RolePlay: The next generation
A new threat haunts the Academy and its up to the children of our great hero's to put everything back to the way it should be.
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well I had this big long Char. Sheet and my browser decided it was going to close -_- so here goes again. If you want to write this in the Char's POV that would be pretty awsome.







Eye color-

Hair Color-

Noticible features?

Moroi only


Royal: Yes/no-


Ideal Guardian-

Dhampir only


Ideal weapon-

Fighting Style-

Ideal Moroi-

General (All)






Quote that Defines you-




12/22/2010 #1


Name- Dylan Belikova

Nick-name- D.

Age/year- 18 Final Year

Height- About 6'5 give or take an inch

Weight- 129 lbs

Eye color- Grey with specks of brown. Tey're quiet enchanting...or so I've been told ^-^

Hair Color- tawny brown

Noticible features... Well...I supose that my nose is a bit longer then it should be...I have sharp features! leave me alone! XD

Moroi only


Royal: Yes/no-


Ideal Guardian-

Dhampir only

Relitives- Oh my, there is alot of 'em. There's my mom Sonya Belikova.

Does my dad count? I really don't like all... Rolan Kislyak.

My Great Grandmother- Yeva

My Grandmother- Olena

My Aunt- Karalina

My other Aunt- Viktoria (she doesn't like my dad either)

My Cousins- Paul and Zoya

And my Favorite( and only) Uncle Dimitri

Ideal weapon- I enjoy knives...that sounds really weird

Fighting Style-Hand to hand?

Ideal Moroi- Kyra Zeklos

General (All)

Friends- Kyra Zeklos, My Cousins, All of the kids in my grade, particularly the Ozera's. I get along with everyone really.


Book- Tough one...I don't really read that much. I leave that up to Kyra, but...Anything by Robert Frost. Thats right ladies I love me some Poetry.

Movie- RENT and Harry Potter. I like all the movies

Band/Song- My Chemical Romance and Three Days Grace

Quote that Defines you-

Life is what happens to you While you're busy making other plans. John Lennon

Stero-type- Umm....Guardian?

Crush- RELIVANCE?!!?

Bio- Do you really want to here the boringness of my life? Well if you're sure. Hello, I'm Dylan (D.) I grew up half in Russia with my mother and almost all of the other realtions you see above and the other half traveling around with my Uncle. He's my inspiration, I mean how many people can say they have an ex-strigonie uncle? Not many I'd bet. He's taught me honor and many other things...;) When I was ten years old I met my best friend. her name Is Kyra Zeklos and I Will be her gaurdian someday. My weakness is really good music that Kyra and I rock out to together and my friends and family. The Darkness can't get me...because I know its secret. That was dark and forboding Well. I guess that's all for now.

12/22/2010 #2

Name- Kyra Zeklos

Nick-name- Ky.

Age/year- 17 Final Year

Height- About 6'0

Weight- Never ask a lady her Weight ;) (I'm 120 and proud)

Eye color- Green

Hair Color- chocolate brown

Noticible features... There really isn't anything exeptional about me except that I'm one of those Odd Moroi that actually have freckles

Moroi only

Element-Fire and I'm working on compulsion

Royal: Yes/no-Yes but I want to learn how to fight

Relitives-Jesse Zeklos is my father and Jill Mastrano-Zeklos is my mother.

Ideal Guardian-Dylan Belikova

Dhampir only

Relitives- Ideal weapon-

Fighting Style-

Ideal Moroi-

General (All)

Friends- the Ozera's, and Dylan thats about the extent. I mean...I have many aquantences...I like books.


Book- The Lovely Bones

Movie- Harry Potter (3 and 4 suck but other then that)

Band/Song- My Chemical Romance, Evanessance, Panic!AtTheDisco

Quote that Defines you-

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." Eleanor Roosevelt

Stero-type- I don't believe in stero types.

Crush- His name rymes with Billion

Bio- My life isn't exciting. My Parent's gave birth to me. I am greatful....I have a best friend named Dylan. I read. I write. And I No on can change who I am

12/22/2010 #3

I'm impatiant and really bored...not nessicarily a good combo LOL. I will also be playing the Darkness...It will be in all italics and Bold and it'll be pretty obvious when i post....if know......actually Rps ;)

12/23/2010 #4
Vivere Est Militare


Name- Katarina Volkova

Nick-name- Kat, or anything you want to call me

Age/year- 17

Height- Umm, 5'9"?

Weight- um?

Eye color- Turquoise, with a thick ring of light brown around my pupil.

Hair Color- Long, mid back length brown hair.

