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Techno Skittles

For meisters:







Speciality: (ex. Sycthemeister, Shadow weapon meister)

Level: (1 star etc.)


If Weapon:









If Witch:







Magical Abilities:

If you simply want to be a staff member or something, just list your name, age, gender, appearance, personality, hobbies/interests, and what position you are taking.

12/31/2010 #1

Name:Kylie Draken

Age: 15

Gender: Female


Personality: Normal girl. She had a nice and kind exterior but she can act evil and has acts a bit sadistic whenever she's interested in something. She has a sharp tounge and she doesn't take no for an answer. Even though she can mean she can be very innocent and curious most of the time.

Hobbies/Interests: Like to draw and play sports some of the time. She likes to watch people fight.

Speciality: Sword Meister

Level: 1 Star. Aiming for 2

Weapon: She's looking for one

1/1/2011 #2
The Moonlight Sonata

Name: Mao Ikeda

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: A slim, pale girl with green eyes and white, short, shaggy hair. She has stitches on her arm from exploring what was inside it .with a scalpel when she was 8.

Personality: She is mentally unstable (more than Professor Stein) and loves to dissect things. She can go insane and kill anyone at any minute, but she can control herself.... sometimes... Her condition makes her emotions change constantly and increases her vocabulary. The madness boosted her....

Hobbies/Interests: Dissecting and Science, VideoGames, the human body, emotions, fear, Asura, kishi, singing...

Specialty: RingMeister (Uses a giant ring-like weapon).

Level: 1

1/16/2011 . Edited 1/18/2011 #3
Techno Skittles

You may start RP-ing any time you would like. ^^

1/16/2011 #4

Name: Luna Leviathan Galent (used to hide) Gorgon (real name)

Age: over 800 years old, Apearance like 22 years old

Gender: Female

Occupation: Teacher on Shibusen; Subject: History

Appearance: Black haired, yellow eyed. White striped black blouse with rolled up sleevesand a black top underneat it. Black pants and black shoes

Personality: Usually she is a calm type that generally comes across bitchy, but she is a very warm-hearted type. Her behavior is very clear and very different varied. Suffers from psychopathy. Her two personalities give her the opportunity to pretend to act like a different person. She is also very strategic and smart, she has developed by reading books through centuries.

Hobbies/Interests: Reading, playing piano, fighting? (I've really no idea)

Magical Abilities: Varied; Has a magic book; Grimoire, with a lot of spells in it. Mainly Ice spells. Can summon her shadow since she's the maker of the shadow weapons according to Mosquito

1/16/2011 . Edited 3/17/2011 #5
Techno Skittles

Interesting OC. You may begin Rp-ing anytime you like. ^^

1/16/2011 #6
Van the Key of Lain


Name: Thanatos ('Than' for short)

Age: 10

Gender: Male

Appearance: Reaching the height of 5'4'', Than actually looks more like he should be fifteen, though he is truly only ten. He has black hair that falls in short bangs along his eyes. His hair curls lightly at the base of his neck. His face is a bit roundish. He has two large forest green eyes, smallish nose and thin set mouth.

His attire is that of a long sleeved black half-jacket like coat, with white cuffs at the ends. There is one button that holds this piece together, and if you were to be close enough to look at it closely, it would appear to have possibly at one point in time been part of a larger jacket coat. Under said jacket coat, is a black sleeveless suit top, with short white strips along the center and shoulders. Most of this is covered by the jacket, except the bottom portion which reaches past the end of the jacket.

A white belt like buckle wraps his waist, and in the middle is a small skull like pendant.

Snug black pants end just below his shin, leaving a small amount of leg to be seen, and end in a strip of white.

His shoes are a black and white as well, boot like. They come up at just about his shin, held in place by two white buckle belt fassioners. The white on the shoe itself wraps the bottom and top and also criss crosses at the back. Said shoes seem old and well worn, but still very reliable. Also, very familiar.

Personality: At times, Than is pretty collected and easy going. However, he is quick to aggitate and has a temper. He can be very stubborn and hardheaded when it comes to certain things; or Jazz. He has a slight mental disorder, that more annoys and pisses him off than anything; he can withhold from giving into it, unless someone (i.e usually Jazz) keeps attention to it. Than hates being referred to as a 'kid' or 'child' simply because he is one. Than comes from a well off and loving family, and has an 'extended' family.

Than is often told by his friends and peers that he is more like his mother than he is like his father. As such, he can be seen somewhat as a "Mama's Boy". This both pleases and annoys him greatly.

