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This is where the great Earl Ciel of Phantomhive resides. It is quite large, and on the outskirts of the city, and so it is surrounded by forest. Many say that the forest is haunted by a ghost dog, but there have just been glimpses. Somehow, the yard manages to go through periods of total destruction, and look fine the next day. The other residents of the manor include Sebastian the butler, Tanaka the housesteward, Mey-rin the maid, Finnian the gardener, and Balderoy the cook.

3/10/2011 #1
Storm Arashi

Another day....Another diseaster... Holly thought looking into the kitchen. It wasn't even noon yet and the kitchen looked like it had been set on fire. "More 'fun' with the flamethrower...Sebastian and Master will not be pleased." Shaking her head she went off to do her other chores first. Laundry was on her list and she figured the farther away she was from a possible diseaster zone the less likely she was to get put in with the rest. Really some days are better then others...Today though is definietly one of 'those' days.

3/10/2011 #2

Balderoy scratched at his afro, frowning slightly at the new maid that had wandered in. "Whadya mean 'fun'?!" He challenged the girl who had already left. "Cooking is art! And art means explosions!" Then, actually relizing that Holly had left, the cook turned back to the lunch, more commonly known as a hunk of charcoal on the counter, adn just stared at it. Huh. This wasn't what it looked like in the cook book... "Maybe I miss'd a step..." He wondered, scratching at his head again.

3/10/2011 #3
Storm Arashi

Having taken slow steps she heard it and walked faster. I am not eating lunch today. I'm pretty sure if I go back there I'm not going to like any results from it. She thought entering the laundry room with a small sigh as she got to work. "Somedays I wonder..." Explosions seemed to be part of the daily routine in the manor. As well as someone getting hit in the head with a dart...Master got us good yesterday.

3/10/2011 #4
Tainted Rhapsody

Erm...I'm new here... first time in a forum, so... yeah. Correct me if I'm wrong, but is it alright to write about Ciel or Sebby? Or must it be an OC? This sorta confuses me, but here goes ^_^

Sunshine streamed through a window in a rich mahogany bedroom within the Phantomhive Mansion, hitting an unmoving lump of flesh. Groaning in annoyance, Ciel Phantomhive twisted around in his sheets, wishing for the sun to just 'go die in a hole'. He wanted to sleep. Badly.

Crash. Oh god. Not again. Forcing himself up onto his elbows, the cerulean-eyed boy rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. Maylene had better not have destroyed one of his priceless antique tea sets. Then again, he wouldn't put it past her. The nobleman pushed himself out of bed, stretching his sore muscles. What a pain.

Why was he so tired anyway? He had been absolutely exhausted for the past few days, belying the early time that he retired each night. "Sebastian." he called, waiting only a few moments before a polite knock reverberated from the bedroom door.

"Oh, stop with the formalities. It's not like a door would stop you entering anyway." Ciel grumbled as a raven-haired man slid in, dressed in a meticulately pressed butler uniform.

The demon smirked, moving forward to help his master dress for the day. "Ah, but I felt that My Lord would prefer the privacy of not having me there at every moment." he replied.

"Hmph. The idea of 'privacy' doesn't ever refer to you." he muttered under his breath, knowing full well that his butler's keen senses would pick up his mumbled complaint. "Now hurry up, Sebastian. I want to get to work on those shipping contracts."

3/12/2011 #5

O.o Woah! Woah woah woah! Woah! Rap! Nononono! -.- First, you have to claim characters in the 'Joining' forum. Second, Ciel and Sebastian have already been claimed. *pokes Accepted Characters* Sorry, but you can't play them unless Aikiku(who plays them) gives them up for 'adoption'. But you can roleplay nearly every other charcter. (Except Grell, William, Undertaker, Lizzie, Ciel, and Sebastian)

3/12/2011 #6
Tainted Rhapsody

Ok, Ok, sorry ^_^; it OK if I take Maylene? And if I create an OC, I have to put it by you first, right?

3/12/2011 #7

Elaine giggled as she played with the small curls of her ponytail. Being invited to the Phantomhive manor was quite an honor. As she looked out the window of the moving carriage, the manor slowly getting nearer each second, she fiddled with her necklace. The carriage pulled to a stop. She blinked slowly as the doors were opened, revealing her butler.

"We're here Mistress." Nathan smiled. She smiled back. She stepped out, one step at a time. She wore a different dress from her usual. It was a purple and black lolita-styled dress that reached her shin, purple stockings adorning her legs as her feet fitted in a pair of closed toe sandals. Her long platinum blonde hair was tied in its usual manner, a black flower adorning her head. Absolutely stunning.

"I can't wait to meet Earl Phantomhive!"

