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Another one? Yep. Roleplay as your favorite canon characters or as some of your OC's! Join?
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Techno Skittles

This is where everyone can come to just hang out when out of character. :)

12/31/2010 #1

Hi =)

Is this forum based around the manga or anime?

1/18/2011 #2
Techno Skittles

Um. That's not really decided, but I guess if I had to say, it'd be a mixture of both? I'd really like to stick to the manga, though, because a lot of interesting things are happening there. But since the anime's already over, it's easier to go along with that since it can't change up on us, correct? ;)

So, really, either one.

1/18/2011 #3

I can create an OC or I can take the role of some cannon characters that are needed =) I'm not very good at portraying some of them but I'll give it my best =)

1/18/2011 #4
Techno Skittles

Go right ahead! The more the merrier! We are in need of some cannon characters (given that we only have 3 at the moment), but I'm not pushing you to get one. Do whatever you like.

Perhaps suggest to some friends? ;)

1/18/2011 #5

Ok will do =) I can take the role of Soul, Kid or Justin Law. Or all three, I'm not fussed.

Would it be possible to have an update of what's happening?

1/19/2011 . Edited 1/19/2011 #6
Techno Skittles

There's 2 ways that I know of to do so.

One: comment on one of the topics. You get an email for everytime someone adds something


Two: Subscribe to the forum. I'm pretty sure you get emails on that as well (I've never done it).

And thank you!!! We definitely need some guy charas. -.-

1/19/2011 #7
Van the Key of Lain

Hey, does Emiko still want to RP Liz and Kid? (I noticed she RP'd Kid briefly but isn't credited as taking his role)

I'd be really nice to have them both in this.

3/7/2011 #8
Techno Skittles

Emiko wasn't playing as Kid. Not really anyways. We just needed to add him in, so technically everyone played as him.

I didn't include this in the rules, but if a character isn't taken by anyone, they can be used by anyone to an extent.

And I would love to let you have Kid, but you already have 3 RP charas. Sorry. :) But that is in the rules

3/7/2011 #9
Van the Key of Lain

Hey, that's perfectly alright. As much as I do love Kid, I'd rather someone else play him for this; or perhaps if we get some more people in here; I may opt to trade Soul out for Kid. Hehe.

I saw you just signed for Medusa, so you're out too. XD

Maybe I can co-ox a friend on here to join. X3 She might play as Kid and some other canons.

Or maybe Blood?

Aw, no more Liz. ; - ;

Come on people! Come here and play! XD

3/7/2011 #10
Techno Skittles

Yeah, Liz just says RP-ing isn't her thing. And I understand (since I know her personally and all). The only reason she joined to begin with is because when I first started this, I was the only one. :/ I got lonely and coaxed her to join.

But now that there are more people, although I'm sad to see her go, I completely understand won't force her to stay.

Patty needs a new big sis, though

3/7/2011 #11

Sorry It's taken me so long to respond, I haven't been keeping up with fanfiction an awful lot lately because I had no reason to but if I join up then I have a reason lol XD

So.....What canon characters do you need essentially?

I just thought I'd point out that on the list you have Eibon and Noah separate but they are the same person lol XD Not nagging just thought I'd alert you to it =)

3/20/2011 . Edited 3/20/2011 #12
Techno Skittles

In the manga perhaps, but there isn't a Noah in the anime, but there is an Eibon, so I just thought I'd list them both. :P

Um, the only person who I can think of that we would remotely need is Tsubaki so that Black*Star can finally have his weapon. You don't have to play her if you don't want to, though. Just a suggestion.

You can be anyone you want that's not taken. Just remember you have up to 3 characters to play as. OC's are welcome if you have any (but they are included in the 3 character count).

3/20/2011 #13

Arr yes, fair point lol =D

Sure I can take the role of Tsubaki =)

Other characters I had in mind are Spirit, Marie, Ragnarok, Justin Law or Giriko. I can't decide which ones lol XD

3/20/2011 #14
Techno Skittles

I could help you pick one of those. Chrona just joined (2 days ago maybe?) so he might need a Ragnarok.