Hobbies/Interests: Enjoys light reading, being with friends, fighting and honeing his skills, rearranging his various collections, rollerblading, biking, snowboarding (...on sand...or when snow is avalible).

Speciality: GunScythe Meister

Level: 2 Star

Weapon: Jazz Evans



Name: Jazz Evans

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Appearance: He stands around 6'0'', sporting a mop of spiky white hair pointing in all different directions, though the left side kind of swoops downwards. His eyes are an ocean blue in color, and when he grins or smiles, it shows off his pointed 'shark-like' teeth.

He wears a cotton T-shirt with a little half moon design on it, however this is largly covered by a black and yellow jacket. Said jacket has short sleeves, (the left sleeve sporting a patch with red lips, the other sleeve has a patch on it with the word 'SOUL') which are half zippered at the point the shoulder meets. There are two pockets on the front, and it zips up half way. There is one large connecting pocket on the front that zips up.

His pants are jean like, and black. Basic pockets in the front and on the hind.

White beat up sneekers adorn his feet.

Personality: Like his father, he's mostly laid back and easy going. However when he's pal-ing around with his best friend (Grey*Star), he can be a bit loud and obnoxious. He's fiercly loyal to all of his friends and family. He comes from a moderatly well off family. He adores his "Aunt" as well as the other members of his 'extended family.' He treats his Meister 'Than' more like a little brother, and constantly nags, rags, and torments him - but lovingly so. Often, the two bicker back and forth like no one's business.

Hobbies/Interests: Likes to play sports (basketball) and video games. Likes fighting and training, enjoys various kinds of music, loves getting under Than's skin, doesn't mind shopping.

Speciality: Can change his limbs into short scythe like appendages (only two at a time) or can shoot a small portion of his wavelength from one hand at a time, like a bullet. His weapon form is a GunScythe.

Level: 2 Star

Miester: Thanatos

3/4/2011 #7
Techno Skittles

Oh my God my brain! o_o I'm supposed to be relaxing, but instead I say "I think I can handle this."

You can start whenever you're ready, although, I'm didn't expect either of them to be that old. . . (I was honestly thinking 3-5 yrs old.) *shrugs* Oh well, I'm not exactly going to stop you.

3/5/2011 #8

Name: Hestia DeSalvio

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Appearance: She's a thin, pale girl with ankle-length brown hair and big red eyes, and is around 5'2". Outfit:

Personality:Although she appears to most people calm and quiet, she can actually be somewhat stubborn and uptight. She had anger management problems when she was younger due to bullying. She's extremely brave and determined, and is very loyal and trustworthy to others. If uncontrollably upset, she can act rather evil, causing her to use her witch powers on anything or anyone in sight. She becomes rather melancholic at the mention of witch masses, since she can only go too few because she had exposed herself to the DWMA (She could be considered an otaku in some cases). Otherwise, she's your average girl.

Hobbies/Interests:She enjoys music, reading, being with friends, and fighting. She also enjoys practicing her powers into battle strategies, though doesn't like to take away from a normal meister and weapon's glory. Secretly she likes karaoke (she's a fairly good singer) but doesn't show it as not to be made fun of.


Level:1 star

Magical Abilities:She uses a very small collection of spells.

Weapon: Ayano Miyagawa!!

3/23/2011 . Edited 7/19/2011 #9

My second character!! Woo hoo :)

Name: Ayano Miyagawa

Age:16 (although, she's short enough to be 10.)

Gender :Female

Appearance:Ayano, despite her age, is only 4'9" and has an extremely flat bust. She has big, calm, violet eyes, and pale blue hair, usually kept in pigtails. Her hair reaches just below her chest. Outfit: In her weapon form, she's a gold labrys (double sided ax), easily used by her partner.

Personality:Ayano tends to act remarkably immature for her age, acting more like a grade schooler than a common teenager. At other times, when upset, she can become bratty and stubborn, though. She quickly becomes adapted to being the childlike figure out of her and her partner, often saying "she's the cute one" or "she won't ever be an old person."

Hobbies/Interests: Ayano, more than anything, loves spying on people- she'll do anything to get the scoop on what's happening. She also loves coffee, 3 or 4 times a day to get her usual Venti-sized white chocolate mocha from Death Bucks coffee. Otherwise... I don't know (XD)


Meister:Hestia DeSalvio

3/31/2011 . Edited 7/19/2011 #10
Techno Skittles

Okay. I approve

3/31/2011 #11
Deidara The Clay Artist

weapon oc

Name: draco

Age: 15

Gender: male

Appearance: eye design jacket and shirt blood stain pants and turns into a sycthe thats just covered with creepy eyes and can turn into a moon bladed axe

Personality: he is usually in withdrawal but he somtimes "comes out of his shell"

Hobbies/Interests: he just likes to read or listen to the sound of fighting

Level: 1

Meister: none yet

5/21/2011 . Edited 5/21/2011 #12
Techno Skittles

@Draco So I'm assuming he's a weapon? What kind?

