Bolt the Series
Has nobody else, heard about the follow series to the movie?
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Ventus du Stormclad

I just thought I'd put this out here, cause no one else seems to be mentioning anything about.

12/29/2010 #1

lol. where did u get that?

1/4/2011 #2
Ventus du Stormclad

Just something I found out while searching the web.

1/4/2011 #3

There really isn't much to go around. Do you have reference? News articles, etc.?

1/5/2011 #4
Ventus du Stormclad

No, not really, but Disney has been known to thrown sequels and follow-ups at their fans without much news prior to relaese, for instance all those straight to video movies.

1/11/2011 #5

I think you should take that information with a grain of salt. It's like saying that it rains every Tuesday, so it probably will rain next Tuesday.

I think you call it hasty generalization. I dunno. I never really loved philosophy.

1/21/2011 #6
Ventus du Stormclad

Okay, one problem though, I have no idea what you mean.

Oh, I did recently find out that John Travolta will reprise his role as Bolt.

1/21/2011 #7

What I'm saying is that your reasoning is based on a fallacy. You are assuming that Disney does this all the time, but what if it doesn't? Unless you're from the inside, you cannot really know how Disney works if you do not work or know anyone who has a major position there. I'm just saying this so that you wouldn't be devastated assuming things go south. You know what they say. The higher you are, the harder you'll fall. Hope for the best, expect the worst.

And as far as sources go, you really should not believe everything you see or hear in the internet. By the way, you have to start telling me where you get your information =P.

1/21/2011 #8
Ventus du Stormclad

I read it on an unofficial, Disney site.

By the way I'm nit dumb enough to think it's an absolute thing.

Oh and it's "the bigger you are the harder you fall."

And I'm well aware it might not be made, I've made that mistake before and let's just say now I despise Activision!

1/21/2011 #9
Ventus du Stormclad

Well, I revisited my source and it turned out he was messing with people and his article's been deleted. So I guess a follow-up series is a no-go.

On, a brighter note I did confirm that John Travolta has displayed interest in reprising his role as Bolt, if any follow up media were to come into development.

2/9/2011 #10

Lol. troll is troll =P. But I think a Bolt 2 will come, just not in the near future.

man that would be nice, but I don't think he has a choice ;). Where did you get that by the way?

2/10/2011 #11
Ventus du Stormclad

I don't remember anymore, well I suppose it's my own fault for jumping the gun.

2/10/2011 #12
Prince Tanabi

If there is a sequel I defiantly want to see it!

2/18/2011 #13
Ventus du Stormclad

Well if enough people ask for it then Disney will make it.

2/18/2011 #14
Prince Tanabi

So Bolt 2 is like Lion King 4? Are they making a petition?

3/1/2011 #15
Ventus du Stormclad

No but one of the writers and the guy who voiced Rhino said that if people bought enough DVDs of the movies and write alot of letters to Disney, they'd make plans for a sequel or something. Truth be told that's how it works for all franchises, supply and demand after all.

3/1/2011 #16
Ventus du Stormclad

Here's a fun fact: Mittens was going to be called Mr. Mittens, cause her previous owners never bothered to check.

And the original name of Bolt's TV show was going to be The Omega Dog.

3/1/2011 #17

unno wat, i dun really want to comment anymore cuz u might get the feeling that i'm trolling u =P, but providing a reliable source to your information will add some credibility to your statement. do remember, some people, like me, are just jumping in now to Bolt, so if this is old news, at least provide a referral to the source.

Not saying i don't believe u. just saying u need to disclose your sources. u dun need to paste the link cuz it doesnt work, at least just say the name of the site ;).

man, i sound like a broken record =)).

By the way, it's not really supply and demand, it's more of investment and return ;).

3/2/2011 #18
Ventus du Stormclad

Well if you're talking about the trivia I posted last time I found that on,, and found the same information on at least three other sites.

As for the interview, I can't remember, but I've been trying to find it again. As for trolling, truthfully I don't know what that term means, but I assume it's something negative... But, post anyway

3/2/2011 #19

Me too!

6/25/2011 #20
Sequel! Sequel! I'd call on new Bolt characters!!!
7/6/2011 #21

Wouldn't it be something, to actually see a sequel for the 2008 film, Bolt? You know, some people should really consider making some of the movies into TV shows, cos' some of them needed a little loose ends to tie up. Like Bolt, we still don't know much about him... at all.

7/7/2011 #22
Ventus du Stormclad

Moviemakers leave those loose ends, because it makes people want to see a sequel.

However, Bolt really didn't have any loose ends, cept for the part where the humans are freaked out by their new pet hamster using a TV remote and watching that very TV.

7/11/2011 #23
Okay, I suppose you have a point... Still, I have an urge to seek a sequel and get Disney to do it! It'd be like... BE-AWESOME!!! My head is buzzing with ideas! Billions of thoughts whirring, who knows what could be written? I wish John Lasseter saw this, he'd get a revenue increase this time, baby, and it's gonna be 2.5 hours of sweet, sweet Bolt. Uh-huh!
7/12/2011 #24
BTW, those moviemakers are just... GENIUS!
7/12/2011 #25
Ventus du Stormclad

All those ideas you're talking about, put them in a fanfic. As for a sequel at this point it seems unlikely, however if enough people ask for one then Disney shall supply it, that's just good business.

7/12/2011 #26
I suppose. But let me share my ideas with the world anyway. The story, hmm. Some might've written it already. It could be about searching for home again, with more self-realization? Or perhaps, Bolt and Mittens fall in love... what about if Bolt were to explore more about the countryside? Perhaps, maybe about Bolt getting a dog mate, or Oenny's relationship with Bolt is fading? It looks like there's a lot to take in. And yeah, that IS good business.
7/12/2011 #27
Ventus du Stormclad

The first idea sounds like Homeward Bound 2, which wasn't worth watching, the premise of such an adventure implies the characters have forgotten what they learned on their last adventure. The second idea is excellent, albiet rather vague, but there are a lot of us here who'd love to see an advance in Bolt and Mittens relationship, myself included. The third idea is made of win, after all the countryside would be full of animals, and Bolt's personality, nature, and admittedly his stature make him a perfect candidate for such adventures. The fourth idea, would honestly shatter my heart, but if they did it right, I guess I could accept it. The last idea, the one about Penny, I can't quite understand what you mean, could you maybe rephrase it. But, overall superb ideas!

7/17/2011 #28
For the last idea, i meant: that what if Penny doesnt have much time for Bolt now since shes grown...?
7/17/2011 #29
Ventus du Stormclad

It's Disney, so that's not likely to happen.

But, even if it did he's got Mittens and Rhino.

7/17/2011 #30
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