4/20/2011 #8

Finnian crouched in the dirt, surrounded by silver flowers, appearing quite interested on one particular thing. Today, while pruning, or his idea of pruning the silver roses, he noticed a very odd but awesome bug on one of the stems, and now he watched it like a child looking into a five-and-dime store at Christmas time. He smiled to himself and reached to touch such a pretty gem of a bug. Without warning, however, the long green insect reared up and launched itself at the gardener.

The attack didn't hurt, but it was the sheer suddenness of it that caused Finny to leap from the prickle bushes with a high-pitched scream and run donuts around the lawn. "Get it off! Get it oooooooofff!" He bawled, tears streaming down his face as he wildly flailed about, trying to rid himself of the attacking insect. "Uwaaaaah!"

4/21/2011 #9
Quince's Blue Moon-Chillflower

Charlotte, upon her way home, looked on from a fair distance, and raised a squinting brow at the flailing shape.

4/21/2011 #10
The Wilting Iris

Lady Nicholion had arrived at the phantomhive residence after having changed out of her disquise from earlier. She was hoping to see if the noble phantomhive had seen anything that might lead to finding her beloved daughter. She also had with her a proposal from her husband lord nicholion. The noble woman heard a shreak from the garden. "Oh my" she thought wondering what on earth could provoke such a shreak. Her thoughts returned to the task at hand as she held tight to the locket that was an exact match to her daughters.

(i will actually be taking requests on what this proposal will be. I wants to see what kind of answers i will get. (please only put them in the oc chat topic)

4/21/2011 #11

She as jumped as she heard as she heard a shriek. What going on? She sheepishly knocked on the double door, wishing to know what happened

4/21/2011 #12
Storm Arashi

Hearing the shriek Holly dropped the shirt she was ironing and ran outside. "What in the world...?" She was unsured weither to help (for this was amusing in her eyes) or stand by and laugh. She settled for a sigh. "Hang on!"

Oh dear...The day's, insanity is already up the normal levels. Now all we need is the kitchen exploding again and we have our normal day. Holly thought running after Finny. She was shorter then him so it was a bit hard for her to catch up. "Calm down!"

4/21/2011 #13

Elaine was growing irritated that no one was answering the damned door. A nerve twitched dangerously on her temple.

"HELLO?! Anyone there?"

4/21/2011 #14
The Wilting Iris

(wait wouldnt lady nicholion be able to communicate with your chari if shes waiting at the door of the mansion . just want to be sure)

4/21/2011 #15

(Oh... I forgot about Lady Nicholion... Sorry)

4/21/2011 #16

ooc: Um... XD Yeeah...Um...Ciel's not exactly home right now. Can I take a message? Bleeh...Or do we just want to say that he's got he information and is now home with his psycho aunt and his mooching-Asian friend? Blah blah blah.


Breathing near the hyperventalating-level, the garder was a tad bit overwhelmed and barely heard Holly yell at him. But he was used to orders and immediately stood stock still, hands clamped to his sides as if he were a well-disciplined soldier. His face was as red as a tomato as he tried not to scream at the pricklies that he felt all over. There must be a hundred milipedes! Finny's face lost its hastily-gained zen and he began to sob to himself and shake. "Get it off..." he whined softly, almost lost within the blonde's blubbering.

4/21/2011 #17
The Wilting Iris

(we could do a mild time skip about an hr in all rps but its your call.)

4/22/2011 #18
Storm Arashi

((I don't mind a time skip.)

Holly sighed reaching up to help shuddering as she pulled a few of the milipedes. "Hey at least these fellows aren't the poisonous kind." She smiled a little. Ew, ew, ew, ew, eeeeeew! Digusting little creatures. She inwardly shrieked and suddered throwing them on the ground fighting the urge to kill them mercilessly.

4/22/2011 #19

(If you want a time skip, go ahead.)

Elaine paced back and forth in front of the door. How long has she been outside the house? An hour? She huffed. How dare they make a girl wait outside the door? She breathed slowly. Maybe if she'll knock again someone would answer.

4/22/2011 #20
The Wilting Iris

'youre awaiting an audiance as well" lady nicholion inquired with a polite smile on her face.

4/22/2011 #21

ooc: XD Sasuke-kuun! XD There weren't actual milipedes. It was a hyperbole. You know when you get the crap scared out of you by a bug, it feels as if its still crawling around? Lol. Same-ish thing.


Still whining like a little baby, the gardener at least had the courage to murmur a sentance or two. "T-thank you. Is-is it gone?" Finnian swallowed hard, still frightened and still in moderate shock.


