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You play a god or goddess as you try to make your culture the best it can be.
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Professor Evans

"But M'lord, I can not do anything against him, I am nothing more but a novice Goddess with a small village" she spoke up "to go up against him would be suicide"

8/26/2011 #241
Ninja on the Roof

"That much is true, but there is more than just God or Goddess out there." He said back, Kopet the Lame produced a map of all known lands from the folds of his robe and laid it out on the floor in front of Anya and her followers.

"My Lord is right. Many Deities still live throughout the world, hidden from Azhren's gaze. Linden fell for he was alone in his stand against evil, but with you and a united pantheon... You can topple the great Evil..."

(Yep... Definately going to make a new OC)

8/27/2011 #242
Professor Evans

she knelled down and pointed to two big islands on the east and west of her islands "my ships have just managed to dock here, how am I going to get.." she waved her hand around the map

8/27/2011 #243
Professor Evans

15 minutes in and I'm banging my head against the wall.

8/27/2011 #244
Professor Evans

Ignore that wrong forum))

8/27/2011 #245
Ninja on the Roof

"Currently... Through sheer determination and hard work..." The Grey One put it simply, "I give you some aid in this, but do not think this will not happen quickly. All things must be done with effort, even for Gods."

8/30/2011 #246
Professor Evans

"I understand that M'lord, time heals all wounds but time is not something we have with him" she points to Azeran's realm "The good lord Linden has already fallen, how soon until he is on my shores"

8/30/2011 #247
Ninja on the Roof

"That is where I will give aid."

With his own power, the Grey One conjured several small tufts of smoke on the map. Each small tuft represented a group of his fleet, "I will give Azhren something to distract himself with. I will divide a portion of my fleet and have them conduct hit and run tactics on his major ports.

The smoke moved across the map, as if like ships in the sea going to several islands.

"With each of my Druids able to guise each ship with fog, his ships will not be able to trace or track my fleet. While that happens, my spies will see to it that he is focused on my fleet. And my fleet alone. With my fleet running amock of his territories, you will have ample time to approach diety."

9/1/2011 #248
Professor Evans

"Thank you M'Lord" she bow her head before looking to the map "Do you mind if I borrow this map, It could be useful"

9/1/2011 #249
The True Skull

Khaine sighed as he now recognized the diety being worshipped.

9/2/2011 #250
Ninja on the Roof

"Very well then." He turned back to his scale, and held up one finger, "And another thing, on your mission, you must never mention my name, or the existance of my cult to anyone."

9/6/2011 #251
Professor Evans
She nodded her head and folded up the map, she placed it in her bag before standing back up.
9/7/2011 #252
Ninja on the Roof

"Now go, young Goddess. Moras the Lesser shall escort you back to your island...."

Moras went to the Goddess and said, "This, Madame..." And walked to the docks while his God and Kopet the Lame stood there.

(I'm starting to think Senco left this place for dead.)

9/9/2011 #253
Professor Evans

maybe... it seems everyone else did to but yet it is back to school time and all that))

she bowed her head slightly before following Moras with her traveling companions.

9/10/2011 #254
Azren sighed and stood from his bed, going off to find his new play thing" The aztecs are nothing more then savages. They shall never gain the power to rise against me." he said with a growl.
9/10/2011 #255
Professor Evans

Anya got back on the ship and went into the cabin with her traveling companions. once there she closed the door behind her and pulled out the map and flatened it upon the table. she studied the map silently for a moment before speaking up "We were told to go here but with if we stop here first? The realm of Gallifrey and the Island of Arcadia?"

Ephiney leaned over and looked at the map "But Arcadia is a dead land. They were wiped out by a war years ago. What could we possibly find there?"

Anya looked over to the two of them before speaking "Even if it is a dead land if doesn't hurt to look. Even a claimed dead land is better than nothing"

The three of them started making plans for the voyage a head of them.


Serena Rose walked along the path in the main village while Livana padding along next to her by her feet. She greeted everyone warmly before looking at the clothing and items for sale. There was another food shortage and people were trading anything for food. she sighed and started walking back up to her temple.

9/20/2011 #256

Serena's land was to far from Azrens control for his ships to get tthere, but his energy could be felt by the oldest priests.

9/21/2011 #257
Ninja on the Roof

"Your Holiness.... Moras and the Goddess have left the fog." The Grey Prophet scryed to the Grey One as his own ship watched the ship the goddess was on disappeared over the horizon.

Good.... Good.... The Grey One said, with his power, he scryed to all his spies and Druids.

My Followers. My devoted Cultists. The time has come for us to take action and make the first steps to return this dying realm to a state of balance. Go, and do your parts. This shall be our finest moment, even it is in the shadows of another...

On his command, dozens of men and women, all their minds purged, throughout Azhren's empire and start stirring trouble any way possible. While his fleet deployed, going to their targeted ports to give the young Goddess the time she needed.

9/21/2011 #258
The True Skull

Ashta Was back home observing the changes brought by Azren to her home.

9/22/2011 #259
Professor Evans

Anya sat in the cabin, dividing the rest of her food among her traveling companions. she took a sip of water before looking around "once we dock back at Sera Reale, we're going to have to leave quickly. I believe the ship is already prepared." Ephiny looked up before nodding her head slightly. "I also must get word of how our fleets are doing in the eastern and western territories." Anya added before the cabin fell silent once again.


