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Like Seifer a little too much? This is your place to talk about the character his past, his present, his future, etc. Whatever you like as long as it's Seifer oriented. Yaoi and hentai pairings welcome as well.
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Shake Your Kitty
Nah. I like the idea of having some regulation, just to balance things out. There are the default rules on here: 1.Forums are not to be used to post stories. 2.All discussions, language and content, must be suitable for teens. I'll add in two more just for kicks; they're not serious; 3.Fic's can be discussed in minute detail, but try to keep alot of ideas OUT of the forum. You know how it is sometimes; someone might steal it. 4.Be curteous to anyone and everyone; don't insult people and the like. It's not very mature. That's all for rules; spam is moderately allowed as long as you get back on topic, and anyone can post new topics if they want to. :) Happy posting!
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  • Forums are not to be used to post stories.
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