a welcome to anyone looking to join.

Introduce yourself, give a nickname and a bit about yourself!

But do read the rules before posting.

12/21/2010 . Edited 12/21/2010 #1


12/23/2010 #2
Vacant Coffin
Hey thel, long time no see eh?
12/23/2010 #3

More like long time to shoot.

12/23/2010 #4

Psycic Paint Cans and Pill bottles are out of the question, right?

Hi, I'm Crosswire and I'd like to join this RP. Nice to meet you all :D

2/20/2011 #5

Good to see another human down here :3. Hope you enjoy it here, matey.

2/22/2011 #6

Are you the last survivor? ._.

:D Kidding, I'm glad to be here!

2/22/2011 #7

Well I hope you enjoy your stay :)

2/22/2011 #8

Because you'll never leave! MAWHAHAAHAHAAH~=!

2/22/2011 #9

Exactly :3

2/22/2011 #10

*Wacks forum with Crowbar*

9/24/2011 #11
Vacant Coffin

*Jumps up, mumbling.* Huh, oh yeah forum, rp thing.

Kay, so I'ma attemp a last minute revival, if anyone gets this, please, come back, I miss you all...

11/23/2011 #12

*Wacks Coffin with crowbar*

Finally, your back (Rollseyes)

11/23/2011 #13
Vacant Coffin

*Looks at you tearfully*

I'm...I'm sorry...please forgive me :'(

11/24/2011 #14

Ohhhh *Throws crowbar overshoulder*

How can I not forgive you? :3

11/24/2011 #15
Vacant Coffin

*Jumps on you with joy*

Because I'm un-unforgivable :P.

11/24/2011 #16

That you are, Boom.

11/24/2011 #17
Vacant Coffin

Oh Xzmy, you know how to charm a person.

11/24/2011 #18

Always have been quite the charmer, haha :P how are ye Boom?

11/24/2011 #19
Vacant Coffin

Fine cheers, having a chuckle with me buddies, reading over yer OC's.

How 'bout ye?

11/24/2011 #20

I'm good thanks, just finished plotting how I am going to end my physics teacher's life.

11/24/2011 #21
Vacant Coffin

Ah good, personally I recommend an ironic death, beat him to death with a Ammeter.

11/24/2011 #22

Or use gravity to rip him apart perhaps.

11/24/2011 #23
Vacant Coffin

Or use air pressure to make his head explode.

11/24/2011 #24

Or tell him how many Newtons will be required to rip his head off.

11/24/2011 #25
Vacant Coffin

Explain to him the extremely likely event that the Large Hadron Collider could rupture a Black Hole on this very earth, and promptly open one in his stomach, making him eat himself.

11/24/2011 . Edited 11/24/2011 #26

I lost on that one :P

11/24/2011 #27
Vacant Coffin

You'll learn when you kill your shitty Physics Teacher and replace him with a decent one, then we can have this joke out again XD.

11/24/2011 #28

Oh we will Boom. We will.

11/24/2011 #29
Vacant Coffin

*Insert Evil Laugh Here*

11/24/2011 #30
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