Twilight Role Play
A Twilight Role Play with a focus on the wolfpack and set late New Moon. This RP is closed ATM but will possibly return in the fall
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Isaac: so how are you?

5/15/2011 #2,971

Celeste: "I'm okay."

5/15/2011 #2,972
Wrath of Carcosa
(It was a crazy night last night, Jethro)
5/15/2011 #2,973

Isaac: thats good

5/15/2011 #2,974

Kelsey: *shrugs, frowning* He said he missed it. *shudders*

5/15/2011 #2,975
Wrath of Carcosa
5/15/2011 #2,976

Celeste: "Yeah, I guess."

Keegan: *walks over to her* "Well he continue missing it." *kisses her*

(I'm gonna go guys, I'm not feeling the best. I'll be on whenever.)

5/15/2011 #2,977

( ok bye)

Angela: * on beach*

Isaac: * at playground*

5/15/2011 #2,978

(Aw, Okay. Bye!)

5/15/2011 #2,979

(What's do you mean, Josh?)

(Aww :( Okay, bye, Simon!)

Richard: *chuckles* Okay, let's go.

Matt: *chuckles* Why not?

Jason: *frowns slightly* What does that mean?

5/15/2011 . Edited 5/15/2011 #2,980

Kylie: *smiles, getting up and walking to the door* Do you have any stuff or are we going to get your stuff? *looks at him*

5/15/2011 . Edited 5/15/2011 #2,981

Kassandra: I'm more likely to beat you to a pulp.

Angelica: I fine. *smiles*

Emily: You sure?

Angelica: Ya.

5/15/2011 #2,982

Isaac: * at the library*

5/15/2011 #2,983

Richard: I normally keep my stuff in the forest somewhere in case I spontaneously decide to go camping.

Matt: Really? *raises an eyebrow*

Jason: *smiles softly* Good. *looks over at Emily* Did you sleep well?

5/15/2011 #2,984

Kassandra: Yep, I have a shapeshifter for a brother, I know how to fight.

Emily: Yep.

Angelica: Ya.

5/15/2011 #2,985

Kacey+Katy+Kelsey+Claire+Zayn: *open*

Kylie: *smiles, taking his hand and dragging him out the door* That's clever. *grins* Although i'd never risk my clothes' safety like that.

5/15/2011 #2,986
Wrath of Carcosa
(well first i was at a party from 2 to 11 PM where everyone got anywhere from slightly tipsy to whacked out of their minds. Then I went back to my cousin's hotel room where he procdeeded to smoke pot and tell about the gay anal sex he had at the age of 8, and what his girlsfriend vagina smalls like. I didn't think it was possible, but I had my innocence corrupted by words alone...)
5/15/2011 #2,987

(Ew. :\ )

5/15/2011 #2,988

Matt: Mmm, oh, by the way, I discovered last night that I can walk through walls by moving the molecules in my body. *grins*

Jason: *chuckles* So you both slept well?

Richard: *chuckles* I never understood that. *grins*

5/15/2011 #2,989

Kassandra: Nice.

Emily: Yep.

Angelica: *at the same time as Emily* Ya.

5/15/2011 #2,990

Kylie: *shrugs, grins* So, Where are we going? *impatient*

5/15/2011 #2,991

(JOSH! Are you serious?)

5/15/2011 #2,992


5/15/2011 #2,993
Wrath of Carcosa
5/15/2011 #2,994

Isaac: * trys to find Zayn because he's bored and want someone to play with*

5/15/2011 #2,995

Matt: *chuckles and walks right through her*

Jason: *chuckles* Are you two twins?

Richard: *chuckles, smiling* You'll see...

5/15/2011 #2,996

(JOSH! Seriously? That isn't right!)

5/15/2011 #2,997

Kassandra: Okay, that's freaky.

Emily: No.

Angelica: *giggles*

5/15/2011 #2,998

Zayn: Hi Isaac.

Kylie: *smiles, rolling her eyes* Is it a long walk?

5/15/2011 #2,999
Wrath of Carcosa
(yep X.x) (ok well ima go since no one is interacting with my charries)
5/15/2011 #3,000
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