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Seems the HL Rp's are dead, so here's a new one! Now some people have doubted this will work as it isn't a sandbox and Ep 2 has now sequel. But this Rp is about surviving everyday life, doing what you can to protect yourself and/or family as a human, whet
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Vacant Coffin

One of the most dangerous routes to Eli Vances' lab and a possible escape from city 17, Refugees and rebels use the nexus of old Canals, sewers and tunnels to navigate around the many rebel outposts.

But it is far from safe. Xen creatures inhabit the area, including Barnacles and Headcrabs. civil Protection roam the area, looking for resistance members and escaped citizens, they know about The Rebels.

So, if you're a rebel then start out in One of the outposts, if you're a CP unit, you will start off on patrol.

12/22/2010 #1

'How many have you got today, Taylor me lad?' Wilson asked, smiling as he strolled over to Taylor. Taylor frowned,

'Headcrabs?' Taylor asked, reloading his SMG, almost to prove that he had killed atleast 20. Wilson nodded, and folded his arms, waiting for an answer. Taylor looked up in the sky as another headcrab canister hit the murky, toxic water of the canals, 'I've killed about 25, 26? Haven't been counting this time,' Taylor admitted, looking back at Wilson. The area they were looking after was the airboat 'garage'. The reason they were needed was to traverse the deadly sewage of the canals. Plus, if the Combine weren't stamping down on you, the Rebels organized monthly races between themselves,

'Say, is it true that you're planning a push soon?' Wilson asked, taking out a ciggarette and lighting it. Taylor walked up to Wilson and his piercing blue eyes attacked Wilson's,

'Lennon!' Taylor's whisper was fierce and hostile, 'You do not say that shit here. You don't know which side anyone's on. Don't do it again,' he ordered, walking back to the edge of the boardwalk. Wilson looked down at the floor and managed to get two words out,

'Sorry Taylor,' he begun, now looking at the back of Taylor's head, 'I forgot. Look, everyone must be okay if Billy let 'em through,' he added,

'...True,' Taylor replied in agreement, 'But Billy ain't a God of first impressions. Sure he's good, but no one a super hero.' He explained, the sun lighting up half his face.

(Ah shiz, remembered I need approval...whoops.)

2/4/2011 . Edited 2/4/2011 #2
Vacant Coffin

Ethan swore as he felt an electrical current snap at his finger. He was fiddling with the wiring of a stereo he had found in a ditch, trying to get it working.

After a few more zaps, it finally faded into life. Airbourne began playing, and Ethan turned it up.

"You got me runnin', wild and free!" A grin flickered across the crafty rebel's dirty face, this would come in useful...

"Hey guys, guys!" ethan shouted as he ran towards taylor and the others, I've found something awesome, it'll really freak those tin heads out!" He said enthusiastically.

2/5/2011 #3

Wilson span around and grinned. Taylor was less interested, 'What is it, Ethan?' he sighed. He looked down at his watch and nudged Wilson, 'Your turn on watch,'Taylor grunted, before sitting down on the ruined couch next to the supplies,

'What-' Wilson asked, before processing what Taylor said, 'Oh, right. So, what is it big E?' he said, adjusting his collar and checking to see if his 9mm was topped up.

2/5/2011 #4
Vacant Coffin

"I've found this, it's one of those..." Ethan looked for the right words in his head.

"Music players!" He clicked his fingers.

"We can use it to boost moral, and freak the hell outta the CP patrols." He laughed, and threw his arm around Wilson.

"Just imagine, a normal day, CP dozily plodding along, then wham! blairing heavy rock music, chaos breaks out, they go into confusion, explosions, dead within a minute." He said, painting the picture for him.

"It's like blitzkrieg with guitars!"

2/5/2011 #5

Wilson started laughing and clapped his hands, pleased with Ethan, 'I knew you'd never let us down,' he paused, turning his hands into pretend glasses, 'Nerrrd!' Wilson teased, smiling. Taylor shook his head and sighed,

'Don't rely on that machine,' he grumbled, acting like the strict headmaster, 'When that suddenly bursts-'

'Oh come on, Taylor me ol' pal. Don't be so negative. I'm sure big E here has worked on this for a few weeks, maybe even a few months. Give him some credit.' Wilson groaned. Taylor just leaned back against the couch and smiled.

2/5/2011 #6
Vacant Coffin

"If my calculations are correct," Ethan said in a geeky voice, emphasizing the sh on every S.

"The parametersh of heavy music and drums should shcare the shivil protecshion into a shtupor!"

