Twilight Role Play
A Twilight Role Play with a focus on the wolfpack and set late New Moon. This RP is closed ATM but will possibly return in the fall
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Same as on the other ones... New Moon RP :D

Guys, there is now a facebook group for my RP. I have tried to add you to it, if you are already one of my friends, but please! Let me know if I missed you by accident. If you aren't one of my friends, you can friend me but if you don't include a message saying who you are, I won't friend you back

3/19/2011 . Edited 3/21/2011 #1

(-cough- First. -cough-)

3/19/2011 #2

(you cheater! You posted a while ago, tianna!)

3/19/2011 #3
Aunt Bran

Sue: *Sitting on the porch, reading a magazine*

3/19/2011 #4
( Boo ILYSFM! ;PPP )

Danielle: *knocks AGAIN*

3/19/2011 #5

Shaeli: *smiles* yeah I made bread. *hugs Leah* thanks for having us

Sam: Come on in you two. The food is ready

Emma; *laughs* it's across the street.

Dylan: Really? Cheerleading going ok?

3/19/2011 #6

(PANCAKEEE! Hey b*tch, love you tooo! XD)

Jazmin: -sitting on the beach-

3/19/2011 #7
Look At Profile

(Hey Dani :) I'm Renee aka Chedder aka Fizzy aka Adele :)

3/19/2011 #8
Aunt Bran

Sue: *goes through the house and opens the front door* Danielle! How are you? Come on in.

3/19/2011 #9
Look At Profile

Caleb: Phew. Thanks. *goes to walk off then turns back around* By the way I'm Caleb.

3/19/2011 #10
B. Romes

Dakota: Yeah, tiring, but fun

3/19/2011 #11
Aunt Bran

Leah: At least Sam lets me pour the wine, and we're having red with beef. Everyone want some?

Daniel: Looks great. I'm a meat and potatoes man, which is a good thing -- seems like everyone around here is a carnivore. *winks at Shaeli*

3/19/2011 #12
( xP BTW, Chedder, I said I'm calling you Chedder... nothing else.)

Danielle: *smiles and walks in* Hey, Sue. How are ya'?

3/19/2011 #13
Wrath of Carcosa

Veronica: Totally!

Liam: *I forget*

Xavier: *somwhere North of Forks*

3/19/2011 #14

Emma; *waves* I'm Emma

Dylan: you have fun with it? I'm glad

3/19/2011 #15
Aunt Bran

Sue: I'm good, Danielle. How's the family?

3/19/2011 #16
B. Romes

Dakota: So, besides patrolling, what have you been up to

3/19/2011 #17

Emma: I didn't know you acted

Finn: I think you are very cool

Sam: *laughs* Leah, you don't know how to cook

Shaeli: that sounds fine, Leah. *laughs at Daniel* We just eat more than normal silly

3/19/2011 #18
Look At Profile

(haha. okay cool :D My name is Chedder :))

Caleb: *grins* Emmas a pretty name.

3/19/2011 #19
Danielle: *shrugs* Good. I was hoping to speak to Leah and Sam. Are they around? I have an .. issue.
3/19/2011 #20

Dylan: *shrugs* not much. just hanging out

Emma; Well, thank you. *smiles*

3/19/2011 #21
B. Romes

Dakota: *nods* So, no new threats or anything

3/19/2011 #22
Look At Profile

Caleb: No problem *grins*

(gtg, sorry. Family brunch or something)

3/19/2011 #23

(Bye Chedder Baby! xP)

3/19/2011 #24

Dylan: Not realy, it's been quiet


3/19/2011 #25
Aunt Bran

Sue: Anything I can help with? They're at their house, and I think Shaeli and Dan are there for dinner.

Leah: *sniffs* So you keep reminding me, dear. But I sure can wash dishes with the best of 'em!

Daniel: Just teasing, Shay. I guess Sam and Leah don't know you've told me about the wolves.

3/19/2011 #26
B. Romes

Dakota: *nods*

Roman: *sits*

3/19/2011 #27

Sam: *laughs and Kisses leah* Wait, Shaeli, you told him?

Shaeli: *nods* Yeah, I told daniel about us

3/19/2011 #28
Wrath of Carcosa

Xavier: *wanders around the border*

Veronica: I don't. I just act to mess with people xD

Liam: You're cool yourself, kid.

3/19/2011 #29
Danielle: Well, I have the chills. ALL the time. *shivering* I just think it's wierd, considering I'm supposed to be contantly burning hot, right? I'm sorta scared.
3/19/2011 #30
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