5/21/2011 #13
Deidara The Clay Artist

(i edited his a sycthe/ ax)

5/21/2011 #14
Techno Skittles

Alright. You may begin Rp-ing anytime you want. Why not go around and meet everyone? ;)

5/21/2011 #15

Meister OC

Name: Triton Bismark

age: 25

Gender: Male

Appearance: He is a tall man standing 6 feet and 1 inch off the ground. He weighs about 120 lbs. He has spiky blond hair, tan skin, and blue eyes. He wears a dark blue zip up jacket with a white t-shirt underneath, light blue pants, and grey sandles. Personality: He has a very relaxed and easy going personality usually not paying attention, this makes his weapon partner have to tell him what happened. This makes him very lazy, and is usually found sleeping. However in battle he is very serious and attentive.

Hobbies/Interests: He loves to sleep in and does this on a daily basis, he also loves to read on his spare time, and also he shares his love of classical music with his weapon.

Speciality: Gun Meister

Lvl: 4

Weapon OC

Name: James Stone

Age: 27

Appearance: He is about 5'1" tall and weighs about 115 lbs. He has slate grey hair that reaches his shoulders, blue eyes, and pale skin. He wears a white dress shirt with a grey tie that has that has various guns on it, he also wears black dress pants and black dress shoes. He also has a scar running across his nose.

Weapon form: Remington 700 Sniper Rifle

Personality: James has a very calm and composed personality. He is also somewhat of a pervert but he shows this trait rarely. He also gets anoyed at extreamly loud people. He is also somewhat of a pushover. James is also gullible, this makes playing a prank on him somewhat easy.

Hobbies/ Interest: He loves to read about History, listening to clasical music, and is good at,cooking.

Speciality: He can change his arm into the barrel of the gun simply by pointing out his arm(he makes the gun holding gesture) He can also turn one of his eyes into a scope so he can see far distances.

Lvl: Death Scyth of Africa (HQ Located in Egypt)

Meister: Triton Bismark

6/23/2011 . Edited 6/26/2011 #16

I'll join too ^^

Name:Kage Delhyn



Appearance:Spikey, messy, dark brown hair and soft brown eyes. Always smiling, even when he's not in a good mood. Never really wears normal clothing, he's always clothed formal

Personality:He's a really kind but shy person. He is always smiling and loves his students and meister. He fully depents on his meister and loves bossy ones. He'd never disobey his technician and support him/her in every situation. He preferes a partner of the opposite gender

Hobbies/Interests:Cooking, painting, watching soaps, playing soccer

Speciality:Can morph into a shadow

Weapon Form:Trident

Meister:Looking for one, he preferes a woman around the same age. If there are no females available, a male is good too

Level:3 (He's a staff member)

Etc.He's a teacher, a geography teacher to be fully correct

Really wants to become a Death Scythe since almost all of his colleagues are.

6/24/2011 . Edited 6/24/2011 #17
Techno Skittles

Both of you are welcome to begin whenever you like. And tac, it's your OC, so he can be a Death Scythe if you so please.

6/24/2011 #18
Mischievous Mayhem

Name: Leah Norah

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Appearence: 5'2 feet tall. Long soft black hair, light red coloured eyes. Always seem to be holding right arm tightly with a scared unsure look on her face. Usually wears black skinny jeans and black tanktop with a skull on it, along with skull peircings on her ears and one on her tounge. A long stitched scar on her face, crossing over her right eye and down her cheek.

Hobbies/Interests: Drawing, writing poetry, singing

Speaciality: Scares others with her known 'Death Glare'

Weapon: Black Scythe with white zig-zag patterns on the blade.

Meister: No-one, looking for one her age 13-14

Level: 1

6/28/2011 #19
Mischievous Mayhem

((oops, forgot personallity! Sorry!))

Personallity: Very shy, timid, scared, usuall hiding when scared but can defend herself when in serious danger and will protect everyone around her. She will go insane because she has Black Blood and will tend to want to dissect and kill others around her if they get in her way or make her angry. But besides that, when you warm up to her and make her comfortable, she can and will be very kind and sweet and very protective and will even lay her life on the line for the people she cares about.