2/5/2011 #7

Wilson chuckled and slapped Ethan on the back, 'You know how to lighten the mood, don't ya?' Wilson walked over to the boardwalk and begun his half hour watch,

'I'm gonna go see how many canisters fell in our back yard. I've gotta bet on three.' Taylor mumbled, before walking away from the other two and pushing the door open, which let out a creak. Wilson sighed but continued his watch.

2/5/2011 #8
Vacant Coffin

Ethan scratched his nose, and went back to the music player, seeing what other songs there were.

2/5/2011 #9

(Sorry for late replies, match of the day is distracting me, also, is your Metro Cop character going to erm...be used? lol)

As Taylor walked down the corridor and didn't stray from his path. He just wanted to get this other with. He reached his destination and became cautious. The last thing Taylor wanted was a headcrab pounching on his head and turning him into a zombie. He shuddered. The thought worried him. Taylor looked behind him at regular intervals. A black metalic shape caught his attention. There's number one.


Wilson whistled a merry tune. He soon stopped as something on the horizon caught his attention. A shape. Not a canister. Not a rocket propelled Combine, either. He squinted his eyes, trying to make out the shape. Shit shit shit! He ran over to the radio and yelled into it, 'To all Rebels, we have a Helicopter incoming! Hide!' Wilson quickly scrambled under a table.

(The heli will just pass if thats ok)

2/5/2011 #10
Vacant Coffin

(same, I'm watching it right now! The best match so far has to be the Newcastle vs Arsenal. Cocky wankers must've been gobsmacked when the score equalized! :P)

2/5/2011 #11
Vacant Coffin

Ethan swore and scrambled around, looking for a hiding place. He grabbed a cardboard box, and quickly rolled under it.

2/5/2011 #12

(lol and Newcastle could of won if Best's first goal was allowed)

The sounds of the rotor blades faded away. They had survived, 'It's all clear guys. The heli's gone.' he whispered.


Taylor looked up as the Helicopter drifted past him. He smiled. A headcrab emerged from the toxic waters but Taylor dispatched it with three shots from his SMG. He continued walking, even more weary. Do the Combine know our position?

2/5/2011 #13
Vacant Coffin

(yeah, shame :(}

Ethan sounded a sigh of relief, and emerged from under the box.

"That was close." He commented,

"Maybe too close!" He said suspiciously, narrowing his eyes for a joke.

2/5/2011 #14

'Too right mate,' Wilson coughed, shaking his legs off and sheepishly walking to the boardwalk.


Taylor, in the space of a minute, had gunned down three zombies and six headcrabs. He let out a breathe and continued. Soon Taylor had reched the end of the safe area and headed back to base. Two canisters. An average performance from the Combine,

'Wilson? I got six headcrabs and three zombies. Also, for whoever does the checks, I counted two headcrab canisters.' he reported into his radio.

2/5/2011 . Edited 2/5/2011 #15
Vacant Coffin

"Persistant bastards won't stop shelling us." Ethan shook his head.

"But that's okay, gives us something to do." He chuckled.

2/5/2011 #16

Wilson chuckled nervously, knowing that the situation proposed was that of an outrageous nature,

'Yeah...yeah I guess so,' he agreed, his mind telling him one thing and his heart another. Taylor shook his head. He winced as he tried to hold the anger back,

'So you want them to keep shelling us?' Taylor paused, allowing his words to settle into the minds of the pair, 'How long until one canister lands in a group of Rebels?' he said, his eyes piercing their souls, 'The headcrabs are the least of our concerns, the shockwave could kill ten men in a fifteen metre radius,' he explained, his voice harbored an icy tone,

'Oh c'mon Taylor. You know that won't happen,' Wilson groaned, Taylor's negative way of thinking clearly agitating him,

'They're not exactly hard to spot. Huge ass canister falling from the sky. We can hear them coming too-' Taylor interuppted with a quiet, yet thunderous response,

'Do you know how much speed they pick up? A hell of a lot, faster than you, or anyone can run. You'll hear 'em, start running and then boom. You're out of the game, sonny, and you ain't coming back.' Taylor concluded, his 'speech' causing fear to build up on the insides of the optimists. Wilson sighed; there was no point in arguing.

2/6/2011 . Edited 2/7/2011 #17
Vacant Coffin

"Talk about a Pessimist." Ethan scoffed.

"don't think about the worst that could happen, it ain't good for your mental health." He warned Taylor.