Noticible features? My eyes? I don't know.

Moroi only

Element- Spirit, but I have pretty good control on fire.

Royal: Yes/no- Yes

Relitives-My younger brother, Kieran, and my aunt, Aleksandra.

Ideal Guardian- Ari Drake.

Dhampir only


Ideal weapon-

Fighting Style-

Ideal Moroi-

General (All)

Friends- Ari and anyone who wants to be friends. I'm pretty friendly.


Book- Way too many.

Movie- I don't know.

Band/Song- Evanescence

Quote that Defines you- I don't know.

Stero-type- I'm not quite sure yet.

Crush- Pshh.

Bio- My parents are dead, I lived with my aunt in Court for while before I came to St. Vlad's. I'm all up for Moroi learning to defend themselves, it runs in my blood, training with dhampirs. But I guess that changes now, huh



Name- Arabella Drake

Nick-name- Ari

Age/year- 17

Height- 5'6" Say something, I dare you.

Weight- Get over yourselves.

Eye color- A brown so dark that it's almost black

Hair Color- Black, with purple strands that shine bright in the light.

Noticible features? My figure.

Moroi only


Royal: Yes/no-


Ideal Guardian-

Dhampir only

Relitives- My mother, Kira, and father, Andrei.

Ideal weapon- Stake, knives, staff.

Fighting Style- It depends on my opponent.

Ideal Moroi- Katarina Volkov

General (All)

Friends- Kat and other guardians.


Book- You're kidding , right?

Movie- ...

Band/Song- I love all music, except country.

Quote that Defines you- "When you're going through hell, keep going."

Stero-type- B***, chaotic angel?

Crush- None of your business.

Bio- Why do you care? Who wrote this thing, anyways?

1/14/2011 #5

Both are excepted :) Go on and head to the roleplay

1/14/2011 . Edited 1/14/2011 #6
Dauntless Nephilim


Name: Leon Glace

Nick-name: L.

Age/year: 17. Last year.

Height: 6'3''

Weight: 125lbs

Eye color: Light Blue.

Hair Color: Brown.

Noticible features: White skin, yeah I know it's odd for a dhampir, well... *shrugs*

Dhampir only

Relitives: Erec Szelky is my dad. Amelia Glace is my mom.. umm she already died. Ren Glace is my twin brother well big brother for now.

Ideal weapon: Long blades and Gun.

Fighting Style: Look at my weapons. Get a drift?

Ideal Moroi: Anyone is good.

General (All)

Friends: Don't know anyone here. I'm new.

Favs: Running or driving would do.

Book: Eragon.

Movie: Team A and The Expendables. Well most of action movie.

Band/Song: anything would do.

Quote that Defines you: Have fun as long you live -or live as a dhampir in my case.

Stero-type: Ex-Strigoi. Murderer. Dangerous. On Runaway.

Crush: Dead.

Bio: I'm gonna be honest. My mom turned me into strigoi when I was 15. I live like that for almost 3 years. And got turned back with..someone. She died in the process.

My father grounded me ever since then. Don't ask me how I got here. Anyway it won't be long before they dragged me back again.

3/14/2011 #7

Welcome :) Go ahead and join the role play :)

3/14/2011 #8
Dauntless Nephilim

is the rp topic name 'Plotline' ?

3/14/2011 #9
A Hungry Polar Bear


Name- Natalie Cooper

Nick-name- Nat

Age/year- 17. Final year

Height- 5'7

Weight- 48kg

Eye color- deep chocolate brown

Hair Color- brown

Noticible features? none that I could think of

Moroi only


Royal: Yes/no-


Ideal Guardian-

Dhampir only


My mother - Paige Locket (moroi)

My father - Dion Cooper (dhampir)

Both are dead..

Ideal weapon- two long thin (not too thin) swords and knives

Fighting Style- depends

Ideal Moroi- any

General (All)

Friends- whoever wants to be friends


Book- I am number four

Movie- too many to choose from

Band/Song- any

Quote that Defines you- "In the end, it's not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away"

Stero-type- ehh...

Crush- none..

Bio- The names' Natalie Cooper. My parents died when I was 13 because of a strigoi attack. I have no idea if I have other relatives around the world.. That's all I could think about.

3/15/2011 . Edited 3/15/2011 #10

Welcome :) Go ahead and join under Plotline.