"Good heavens," The raven-haired man announced suddenly, hand to his head. How had he not noticed the knock at the door? Some butler he was... With the elegance belonging only to cats, Sebastian glided down the massive staircase in the foyer and across the room to the large double-doors. Muscles straining for a brief moment, the black-clad demon opened both and appeared slightly budfuddled at the two ladies on the front steps. "Begging your pardon, madams. I had been given no orders to await your presences. Please, come in." He moved to one side politely and bowed low at the waist, ebony hair concealing his scarlet eyes.

4/22/2011 #22
Quince's Blue Moon-Chillflower

(Hate to be a bother, but is there any way I could possibly sneak into this?)

4/22/2011 #23
Storm Arashi

((XD Gomen!)

"Yes the insects are gone now." Holly grinned a little. "If you'll excuse me I have to get back to ironing...Sebastian might decide to bake me into the next dessert." She gave a quick wave before hurrying back to her chores.

After all what kind of Phantomhive servant would I be?

4/22/2011 #24

Elaine was practically banging on the door before it magically opened. She was a mess then. She blinked a couple of times at the raven clad butler by the door before fixing herself up.

"T-Thank you..." She stuttered, cursing herself for shaking. As she enters the enormous manor, she could have sworn the butler had bright red eyes.

4/22/2011 #25
The Wilting Iris

Lady nicholion looked to see sebastian standing in the doorway. "thats quite alright.. i was rather enjoying the scenery " she said as she followed behind elaine.

4/23/2011 #26


At Holly's confirmation, the gardener relaxed and wiped the tears and snot from his face with his sleeve. "Thanks, Holly!" He began beaming, but his face was still a mess. As she began to leave, he waved his goodbye at her before he began his work pruning the bushes around the place, and making them look like combo robots.


Straightening up as both ladies passed by him, the butler softly closed the doors after shooting a murderous look towards the gardener. "If you will excuse me. My master shall be here shortly." As loud as a shadow, Sebastian quickly ascended the stairs and took a right to Ciel's study. Once there, he softly knocked on the door. "Young Master, begging your pardon for my intrusion. There are two ladies who wish to have an audience with you."

There was a rustle behind the closed door and a tired voice replied, "Send them away."

"But Young Master, it is Lady Nicholion and Lady Matthews."

"I don't care."

Sebastian gave an agravated sigh and tried again. "As you well know, Lady Nicholion runs an orphanage. If you see her, then she will invariably tell the orphans, who in turn shall speak about you. It is good for your business."

There was a sigh before the young twelve year old opened the door and strode out. "Fine. You win, Sebastian. I'll see to them." The Lord Phantomhive padded down the stairs and stood before the two ladies, looking almost bored. "Welcome to the Phantomhive Estate. What can I do for you?"

4/25/2011 #27
Quince's Blue Moon-Chillflower

Charlotte looked on in disdain, foolish rich. She snorted, and called out to the gardener.

"You there!"

4/25/2011 #28
The Wilting Iris

Lady nichilion bowed respectfully as a lady must in most political situations. "I am here aon behalf of my husband Lord Nicholion, He wishes to invest in your company. He has heard great things. " She said smiling politely. On the outside she was cool as a cucomber but on the inside she was itching to ask if he would assist her in finding her daughter. She knew she was alive ar atlease hoped but she didnt know where to look or how to find her.

4/25/2011 #29


Jumping a bit as he was called, Finny accidentally slipped and cut himself with the shears. "OW!" He exclaimed, shedding his pinking-turning glove and sticking his finger into his mouth. He turned in the direction and attempted to smile through his hand. "Thowwy. Ah inn't ee oo erre. Ihh oo nee omphing?" Hmm...This was an interesting lady.


The small child hardly paid any attention to the lady's bow, and he didn't bow himself. He listened to Lady Nicholion's request, hardly flattered at all. "Then why does he not come here?" Ciel replied in a voice like hardened steel. "Economic negotiations are no place for women." He folded his arms over his chest and peered at the Nicholion through his dusky hair. Finally, his sapphire eye closed and he gave a heavy sigh. "Very well. How much do you care to invest? Sebastian."

"Yes, my lord?"

"Escourt Lady Nicholion to my office. I shall be there momentarily."

Sebastian gave a confused look, but it was replaced by a mocking grin. Bowing low, he placed his hand over his heart and bowed. "Yes, my lord." Straightening up, he turned to the older woman. "Please, right this way, Lady Nicholion." Then he departed up the stairs and to the right before opening a door and beckoning inside. "Please make yourself at home. The young master shall be here shortly. In the meanwhile, I shall have tea brought."

Downstairs, Ciel merely stared at Elaine. "If you're looking for Lizzie, she's not here."

4/25/2011 #30
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