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Ok sooo i want name your characters and lets Role Play!
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Ok so Ive tried other Roleplay forums for Vampire academy and NO ONE has really gone on it sooo im making my own!!!!











Name: Kimmy Emoria

Age: 16

Race: Moroi

Looks:Short, Not skinny yet not overweight. Always has a different band tee-shirt on, has shoulder legnth brown curly hair, has side bangs, and likes to straighten her hair making it just past her shoulders. She always wears shorts or skinny jeans, the colors are usualy denim or black. She wears only vans, DCs, and other skater shoes, Shes busty and is really curvy. She has Brown eyes that change when she crys to green. she always has on eye liner. her make up is usualy overdone and bright and heavy

Personality: Looks deceave her, she is a nice, energetic sporty rocker. She loves to talk and when someone has a problem with her shes not afraid to call them out on it. She always sticks up for her friends no matter what, She can be nice but at the same time one of the meanest people youve ever met. She has BAD anger problems and she always gets in fights, but shes a sweetheart. She loves to break rules though, and partys alot.

History: Her Parent are Royals, So she doesnt really have much history, OH she killed her last Gardian...

Family: Mika Emoria, *Brother/Twin* Reyshell Emoria *Mother* Markeet Emoria *Father*

Friends: Mika Emoria.

Element: Fire.

Year: 2nd

Name: Mika Emoria

Age: 16

Race: Moroi

Looks: Unlike his sister he's a jock, he wears tight v-neck shirts to show off his rockin body, always has on straightlegged pants, not to skinny not to baggy. Wears Vans, He has short hair that hugs his forehead and slightly covers his ears, Its golden brown. Hes tall, and fit, he is really musculy. He has deep blue eyes that change green when hes upset. He has a sixpack and has scars on his body from fighting Kimmy.

Personality: He is usualy a cool guy, he sticks up for whats right, hes always the middle of attention and he is usualy mr.Popular. He has a temper not as bad as Kimmy though, Him and Kimmy are really close. He protects her when she needs protecting and always sticks up for her no matter what.

History: He has burn scars all over his body. *Youll learn why in the story*

Family: Kimmy Emoria, *Sister/Twin*Reyshell Emoria *Mother* Markeet Emoria *Father*

Friends: Kimmy Emoria,

Year: 2nd (They switched schools from London)

12/30/2010 #1

OH and Mika's Element is Air

12/30/2010 #2
Name: Lilith Cain Age: 16 Race: Dhampir Looks: Wavy, Curly hair that falls a little past her shoulders. She is average height and is well built from the years of training she had endured. (also she has blue eyes) Personality: Independant and a natural leader. She prefers to spend time alone to think, but is very sarcastic and arrogant. Sometimes she just feels a little lonley..... History: Parents were killed by a strogoi when they were protecting their moroi. Again, she wants to train hard so she and her moroi can stay safe Family: like I explained up there, they're dead:( Friends: No friends:( Year: 2 Oh also do we have to do two people or can we just stick with one
1/2/2011 #3

You can stay with only one. it honestly doesnt matter. and ill make a topic starter.

1/2/2011 #4
1/2/2011 #5

done and done! so start whenever yhu want.

1/2/2011 #6
Kk Lilith walked down the halls of St.Vladimirs thankful for the quiet atmosphere. She had just come back from training and all of her muscles ached from fighting.
1/2/2011 #7

Kimmy was walking with Mika it was their first day at the new Academy.She looked up at Mika.

"I wonder if this place will be different" she said to him, silently hoping it would be.

"Trust me Kimmy, i wont let what happened last time happen again." He promised her, his eyes staring into hers.

"Alright i hope your right, Well lets get on with this." She said hyperly pulling him onto the campus, there were student everywhere.

"Wow....way different." She said quietly.

1/2/2011 #8
Suddenly, Lilith heard voices from up ahead. She was nearing the campus where all of the moroi and dhampirs hung out. She didn't have time for "hanging out." She walked through the campus courtyard, head held down. A few people greeted her, but she just smiled politely and kept on going. Then she saw the new moroi.
1/3/2011 #9

Kimmy looked around. 'This place isnt to bad....i guess.' she thought toherself.

Mika looked at the students. "Hmmm well this outa be interesting." He said outloud.

Kimmy noticed a really pretty girl with blue eyes, she was a Dhampir.

Mika noticed the girl as well, 'hmm shes kinda hot'

1/3/2011 #10

She remembered all of the talk about the new moroi coming to St. Vladimirs. Kimmy and Mika one of the Royals. Her eyes roamed them up and down, taking in their appearence. They looked nice enough, for Royals.

Her eyes stopped at Mikas face, and her heart gave a little stutter. He was hot. Really, really hot, and she couldn't stop the blush that crept up her face.