3/15/2011 #11
Name:kathrine black ( kat) Appearance : Bright green eyes with gold and silver flecks knee length red hair wears a silver cross on neck wears all black alot converse black she can shape shift wears a earrings for each element History : kat is found out side in the woods with the bodies of her mom and dad be side her she got 2 momjjs mark for killing them when they turned rose mom keeps an eye on her is found in the woods by a guy ( need one) Personality : trouble maker smart athletic agile good fighter gorgueous Class: dampir but strangely has all Morivpowets and more
6/22/2012 #12
The One True Queen


Name- Avelina Rhea Ozera-Dragomir

Nick-name- Ave/Avvie, Eve, and Lina

Age/year- 18, Senior Year

Height- "5'11"

Weight- 115 lbs (She consumes everyhting, but never really gains any weight....)

Eye color- Jade-Green with Ice-Blue speckles

Hair Color- Blue-Black, wavy with curled ends, just past her shoulders

Noticible features? Avelina's eyes are highly unusual but enticing for a Moroi's (though she has her mother's jade eyes, the ice-blue specks come from her father; her hair only makes her eyes than much lighter and brighter, a great contrast.

Moroi only

Element- Fire (Just like her father)

Royal: Yes/no- Yes


Mother and Father: Christian Ozera and Vasilissa Dragomir

God-Parents: Rosemarie 'Rose' Hathaway and Dimitri Belikov

Estranged Great-Aunt: Natasha 'Tasha' Ozera

Ideal Guardian- She might have some idea....

General (All)

Friends- The Belikovs and the Zekloses, and Kaelyn Hathaway

Favs. Reading, writing, Element Traing, Horseback Riding, driving her 2012 Chevy Camaro Convertible ZL1 in Dark Grey, and secretly learning how to fight- er, bike? You know, riding a bike? O.o

Book- The House of Night Series, the Twilight Saga, the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and anything Dark Fantasy related

Movie- The Chronicles of Narina: Prince Caspian, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and many more

Band/Song- So many to choose from.... (gets a headche from thinking about it) Maybe I'll choose later?

Quote that Defines you-

"Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented." - Elie Wiesel, Keep Memory Alive

Stero-type- Entitled Princess

Crush- Actually intersted in one Leon Glace.... (She's got a thing for Severely Bad Boys, of course)

Bio- Uhm, can somebody maybe call up a scribe and have him write his down for me? I was born April 19th, actually here at teh Academy at the Infirmary; my parents were donating more money to the trust fund they set up for VA when my mom's water broke (someone said my dad slipped in it and fell and then there were stains he couldn't ever get out....). Anyway, uhm... I've lived at Court every summer besides heer at teh Academy, I love my friends, Kyra and Dylan, and their families and- oh! I have my eyes set one this fine-looking guy here at teh Academy, but he's so distant, I can never really talk to him and-

Nevermind, I'm getting way off topic; in fact, I'll get back to you on this whole thing...


Name- Kaelyn Hathaway

Nick-name- Kae

Age/year- 18 Final Year

Height- "6'0" (Damn you, Dylan, making me feel short!)

Weight- 136 lbs (30 lbs of which is muscle, thank you; I'm not that fat, but Lina is for some reason...)

Eye color- Chocolate Brown

Hair Color- Bronze with naturally dark brown (dark?)lights

Noticible features? I'm lean even with muscle, the same as my sister; I blame my dad....

Dhampir only


Mother and Father: Janine Hathaway and Ibrihim 'Abe' Mazur

Older Sister: Rosemarie 'Rose' Hathaway

Brother-in-Law: Dimitri Belikov

Ideal weapon- Custom-made Silver cross with a tribal/henna elemental design, 'Vengeance'; holy-water coated silver daggers witha leather-strapped hilt

Fighting Style- Hand-to-Hand, Martial Arts, and a few things he picked up from the movie 300

Ideal Moroi- Avelina Ozera

General (All)

Friends- Avelina Ozera, the Belikovs, and the Zekloses

Favs. Hearing Avelina sing on rare occasion, Novice training, and eating

Book- The Secret Circle series, and anything by Shakespeare

Movie- 300, the Transformers Trilogy, and the Batman Series

Band/Song- Die Young by Ke$ha, and anything by Alex Whats-His-Face, Paramore, Owl City, and 30 Seconds To Mars

Quote that Defines you-

"I'm about as frustrated as a crackhead without a lighter."

Stero-type- The Overprotective Bother/Boyfriend

Crush- Avelina Ozera

Bio- I'm pretty sure my family history can explain it all. I was born and raised as a Badass Hathaway. 'Nough said.

(I hope it's okay that I have him as Rose adn Dimitri's brother instead of Son, unless you want me to change it?)

12/20/2012 #13
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