3/20/2011 #15

Ok cool =) I'll leave my third space open until i've joined the RP-Ing a little more then decide whether to take another canon or create an OC =D

3/20/2011 #16
Van the Key of Lain

Hey, Tech... just wanted to say

A: I love the last posts you made - about Maka trying to puzzle her feelings/lack of, and

B: In case you are interested, or wondering yourself, have you read my SE fanfic?

3/21/2011 #17
Techno Skittles

A: Thank you. I'm usually not good with thoughtshots. ^^; I'm working on them.

B: Actually, no I haven't. In fact, I haven't really read any fanfics that have been updated in the past week. I'm trying to finish Amplify before I read anything else. Maybe once I'm done though?

3/22/2011 #18
Techno Skittles

Hey, quick question. I was just reading an SE NOT! chapter and I was wondering if you guys think I should include the SE NOT! charas in the cannon chara list. I realize it's a little hard to pick out their complete personalities in just 3 chapters, but some people can manage. Not to mention, there's a chance no one will sign up as them, but better to give people the option.

And I'm rambling now so I think I'll stop here.

4/5/2011 #19
Van the Key of Lain

I agree to add them. They are part of the canon universe and it does give people more options. :3

4/6/2011 #20

Tada! Welcome to the OOC universe. I'm your guide Alice-san

Sorry... felt the way to do that...

*Evil grin* Luna left Hestia, Ayano and Mao alone... hehe... Now we need Techno-san to rescue us from our small dilemma! And none responds on my B*S comment in the DWMA topic!

5/21/2011 #21
Deidara The Clay Artist


5/21/2011 #22

Hestia-chan and Ayano-chan are waiting at the moment...

Techno-senpai was on a bit earlier, I think. Otherwise, I don't know *___*

Hopefully we'll be able to get this thing flowing again like it was a few weeks ago.~

5/21/2011 #23
Techno Skittles

Hmm. Techno-san. It has a nice ring to it XD

Don't worry! I've actually been paying attention to everyone's posts. And I'll respond to your B*S comment soon. I don't really have time to think about responses because I have a huge end-of-year test on Monday (that really decides on whether I pass the course or not) and I have a lot of studying to do for it.

And then there's a lot of other end-of-year stuff that I'm focused on so. . .

Oh, and I got grounded on top of everything. So now I only get the comp on weekends. ._.

But I promise to reply to it soon!

P.S. What is Medusa supposed to be doing right now? I forgot. ^^;

5/21/2011 #24

Wow yeah... I want that flow back!

My forum is DEAD ya know

Still, it has almost 3000 posts!

5/21/2011 #25
Deidara The Clay Artist

Hmm What should i do?

5/21/2011 #26

Ah there you are!

Don't play hide and seek anymore *Dramatical face*

Stardust and I were worrying (Wow! We sound like over protective parents right now!)

Monday is a busy day for me too. The end of the year is coming and teachers need to finish their year by drowning us in the books... Monday I've three important tests: History, Greek and Latin... not fun...

5/21/2011 #27

Ah, hello Techno-senpai~ ^^

I don't really know what Medusa's supposed to being doing right now, to be honest... I forgot as well. XD

And that's stinks :( How long were yhu grounded for?

Huh, this is weird. We all go from being perfectly in characters for weeks and on all the time, and look at us now, all together again in the OOC chat (Well, not Moonlight. XD).

5/21/2011 #28
Techno Skittles

Do anything you'd like. As of now, Maka & Kid are looking for Than (another OC). And Chrona, Patty, Jazz (Than's weapon), Soul, & Liz are waiting for them and Black Star has just joined. You could meet up with the second group if you'd like. Tsubaki and Ragnarok haven't been active in awhile, so I'm actually about to re-open the positions to anyone who wants them. I'll do that sometime next month.

If you want (I really don't suggest this unless you have A LOT of time on your hands), you could actually read as far back into the RP as you can. It wasn't very interesting at first, and there are times where it gets confusing since we keep jumping from topic to topic, but it's good background information. That, or we can explain it to you as we go along.

Have fun~!

5/21/2011 #29

Poor us...

My dad got mad at me today cause I was too late for a party I didn't know of. Now I don't get an Iphone, and I'm mad!!!!

You're not going to believe me but... I also forgot what Medusa was supposed to do... I'm gonna read it! (Best plan of today!)

5/21/2011 #30
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