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Has nobody else, heard about the follow series to the movie?
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hi, uh i just thought since there hasnt been a series of Bolt yet, we could just write what we want to happen?? a bit like a roleplay really and pretend its the series???

3/12/2011 #1
Ventus du Stormclad

Didn't know anybody was still using this forum.

But, yeah sounds like an excellent idea.

First off it'd be nice if they'd explore Bolt and Mittens relationship a bit more.

Anybody else got any ideas.

6/9/2011 #2
How about more adventures and lessons for Bolt to learn? This may seem far out, but, I think the season finale could be an adventure or lesson... About love.
7/6/2011 #3
Ventus du Stormclad

Sounds good, but please elaborate!

7/17/2011 #4
Bolt goes on, in his countryside life: meeting new people, learning through things, all through seriesmof adventures? And maybe, just maybe, the last episode could elaborate on their love?
7/17/2011 #5

Would they have like, pittens? Or kuppies?

8/19/2011 #6
That'd be cool!
8/19/2011 #7

Pittens? No. Kuppies? Still no. Let me tell you what it should be. Pupens.

12/25/2012 #8

Personally, I would prefer the show to not have BoltxMittens, I like the brother/sister relationship better. I think it would be neat if the first third or fourth of the show took place post movie, the middle of the show featured an adventure of Penny and Bolt on their superhero show, and the final third or fourth finishes the plot from the beginning.

2/13/2013 #9

Why don't you like BoltxMittens.

2/14/2013 #10

Like I said on my profile, their world is too similar to ours for me to approve of inter-species relationships, and I would like more stories, not just Bolt ones but in general, that have a boy and a girl as close as a brother and sister without it getting romantic. Bolt and Mittens seem like a good choice for that. Don't get me wrong, many of the BoltxMittens ones are good, but other than an AU in which they are the same species I prefer them just friends, maybe even getting mates of their own species.

2/14/2013 #11

Yeah i Agree With Him

5/23/2013 #12

Which one of us?

5/23/2013 #13

You ... :D

5/24/2013 #14

Okay, thanks for clarifying. So is anyone here going to actually roleplay this series, or is that not going to happen at this point?

5/24/2013 #15
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