Twilight Role Play
A Twilight Role Play with a focus on the wolfpack and set late New Moon. This RP is closed ATM but will possibly return in the fall
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Aunt Bran

(Don't push it, Jethro. Since I graduated, math is a totally unrecognizable subject. And we studied live dinosaurs in science ;)

3/29/2011 #2,971
We All Need A Nap

Brianna:*walks back to Daniel at the end of the day* hey Mr.D

3/29/2011 #2,972

(*pouts* But you're so good at playing teachers and doctors.)

3/29/2011 #2,973

I love you so much.

3/29/2011 #2,974
Aunt Bran

(*bows* Flattery will get you nowhere ;)

3/29/2011 #2,975

(Agreed! lol!)

Rebecca: *smiles* Well im glad his doing better. Thats good to know that his not in pain anymore.

3/29/2011 #2,976

Paul: whoa calm down what happened?

Tadita: *just watches*

3/29/2011 #2,977
Aunt Bran

Daniel: Have a seat, Brianna. Make yourself comfortable. You're going to be here for a while.

3/29/2011 #2,978
We All Need A Nap

Brianna;*sites down in a chair and puts her feet up on a desk*

3/29/2011 #2,979

(Er... bribery? $100,000,000,000?)

Jason: I love you so much more.

David: *takes a deep breath, calming down*

3/29/2011 #2,980
Aunt Bran

Leah: Thanks for asking, Rebecca. The poor kid has had a tough time, and now this. I guess we'll have to tell his brother one of these days. That should be fun.

3/29/2011 . Edited 3/29/2011 #2,981

Tadita&Paul: *wait*

3/29/2011 #2,982

Wanna make a bet?

3/29/2011 #2,983
Aunt Bran

Daniel: *sighs* Brianna, do you like getting in trouble? Put your feet on the floor, please. (and no thanks!)

3/29/2011 . Edited 3/29/2011 #2,984
We All Need A Nap

Brianna:*slams her feet on the floor* no I do not

3/29/2011 #2,985

(*pouts* Fine, be like that.)

David: Humans... stupid little spoilt brats... fighting about something about one of them sleeping with the others boyfriend, then one of them OD'ed and nearly died and then they started fighting and they wouldn't apologize and I phased. *growls*

Jason: *chuckles* What kind?

3/29/2011 #2,986
Aunt Bran

Daniel: Then why were you disrupting the class? Do you think because we're neighbors you can break the rules?

3/29/2011 #2,987

Paul: anyone we know?

3/29/2011 #2,988
We All Need A Nap

Brianna:were neaghbors

3/29/2011 #2,989

David: I sure as hell hope you don't, They're two little... *rants, with lots of swearing and name calling*

3/29/2011 #2,990

Doesn't matter.

3/29/2011 #2,991
Aunt Bran

Daniel: Can you tell me the rule about cell phones in school?

3/29/2011 #2,992

Jason: *chuckles* I don't know, what's the bet?

3/29/2011 #2,993
We All Need A Nap

Brianna:to keep em in ur locker

3/29/2011 #2,994

Paul: *lets him rant*

Tadita: *is now coming up with conversaitions in her head for what they could be talking about*

3/29/2011 #2,995

(Sorry guys dinner calls. I will be back later!)

3/29/2011 #2,996
Aunt Bran

Daniel: *frustrated* Well if you know the rule, why was it in your hand?

3/29/2011 #2,997
Aunt Bran


3/29/2011 #2,998

(Bye, Rebecca!)

David: arrogant b*tches. *takes a deep breath* Okay, I'm done.

3/29/2011 #2,999

To see who loves who more.

3/29/2011 #3,000
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