Serena studied the map table in her chambers, she watched closly as borders from realms moved and changed. She had not be focusing much on the realms while repairing her island but she sighed softly. One god had already fallen and another was fighting strongly but had a hard time with such, noticing the ships of a another goddess docked at two large island to the east and west of them, she looked at the borders of her land for a moment. there wasn't much they needed off the island off the island and her people just got out of one war but she had a feeling there was going to be another one. She walked over and grabbed a pen and paper and penned a letter to the young goddess known as Anya at her desk before sending it off with a messenger raven.

9/22/2011 #260

Anya's island was quickly being taken over, forest be clear cutted and factorys and foundrys popping up. Anya's people were chained and were being forced to work on the structures that would be their next job, and most likely their last one.


Azren sensed a disturbance and waved his hand, bringing up a image of it. he saw multiple people causing trouble on his island. His Islands. this could not be aloud. hesent a message to the defencive forces adn they quickly moved out to quell the trouble makers.

9/22/2011 #261
Ninja on the Roof

Moras was at the helm of his ship, fast approaching Anya's island... Whatever emotion he still had in his cleansed mind, it was disgust. Azhren's horde has come, and was claiming the Goddess's island for their wretched God. He disapated the fog that hid his ship, a full fledged warship, and had his second in command sound of horn of battle; the horn call was deep and gutteral, like a bear's roar.

Raiders and Sailers, two and a half dozen in total, scrambled to their positions, archers on deck, sailers below, and raiders ready to leap off the ship. Moras went to the cabin, saying through the door, "To arms, Young Goddess! Your people are in their darkest hours!"


The spies on Azhren's island have sprouted small pockets of resistance; too small to make a huge difference, but large enough to keep the Great Evil entertained for the time being. The spies themselves have been sworn to secrecy to never allow any trace of The Grey Cult to be found on them; they know will be captured, but they will never betray the Grey One.

9/22/2011 #262
Professor Evans

Anya lifted her head up and look over to Moras "What! What do you mean?' she stood up and grabbed her sword from under the bed. Ephiany grabbed her bows and arrows and Gabriel stood in front of Anya as protection as they headed to the helm to the ship. Anya looked out upon her island "He attacked my island while I was gone, that sneaky little bastard. Proves he has no honor as a god either." the sword in her hands grew brighter as anger came off of her in waves "He tried to kill my island once I will not allow him to do so again"

9/22/2011 #263

Three of azrens ships, lead by fleet captain Duras, sailed out to meet the enemy ship, order to shoot first and forget the questions. " open fire." the captain said, the ships front triple barrel cannon opening fire with three consecutive bursts, afollowed by six more from the other two ships.

9/23/2011 #264
The True Skull

Khaine continued to look around trying to remember this particular deity until he felt an immaculate power source behind him now he remembered He quickly rolled to the side as a blue dagger slashed at where he was standing. turning around Mooncutter ready to reveal to him a vision of beauty.


Lasslie Frowned why did Khaine return it made no sense he had left her alone in pain for several years but why now? did he seek something? She decided to let things play out " Khaine..." she said in a cold voice.

9/27/2011 #265
Sakai The Demon

"So will you win the battle against the Aztecs?"

9/27/2011 #266
The True Skull

Ashta Laughed if she was her normal self she would have called down lightning to kill Azren's Little soliders oh the Irony of it all.Sadistic Bitch Good Ashta said while Sticks and stones my dear sticks And stones was her reply At least I'm not some dark god's plaything Dark Ashta's eyes widened " you know That is a good idea.....I'll see to it myself.Wouldn't Lord Azren enjoy lashing out at you? " Dark Ashta as she took to the skies No Anything but that Anything! Please I beg you torture me mentally drive me insane but do not take me to him please!Good Ashta pleaded on deaf ears " too late."

10/1/2011 . Edited 10/1/2011 #267
Ninja on the Roof

"Get down!!!"

Everyone on the top deck dove for the floor as three cannon shells of the barrage smashed into the side of the ship, sending splinters of wood and iron everywhere. "Return fire!! Use the nest of hornets!!" Moras called out to his archers, who on his command, brought several peculiar looking canisters from below deck. It took two archers just to hold one ofthe canisters; removing the tops off them, it was revealed that the insides were filled with harpoons with black powder rockets tied to them. "Take aim!!"

His archers took aim at Azhren's ships.


Lighting fuses on the nests, the archers unleashed a rain of burning, fire streaking, pointed death into the air that would then fly for the enemy ships.

10/1/2011 #268
Professor Evans

Anya ducked down as the shells cracked into the boat, the wood spliters getting in her hairs and arms and hands. she stood up and brushed herself off looking from the enemy ships to the shoreline.

10/2/2011 #269
The arrows flew towards the ships, the sea winds sending some into the water while the rest hit the hull of the ship, though it did bot catch fire. One of the sails, however, did catch fire, but it was small and easily controled. The ships still loaded for the next shot, archers on the decks aiming crossbows and fireing flaming bolts at the gray one ships.
10/3/2011 #270
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