1/3/2011 #11

Kimmy looked at the girl that was studying her brother. She looked at her brother, "Are you checking her out?" she asked him

"Pshh maybe.." he said scoffing, the girl was starting to blush as she looked at him. 'Hmm, I think i might have to talk to her soon' he thought to himself.

"Hmmm well shes REALLY pretty" She said trying to tell her brother to go for it.

"No...shes HOT" he corrected her.

1/3/2011 #12
She turned away from them, thinking that she shouldn't let her emotions run amok like that. She turned to walk away, her head tipped fiestas the ground in slight embarressment.
1/3/2011 #13

Kimmy saw that her brother wasnt doing anything, so she detached herself from her brothers arm.

"Hey umm miss?" she called out, she could feel her brothers stare stabing into her back.

"So sorry i diddnt mean to be rude or anything, but me and my brother are new here and we were wondering if you could show us around? I dont know but at least help us out, if your busy we will compeatly understand." Kimmy said smiling at the girl, her english accent was stronger then it was before, now that she was around people who diddnt have it.

1/3/2011 #14
Lilyih stared at Kimmy. Was she crazy? With all of these sane royal people here, she was choosing the crazy damper girl? She looked past her shoulder where Mika returned her gaze with an arrogant smile. She had the nerve to say no, but decided against it. "If you want," she said simply, and then nodded.
1/3/2011 #15
sorry meant dhampir*
1/3/2011 #16

Kimmy looked at the girl "Mika come on over here! This epic chick is going to show us around!" she yelled torwds Mika. He walked to them in a matter of seconds.

"Sorry about my sister, she can be....difficult" He said to the girl infront of him.

"By the way, I'm Kimmy, and this is my twin/brother Mika. " kimmy said introducing themselves

1/3/2011 #17
Lilith nodded at her, not really hearing what she was saying. She was snatching glances of Mika, who seemed to be looking at her all of the time, although she couldn't figure out if it was because she was weird, or... "yeah," she said once Kimmy was done talking, "I'll show you the moroi dorms."
1/3/2011 #18

"Soooo whats your name?" Mika asked smiling.

Kimmy smiled up at the girl. "Yeah you never told us, and by the way, we're honestly not like other Royals, so dont think that we are bitchy or stuck up"she tried to exxplain to the girl.

"Yeah we actualy like being with Dhampirs more then Moroi" Mika tried to hint that he wanted to get to know her better.

"Yupp" Kimmy agreed.

1/3/2011 #19
"Sureeeee," Lilith dragged out the word, not sure if they were telling the truth or not, but they seemed okay. "This way then," she led them through the crowded courtyard, and watched as other moroi stopped and stared at them.
1/3/2011 #20

"Fine then dont beleive us!" kimmy said laughing. but she would soon relize that they were dead serious.

Mika was just looking at the girl, she was really beautiful.

1/3/2011 #21
"Just ignore them," I said way friendlier than I had imagined, "they've almost never seen a dhampir with Royals before unless it was a guardian problem."
1/3/2011 #22

"We'll they will without a doubt see more of it" Mika said looking around at the moroi looking at them.

"Wow look at all the guys!!!" Kimmy said thinking out loud. She was always one for being boy crazy

"Kimmy.." Mika said warningly.

"I know i know." Kimmy answered.

Kimmy then looked at the girl, who had yet to tell them her name.

"So are you ever gonna tell us your name?" Kimmy asked

1/3/2011 #23
"Lilith," I said, "Lilith Cain." she couldn't help but feel a little theatrical.
1/3/2011 #24

Mika almost laughed. He felt as if she was saying 'Bond, james bond'

"Well Lilith, i think we sould hangout sometime more" Kimmy said smiling.

"Kimmy, dont be pushy!" Mika said to his sister.

"Hey im just suggesting something" Kimmy said inocently

1/3/2011 #25

"Don't worry about it," she said. "Do you still want me to show you aroud, or...?"

1/3/2011 #26

"Please" Mika said with a smile on his face, not alot of people could handle his sister. But she seemed to like her.

"Yes we would really happy about it! Plus we could get to know each other better!" Kimmy said back to Lilith.

1/3/2011 #27
"Okay then," she said, beckoning them to follow her. They followed her all of the way through the main hallway to the moroi dorms. I could hear voices, but I didn't check behind me to see if it was them.
1/3/2011 #28

Kimmy watched as Lilith walked ahead. She grabbed Mikas arm and pulled him with her as she and him caught up.

"So what do people do for fun around her?" Mika asked trying to get her to talk to him again he really liked her voice

1/4/2011 #29

"Parties," I paused, trying to think of something else, being as anti-solcial as I am it was hard, "people try to sneak off campus, but they usually get caught."

1/5/2011 #30
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