6/28/2011 #20
Techno Skittles

You're welcome to start anytime you like. :)

6/29/2011 #21


Name: Shiloh Evans (a dove witch)

Age: 12

Gender: female


Personality: innocent, childish, needy (attention hungry), one-track minded, blind loyalty to allies and blind fury to enemies

Hobbies/Interests: likes to sketch, sing, and listen to music. also likes to attack enemies to get praise from her witch family who only treat her well if she does what she is told.

Magical Abilities: to generate white wings out of her back to fly and can turn the feathers razor sharp to use them as weapons.

7/3/2011 #22
Techno Skittles

Grah. Sorry this is so late. You're welcome to start anytime you would like

7/6/2011 #23

can i play 2 characters?

7/9/2011 #24
Techno Skittles

Of course you can. The rules state that the limit you can RP as is 3 characters.

7/9/2011 #25


Name:Tom Ark



Appearance:black hair spiked downward (kinda hard to explain, but its kinda like death the kid's hair), but the top of his head is yellow, the tips of the spikes are yellow, and theres a yellow stripe. also theres a spike sticking out on his left side' making him asymetrical. he has purple but theres a crimson T in his right pupil, and an M in the left. theres also a black O in the yellow stripe in his hair, so it spells TOM.

Personality:he is shy around new people, but he is a nice person. he's also a little paranoid, and Crimson is his only friend.

Hobbies/Interests:He likes listening to music, he listens to music on Crimson's phone, and they both share his headphone.

Specialty:sword or spear miester

Level:1 star

Weapon:Crimson Pain


Name:Crimson Pain




human form:Purple eyes and long brown hair. she is ALWAYS wearing her crimson jacket, the jacket says crimson in blue letters.

weapon form:A spear, with a 3 foot long handle, and the 5 inch long is shaped like the blade of a scimitar, but its a lot smaller.

Personality:She is a nice person, unless she is mad, and she gets angry a little too easily.

Hobbies/Interests:same as tom

Level:1 star

Meister:Tom Ark

7/9/2011 #26
Techno Skittles

You're welcome to begin anytime you'd like :)

7/10/2011 #27


Name: Saku Ichimonji

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Saku's appearance is one which reflects his personality, simply radiating of peace. His skin is practically snow white, causing it to almost glow like the moon, although there is the slight tan which comes with all skin tones, indicating the flow of blood through his veins. His facial structure is one of an average male, giving him a square but angled jaw, pointed nose, high cheekbones, and thin, flesh-colored lips.

His hair is a very pale blonde, almost white but slightly sandy. A pale Champagne color, really. It is kept in a tight ponytail which rests on the boy's neck, free from the rest of his face as his "bangs" cover his forehead and just barely come before his eyes.

The blonde's eyes are a gentle, crystal blue. They are almond shaped, as most males are, the brows above them being thin and arched along the brow bone. The lashes are a tad longer than the average boy's, but nowhere near as long as a woman's.

His build is thin and muscular, typical for a near fully-grown man with broad shoulders and your basic six-pack abs. He stands at a height of 5'11", towering over his weapon which he can often use to his advantage. His arms and legs are also occupied by muscle.

Mr. Ichimonji tends to wear colors that match the rest of him; pure whites. He is normally found in a white suit including a pair of dress pants, button up shirt, wine red tie around his neck (possibly the only pigment in his wardrobe, or perhaps even his appearance.) Along with the outfit, he wears ivory loafers and a black cuff on his right hand, a silver emblem atop the fabric. If he isn't wearing this, he is most likely not at the academy in which case he finds no need in dressing up for his… Viper of a weapon.

Personality: Although Saku appears to be godly, he couldn't be more flawed. He tends to be extremely arrogant about everything and can do things without thinking. He also has a tad bit of a problem with keeping his anger controlled. Of course, the young man isn't one to randomly attack a person, but his voice gets much louder and strained, stress taking over his mind. He hardly ever smiles unless it's a lustrous grin or a smirk.

Another thing, he is shameless. He doesn't care about anyone around him, his flirting and seducing could possibly break someone's heart, but he could care less. Along with that, he is suave, collected, brusque, and greedy.

To sum it all up, he's an ass.

Also, he tends to be a neat freak. Of course, it's nothing compared to Kid's spazzes and rants, but he likes having everything organized and in stacks and constantly scolds his weapon for leaving things thrown aimlessly along the floor.


+Women; he tends to use them quite often…

+Drinking; only when he's extremely stressed or just needing a good time.

+Poetry; both reading and writing.

+Reading; it tends to be his only way of escaping.

