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Eclectic Me

Okay, I know it's impractical, and probably would be ill-fated for at least a couple of good reasons, but it's a sweet pairing! Much to my delight it's quite popular in fanon, and the idea's been played with a bit in canon even if it's never been stated outright. I was happy to read in an article about the new series that Don having a crush on April is being made official, even if April's character has been altered. So how 'bout it? Can I get some love for this pairing?

11/15/2011 #1
Aster Sapphire

of COURSE YOU CAN! That's like, my #1 pairing! DonniexApril FOREVER!

9/27/2012 #2
Beautiful Shadows
I think Donnie shouldn't go out with April in the new 2012 series she'll end up hurting him plus he can do SO much better lol i mean i like April and all but he's a teenage mutant ninja turtle and shes a normal girl soooooo
11/2/2012 #3
Aster Sapphire

Good points there! But, if Casey didn't come in and runin everything (which he probably will) the two of them would be friggin adorable together.

11/2/2012 #4
Alright, so I know that this is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous to ask, but I didn't know where else to go... So I really need help finding this DonniexApril fic where Donnie and April become lovers. I read it months ago, and I've tried looking for it and just can't seem to find it. I remember that it has Donnie coming over to fix her air-conditioning and he loses his virginity, and at some point, I believe Casey steps in towards the end. It's mainly just lots of sex between Donnie and April. I really wish I could find it. ;__;
6/3/2013 #5
Aster Sapphire

I'm gonna have to take back what I said a while ago. While I Apritello used to be my number one ship, I'm starting to lead more towards Casey and April actually. Not because she's older than Donnie as well as a different species but there was always part of me that just enjoyed Donnie and April having a simple brother and sister relationship. I dunno why, but that just seem better than them being an actual "couple". That, and they are just TOO MUCH ALIKE! Both smart, both into science, both computer geniuses, I like how April and Casey balance each other out. It pains me to say that I no longer ship this pairing as much as I used to. :-(

6/4/2013 #6
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