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Another one? Yep. Roleplay as your favorite canon characters or as some of your OC's! Join?
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Techno Skittles

To make sure that this roleplaying group runs smoothly, please follow these. They're pretty simple and easy to remember.

1. Keep everything PG-13/Rated T. The farthest couples can go is 2nd base, anything past that can only be implied. Cussing doesn't have to be censored, but don't go overboard with it.

2. Don't kill off another member. It's just rude. Unless they give you permission to, please refrain from taking their life.

3. All roleplaying must be in story form, third person. This is a writing site. I would think you'd know how to write in story form. And third person just prevents confusion.

4. In threads other the the designated OOC area, please use (( )) when speaking OOC. Self-explanatory.

5. Limit of characters is 3 per person. But only 2 canon characters per person. If you already have 2 canon, you're only allowed 1 OC. 2 OC, 1 canon. 3 OC, no canon. Okay?

6. Be respectful of other members. As in, don't act for their character. Stick to the one you signed up for.

7. If a canon character is currently not occupied but is needed for a section of the RP, anyone and everyone is welcome to use that chara. But they can only be used to an extent and one person can't just take over. Ex. If a student needed to speak to Stein about homework but he isn't being Rp-ed by anyone, they're more than welcome to act for Stein. If you have any questions about the limits to this rule, feel free to PM me.

And this isn't really a rule because it's common sense. If I have not approved of your OC or you claiming a canon chara, do not begin Rp-ing as if I did. :)

Besides all that, have fun!!


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