RolePlay: The next generation
A new threat haunts the Academy and its up to the children of our great hero's to put everything back to the way it should be.
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So this is whats going on. The trouble if you will.

Plotline begins-

There is a darkness that roams the land. It takes the form of your darkest fear and preys on the weak of heart and mind. Strigoni are strengthened by it and Guardians and Moroi alike are made helpless before it. The Academy is a safe place…for now, but each day it creeps closer…hoping to destroy everything in its path.

Have fun :D

12/22/2010 #1

Dylan and Kyra

The bustle of the crowed was not the place that Kyra wished to be. In fact, as the class rooms emptied out their students, the bustle of the crowd was the last place Kyra would ever want to be. She slid gently through the clumps of students returning and of freshmen. The thought flitted through the Moroi's mind to search for Dylan, but Kyra figured he would be socilizing. She smiled, thinking of how oposite they were, and yet how similar. The air was crisp as Kyra made her way outside and across the courtyard. As she sat herself down, out of site behind a tree, Kyra pulled out her favorite book, The Lovely Bones. She burried her nose in it. She didn't know how long she sat there but soon enough she heard someone approching. She smiled, knowing the only person who would ever think to look for her would be...

"Reading again, Ky?" She knew Dylan was rolling his eyes as he sat beside her. She smirked and ignored him. He didn't miss the smirk as he snatched the book out of her hands.

"Hey!" She protested!

"Haven't you already red this a hundred times?" He groaned and leaned back against the tree, "Its the first day back at school and here you are reading, alone."

Kyra narrowed her eyes and him and hit him playfully on the arm, "I was enjoying my alone time until you came along and ruiened it. And if you're so brilliant, you think of something we can do." They sat in silance and Kyra looked out past the end of the Academy. She leaned foreward suddenly. She'd sworn she'd seen movement....

Krya jumped when Dylan snapped his fingers, "Thats it! I know what we're going to do!" He grabbed Kyra's hand and hulled her up.

"I was kidding!" she groaned as he pulled her toward the school.....

12/23/2010 #2
Dauntless Nephilim

Leon drove his car in 100 km/h speed as he passed the Montana forest in a blur. His smirk grew wide when he remember he stole his dad new Ferrari Enzo car just to make him pissed even more.

Leon drifted stop the car in front of big gate. He waved to the guardians over there. The guards let him in after they saw he's a dhampir. The guard told him to go to the administration building. And so he parked his car then jogged to there.

3/14/2011 #3

Kyra hardly resisted as Dylan dragged her past the administration building. However she did make him pause when she bumped into a boy, "Sorry."

3/14/2011 #4
Dauntless Nephilim

Leon silently walking near the administration building when he bumped into a girl with a boy pulling her.

"Yeah no problem." he nodded. "Is that the administration building? I'm kinda new here." he asked them.

3/14/2011 #5

Kyra nodded, head down. Dylan smiled and held his hand out, "Welcome to campus. I'm Dylan and this is Kyra."

3/14/2011 #6
Dauntless Nephilim

Leon raised an eyebrow at Kyra, but then he smiled to Dylan. "Thanks. I'm Leon." he shook Dylan hand.

"So hows the campus going on?" he asked looking around.

3/14/2011 #7

Dylan smiled, "Oh its busy but it will settle down in a few days." Kyra rolled her eyes.

"Once the freshmen stop getting lost."

3/14/2011 #8
Dauntless Nephilim

Leon chuckled, "I hope people not mistaken me as a freshman." then he notice Dylan was dragging Kyra before.

"Sorry if I'm stopping you both. Well I'm just gonna go sign myself up." he pointed to his back, "..that's direction right?"

3/14/2011 #9

Dylan nodded and opened his mouth to reply but Kyra cut him off, "No you didn't stop us," She actually smirked, "Besides, Lucas can show you around. I'm going to finish my book. See you around." Dylan sighed as she ran off.

"Suborn Mori," He muttered before smiling at Leon, "Well want a tour?"

3/14/2011 #10
Dauntless Nephilim

Leon raised an eyebrow at Kyra again when she went off, then he turned to Dylan, "Sure but who's Lucas?" he asked in amused.

3/14/2011 . Edited 3/14/2011 #11

Dylan rolled his eyes, "Its a part in like a play we were both in when we were little...I screwed up the lines and she'll never let me forget it."

3/15/2011 #12
Dauntless Nephilim

Leon laughed, "Man don't tell me you also play doll with her together." he laughed again. Then Leon held his hand in the air, "I'm ready for some tour Lucas." he grinned.

3/15/2011 #13

Dylan hit him playfully on the shoulder, "Shut it, man." He smirked, "Go get you're class list from in here," he jerked his thumb at the building behind him, "I'll wait here."

3/15/2011 #14
A Hungry Polar Bear

Natalie looked out the window of her car and just looked at the academy for a while. Then she sighed, got out of the car and headed to the administration building.

3/15/2011 #15
Dauntless Nephilim

Leon rubbed the spot Dylan hit him while keeping a smirk on his face as he entered the administration building. The secretary gave him his class schedule list. Leon muttered thanks to her then head back outside to Dylan.

"I got um.." he looked back to the list, "..Training practice first." he said looked back to Dylan again, "Can't wait to beat someone a**.." he trailed off when he notice a figure walking towards them.

3/15/2011 #16
A Hungry Polar Bear

Natalie got to the administration building and looked around. There were a few people here. She went and got her class schedule.

3/15/2011 #17
Dauntless Nephilim

Leon saw a girl walking into the administration building passing through him and Dylan.

"Guess I'm not the only new student in the school." he grinned to the girl.

3/16/2011 #18
A Hungry Polar Bear
Natalie didnt pay any attention to the things around her. She just looked at her class schedule. Training..
3/16/2011 #19
Dauntless Nephilim

Leon creep behind the girl and poke his finger to her schedule.

"We have the same first class." he told her while grinning. "I'm Leon by the way. And this is Lu-err I mean Dylan." he held his hand for her, still grinning.

((hi ^^))

3/16/2011 #20

Dylan watched Leon creeping with humor, "If you want I can show you both around."

3/16/2011 #21
A Hungry Polar Bear

Natalie jumped slightly and then turned to the person who crept up behind her, smiled and took his hand and said, "I'm Natalie"

Then I turned to Dylan and said, "If it isn't too much trouble.."

3/16/2011 #22

"Not at all," Dylan said with a smile offering her his arm, "Shall we?"

3/16/2011 #23
A Hungry Polar Bear

Natalie took his arm and said, "We shall"

3/16/2011 #24

Dylan grinned over his shoulder at Leon, and began to walk to the training gyms, "So you two are new here? Where'd you come from?"

3/16/2011 #25
A Hungry Polar Bear

Natalie looked around the place to remember how to get to the gym and said, "I came from Australia.

3/16/2011 #26

Dylan slowed the pace down in an effort to make the journey more memorable, "Thats amazing!"

3/16/2011 #27
A Hungry Polar Bear

Natalie raised a questioning eyebrow at Dylan and said, "Amazing...?"

3/16/2011 #28

"It is so boring around here," He rolled his eyes, "I got to go to Australia with my uncle for some training a few years back and I loved it."

3/16/2011 #29
A Hungry Polar Bear

Natalie just laughed and shook her head in amusement. Then said, " It can't be that boring here."

3/16/2011 #30
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