"Guess it's my turn for guard duty." He grumbled, unslinging his MP7 from his shoulders, he brushed past Taylor towards the door.

2/6/2011 #18

Taylor frowned, 'Expect the worst and there'll be no surprise when it comes. If it ends up becoming good, that happy feeling is amplified.' he briefly explained, before walking off to get a drink. Wilson looked at the clock in the room next door,

'Is someone gonna take the boardwalk?' he asked into the radio,

'I'll do it.' came another voice. Wilson gave his thanks and walked off.

2/6/2011 #19
Vacant Coffin

Ethan's eyes scanned across the landscape of toxic waste.

He beginning to tire, and bore. there was nothing happening, and he was getting really fed up. He decided to pull up a chair, and sat down. He grabbed the crate of luke warm beers, and pulled the cap off one, not so much as a hiss escaping.

He began to sip it, nothing special, but better than nothing.

2/7/2011 #20

Wilson frowned and walked around in the same room, 'Oh my God, there is nothing to do here,' he complained, kicking a wall for added effect. He cursed as it hurt more than he had planned. He hobbled over to the radio, 'Ethan, as this base is providing no excitement, I will be joining you.' Wilson, not waiting for an answer before limping to Ethan.


Taylor, feeling the same as Wilson, began to walk to the boardwalk and got there before Wilson did. With a drink in his hand, Taylor caught Ethan with a crate of beers. Taylor threw his Breen Soda into the water and sat down next to Ethan,

'Give us one, mate.' he asked, feeling slightly happier now this sight had bestowed him.

2/7/2011 #21

"Hello?" Lilly whispered, sticking her head through the base of the door.

"This is the Resistance, right? I was sent here to help"

2/22/2011 #22
Vacant Coffin
Ethan looked over to the girl stood at the gate, while he was still handing out beers. "Yep, one of the many branches. How may we rebel for you today?" He asked, as if he were a bank clerk. "But yeah, you're in the right place." He said.
2/22/2011 #23

"Good..." Rena said as she walked through the door, a partically crushed Manhack gripped in her left hand.

"You guys have a work bench around here or did you just bring beer?" Rena asked with a smile, holding up the disabled machine in her hand.

2/22/2011 #24
Vacant Coffin
Ethan smiled back, he already liked this one, she was an optimist, he could tell by the bright spark in her eye. "Right this way!" He said, leading her down to the small cellar, illuminated by a single light. There was a workbench with toolboxes, file cabinets and assorted bits and bobs for just about anything. On the wall, were schematics and ideas for countless contraptions pinned up on a chalkboard. "Not much, I know but it serves me well." Ethan said.
2/22/2011 #25

"Wow..." Lilly said, looking around. "Do you get drunk often?" she gave joking smirk to Ethan before ploping the disabled Combine machine on the work bench.

"When I get the time, I'm finding more lights" She muttered as she took off her fanny pack and set it beside the manhack, taking out a compact cutting torch, a strange screw driver and a few other, very strange looking tools.

Looking down she bit her lower lip in excitement, giving the disabled manhack a look normally one would have found on the face of a man near a childrens playground, hidding in the bushes doing something dirty.

2/22/2011 #26
Vacant Coffin
Ethan slid a beer along the workbench, but not too much as to get in the way of her work. "I never caught your name..." He commented from the other side of the room, fiddling with some wires. "Agh, Jesus!" He hissed as a jolt of electricity snapped him on the fingertips.
2/22/2011 #27

"Lilly Borjanon" Lilly didn't really mind the beer, she hated the taste of the stuff. Good flamable substance though. The Manhack was literally in pieces, as Lilly had disected the machine in seconds flat with almost robotic procision.

"Optical sensors, the Titanium Razor cutter, Auto-balancer, shell and the standard componants and last but not least the power cell! The best part of the machine..." Lilly had already grouped the parts and was looking over them hungrily.

2/22/2011 #28
Vacant Coffin
"Technology pedo much?" Ethan joked as he glanced over at Lilly's obsessive mechanical skills. "I'm Ethan Fletcher, but for some reason everyone calls me "Big E" Don't know why, I'm not fat and I'm definitely not a pimp." He chuckled, as the sound of ACDC faded into earshot. "Ahh, it still lives!" He clasped his hands together, and grabbed a welder's mask and blowtorch.
2/22/2011 #29

"Not as much as your a dead rock fan" Lilly said as she began to looked through the cabnients and drewers around the basement, pulling out anything and everything she could find.

2/22/2011 #30
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