+Cleaning up after/ Taking care of his weapon; not that he enjoys it, but it must be done.

+Sleeping with his weapon; friends with benefits. There's no emotion behind it.

+Tidying up; although it's really more of a habit.

+Cooking; it's required of a gentleman.

+Charming and flirting; pretty much his life.

Specialty (ex. Sycthemeister, Shadow weapon meister): Machine Gun Mesiter (Very ironic to his calm, collected exterior)

Level (1 star etc.): [Bear with me here, these two are flawed to the bone) 2 star; which he and his weapon love to hold above everyone else's heads.

Weapon: Hoshiko Takata


Name: Hoshiko Takata

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Hoshiko's skin is of a pale color as well, although when next to her meister, she makes him appear almost ghostly. She has the average skin tone for a Japanese female. Her face is a heart shape, giving her a pointed jaw and curved sides as well as high cheekbones. Her nose is a bit pointed upward, the bridge arching and supporting the rest.

Miss. Takata's hair reflects her personality, being wild and uncaring. Although it is often left down, it can also be found in a ponytail resting on one of her shoulders. It is layered to the point where the top is all short, cropped off. The rest is long and reaches her waist with ease. The color is ebony on the top, the bottom being a blonde color, the same shade of that tipping her bangs. Her hair is very choppy and often left disassembled.

Her eyes are that of a striking emerald green, not quite matching anything that is on her including clothes and hair. They are also large, giving her an innocent look, despite the personality which lies beneath them. The lids, eyelashes, and waterlines are covered in dark, heavy make-up. The eyelashes are lengthy and always covered in mascara, the brows above them being thin and pointed.

Her build is something she uses to her advantage a bit too often. She stands at an average height of 5'6", her legs being long as her torso is average sized. Her shoulders are rounded but broad, her form being muscular, but not bulky. She has the right curves, her hips and skinny stomach giving her an hour-glass figure. Her breasts are large, which is what she uses to manipulate men and get just what she wants. This may make her a bit of a whore, yes.

To describe her clothing, she tends to have the look of an emo/goth/scene/punk kid. Hoshiko enjoys wearing a T-shirt which is slim-fitted and tight around her torso, exposing the skin of her stomach and part of her hip. The sleeves don't cover her shoulders, slanting and completely exposing her right shoulder. The design is striped being black and white, a white skull placed in the center. She wears a black pencil mini-skirt which doesn't do much justice in covering her up all too well. Along with that is a pair of neon pink fishnet tights, black and white striped socks which reach just slightly past her knees, and a pair of knee-high black Converse sneakers.

Personality: Hoshiko is pretty much the polar opposite of her partner, being the most arrogant, ignorant, irritable, snarky, rude, sarcastic, irresponsible, childish, cunning, witty, manipulative, and vile person you could ever come across. She can get under one's skin in a millisecond, given she can find what really makes them tick. This is only a sample of her flaws, however. She refuses to appear weak and crying is something which she hasn't done in years and does not plan to do anytime soon.

She often enjoys pestering other people and down-right harassing them. Another thing, she can be a total slob and not care for anything. Often times she is blunt and gives off that "Fuck off, I don't care" attitude.

Although she is most often like this, there is a part of her— if you dare try and find it— that is kind and caring. This side, however, has only ever been shown to Saku which he likes to think of as Hoshiko's "alter ego" or "split personality". Only because these two personalities which she shows are about as similar as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.


+Drinking; often takes up most of her time.

+Using others; she often does this to her advantage

+Screamo music; she's also taught herself to do the pig squeal which can get under people's skin.

+Pestering Saku; it's just too much fun to watch his face redden and his veins stick from his forehead in utter rage.

+Hand-to-hand combat; despite the fact she's a weapon.

+Annoying others; it's fun…

+Being right; something she enjoys all too much.

+Sleeping with her meister; again, friends with benefits ;3

+Medicine and anatomy; she finds the need to study it in her free time, although she is quick to forget and must read it several times to actually have it partically memorized. It's something she must work for rather than it coming to her naturally.

Level: 2 (Which seems to be the only thing about her which isn't flawed.)

Meister: Saku Ichimonji

7/17/2011 . Edited 7/18/2011 #28
Techno Skittles

You may begin RP-ing as these characters as well. Just keep in mind that you have now reached your 3 character limit.

7/18/2011 #29

((Thank you, thank you. I must wonder though, what is this whole ordeal with Maka, Kid, and Soul's children? Aren't they around sixteen-years-old? Was there a time skip? Sorry, I'm just very confused XD))

7/18/2011 #30
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