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Techno Skittles

These are all of the canon characters in our RP. If there isn't a username by it, then it's open.

Main Students

Maka Albarn - Techno Skittles

Soul Eater Evans - Van the Key of Lain

Black*Star - NewWaveBossanova

Tsubaki Nakatsukasa

Elizabeth 'Liz' Thompson - The Fifth Champion

Patricia 'Patty' Thompson - Techno Skittles

Death the Kid - The Fifth Champion

Other Students

Ox Ford

Harvar de Eclair

Kirikou or Kilik Lunge (The first is the Japanese version, second the English. You decide which one you want)

Pot of Fire (male)

Pot of Thunder (female)

Kim Diehl

Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupre

Death Scythes

Spirit 'Death Scythe' Albarn - MissNeonNightmares

Marie Mjolnir

Yumi Azusa

Tezca Tlipoca

Medusa's Group

Medusa Gorgon - Techno Skittles (But I'm more than willing to give her up if anyone wants her. I just felt we needed a villain)

Chrona Makenshi - The Fifth Champion




Eruka Frog - The Moon Light Sonata

Staff of DWMA

Franken Stein - The Moon Light Sonata

Sid Barrett

Mira Nygus

Joe Buttataki (B.J.)






Noah's Group




Justin Law


Shinigami-sama/Lord Death





Asura - draco the arrogant

The Index

Great Old One



Masamune Nakatsukasa

Mabaa (The Grandwitch)

Little Demon/Little Ogre

Wes Evans

Soul Eater NOT!

Tsugumi - xxxStardustVampire



Eternal Feather


(Forgive me. I don't know all of the characters much less their names and considering how late it is and how lazy I am, I'm not going to look them up XP If you find anyone else I didn't mention, please tell me)

I know some of these people are minor or dead, but I figure that doesn't matter. Sure, we'll be following the plot for the most part (manga mainly), but I listed all of the characters here.

So go ahead and take your pick!!

12/31/2010 . Edited 7/15/2011 #1

Can I play Black*Star also? That would be cool

3/7/2011 #2
Techno Skittles

Sure. You can be Black*Star. ^^ Despite what everyone says, I actually enjoy Black*Star's presence

3/7/2011 #3
The Fifth Champion


Um, I'm 90% sure that I'm doing this wrong...but I'm very interested in this RP! Vain the Key of Lain told me about it and it sounds like a lot of fun!

So, would I be allowed to play some canon characters? I know you are allowed three. I'd love to play Death the Kid. I'd also be happy to play Liz as well...and perhaps Chrona, if its allowed?

Although, I heard you have a Black*Star, so if a Tsubaki is more urgent for the current plotline, I'd do her!

Anyway - thanks so much for listening to me! x3 I'm excited!

3/16/2011 #4
Van the Key of Lain

YAY!!! *tackleglomp*

3/16/2011 #5
Techno Skittles

Actually, we've been needing a Death the Kid and Liz (our old Liz just left about a week ago and Patty misses her big sis! ^w^) These two are pretty important considering what's going on with the future children (once you get into the RP you'll understand). Lastly, I would love it if you played Chrona. We've been sort of "ghost playing" him for this one fight scene, but he's becoming more important now. So if you could be Chrona, I would greatly appreciate it.

Heads up, if you do play Chrona, he just got captured by Patty. So you're going to have to start from there. Which, in my opinion, means that you're lucky. You don't really have to figure out how to come in for your character. I had to come up with something new for all three of mine. :/

Anyways, I hope you enjoy it here!! ^^

And no, you didn't do it wrong. There's really no specific way to sign up for a cannon besides asking for it.

3/17/2011 #6
The Moonlight Sonata

Could I take Eruka Frog and Stein?

3/17/2011 . Edited 3/17/2011 #7
Techno Skittles

Of course

3/17/2011 #8
The Moonlight Sonata


3/17/2011 #9
The Fifth Champion


3/18/2011 #10
The Fifth Champion

Thanks so much!!!!! ^^!

And thanks a lot for the heads up on Crona! xD It sounds like a lot of fun!!!!

I hope you don't mind if I ask a few more questions, though...I'm a little dense, it seems. ^^;;

So, this battle is taking place in the Death City thread? And Crona was fighting alongside Medusa, correct? Should DTK and Liz make their initial appearance in that thread as well?

Sorry, I just don't want to post in the wrong place and mess anything up. =_=;

I'm sure I'll enjoy it here! Thanks again!

3/18/2011 #11
Techno Skittles

Yes, the battle did take place in the Death City thread, but we just finished up. ^^; Sorry.

But we are heading to Shibusen, so you could go to the DWMA thread and start there. Liz and DTK can either be at the Gallows or DWMA and meet up with the others. It's your decision.

Which, brings me to my next thing: You don't have to bring all of your characters in at once. I spaced mine out for long periods of time. Only bring them in when you feel that it's time for them to participate (and considering the current circumstances, that may be soon).

Yes, Chrona is fighting alongside Medusa.

3/18/2011 #12
The Fifth Champion

Ahaha, np, np. I'm a late arriver. ^^

Thanks for the notes on character introduction. It's really helpful. Sorry about all the questions. I'm sort of a spazz-case. I don't want to post incorrectly and ruin the flow of things. =_=;

So I apologize in advance for the errors I may and probably will commit on my initial post. ^///^;;

Thanks for the info on Chrona, too. Oh! Since s/he's gender is unknown, and your rules say the player behind him/her gets to choose...its alright if I make him/her a boy?

Thanks again

3/18/2011 #13
Techno Skittles

Go right ahead. I personally believe Chrona's a boy, but I wouldn't be surprised if he (she?) was really a girl. I'm either-or on that situation, but I prefer boy over girl.

Lol, what flow? I'm still trying to make sure everything's straightened out since people get confused more than they should, so you're not going to mess anything up.

3/18/2011 #14
The Fifth Champion

Awesome! It's so cool to find other people who prefer him/her as a boy. Most SE fans I've met in person vote on girl. But I'm really on the same page as you - wouldn't be surprised if Chrona was a girl - but prefer boy.

Ahaha, thanks for the assurances! I'll stop spazzing and haunting you guys here now. x'D

3/18/2011 #15
The Moonlight Sonata

I KNOW CHRONA'S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3/19/2011 #16

Tsubaki and Ragnarok please =D

3/20/2011 #17
Techno Skittles

Done and done. :)

3/20/2011 #18


4/7/2011 . Edited 5/21/2011 #19
Techno Skittles
4/8/2011 #20
Deidara The Clay Artist

i want asura

5/25/2011 #21
Techno Skittles

That's fine

5/26/2011 #22
Deidara The Clay Artist


5/26/2011 #23

Permission to take up Spirit the Death Scythe?

7/15/2011 #24
Techno Skittles

Permission granted. :) Welcome

7/15/2011 #25

Thank you~

7/16/2011 #26

Hello~ may I claim Marie, if this is active?

8/31/2011 #27
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