Twilight Role Play
A Twilight Role Play with a focus on the wolfpack and set late New Moon. This RP is closed ATM but will possibly return in the fall
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Cloey: *looks at Isac* Your dieing? *looks down wishing she could do something knowing what she could do but knew it would be awful for him and she might even get in trouble*

5/10/2011 #301

Eve: *screams when someone touches her and punches them*

Paul: *holds his nose* holy sht mai nose

5/10/2011 . Edited 5/10/2011 #302

(I live in a house apartment)

5/10/2011 #303

Isaac: * nods head* yea

Angela: * planting new flowers*

5/10/2011 #304
Wrath of Carcosa

(smh fine be that way)

(o.O Kyle was supposed to cure Issac of cancer like a week ago...can he do it now?)

5/10/2011 #305

( sure if you want)

5/10/2011 #306

Cloey: *looks at Isaac* What if you didnt have to die?

5/10/2011 #307

Jethro: *smiles slightly* Well, that's impressive.

Jonathan: What's a bad boy? (lol, he's clueless.)

Heinrich: *smiles softly* I love you too, Kyle.

5/10/2011 #308

Isaac: well if I did die I would be with my parents, but I would have to leave my sister alone...

5/10/2011 #309

(Well that ruins my plan. Gosh maybe I should just go.)

5/10/2011 #310

( you don't have to go)

5/10/2011 #311
Wrath of Carcosa

(o.O what did I do?)

5/10/2011 #312

Cloey: What if you could live forever but there would be a consequence would you take it?

5/10/2011 #313

(Haha Kyle makes me think of someone calling me)

5/10/2011 #314

Victory: i guess... what about you?

Barbie: *Facepalm* *explains a bad boy to him* (at least he can pronounce it... im still shaking my head at the "internet" thing)

5/10/2011 #315

Eve: *runs off to hide in a tree and growls*

Paul: Eve!

5/10/2011 #316

Isaac: * looks confused* how can I person live forever?

5/10/2011 #317

Cloey: *sighs* Just tell me if you would or not.

5/10/2011 #318

Isaac: I don't know If I would want it because of my sister

5/10/2011 #319
Wrath of Carcosa


5/10/2011 #320


5/10/2011 . Edited 5/10/2011 #321

(Hi Josherz)

5/10/2011 #322

Cloey: *nods* I could give you that. But only if you wanted it.

5/10/2011 #323

(No I mean some people at school call me Kyle, cause thats my last name)

5/10/2011 #324
Wrath of Carcosa

(No I'm waiting for RebeccaBlack18 to answer my question...although she might not have known I was talkingto her: What did I do?)

5/10/2011 #325

Isaac: Huh really, what about my sister?

5/10/2011 #326
Wrath of Carcosa

(o.O I thought your last name was Casey)

5/10/2011 #327

(Nope its a pen name)

5/10/2011 #328
Wrath of Carcosa


5/10/2011 #329

Cloey: *sighs* Isaac its a huge step and you would really have to think about it. The nly time you could not see you sister was some times.

5/10/2011 #330
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