RolePlay: The next generation
A new threat haunts the Academy and its up to the children of our great hero's to put everything back to the way it should be.
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Alrighty so here goes, I'm really hoping this one goes somewhere. There are only a few rules and if you have any questions message me and I'll be happy to answer them for you :D

1) Respect everyone else.

2) No God Modling

3) I'd prefer you all come up with your own char's but you know, if you don't want to just run by what char you want to be and I'll prob give you the Go ahead.

4) Lets stick to the facts. Dhampir+Dhampir= no children Dhmapir+Moroi= Dhmapir Moroi+Moroi= Moroi

5) You cannot just come in and say "Everyone likes my character and thats that." because if things are running the correct way, personalities will clash. Welcome to life;)

6) All posts must be in third person and if you have a OOC please post in as follows (I'm so glad you got on today! I need some VA RP!) at the beggining OR Ending in your post. No middle of the paragraph lol

7) No one liners please. If you have somthing to say make it worth reading.

Alright, thats all I can think of right thats right don't make more Char then you can handle please:)

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