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Done ^_^

Well, should I post something for you to read? Do you want read my uber M rated drabble? It's pure gore no sexual content...

Or should I post something little less bloody? Past drabbles? Really random drabbles?

7/28/2011 #61

Heh, my stories (or even one-shots) are far too long XD

But I do plan to write some SE fics soon.... I need to write so many! I'll work on them tonight as I camp-out in mah bonus room XD We just painted my room, so I can't exactly sleep in there with all the cluttered furniture and paint fumes.

7/28/2011 #62

Hm... I should probably think of something now XD

7/28/2011 . Edited 7/28/2011 #63

Haha! I just inspired myself to get all the fics I have written down on my computer, so I'm typing up an Ouran High School Host Club fic

7/28/2011 #64

Anyone online right now? I'm bored again

7/29/2011 #65
Mischievous Mayhem

Dark Puppet, I'm very bored aswell. xD

7/29/2011 #66

Too bad for the drabble topic... Would some like to read everything I can find on my computer? I'll send it to you through PM if you want. Be warned, It can be over 20000 words long (in total of course)...

7/29/2011 #67

Yup... and the most "entertaining," if you could call it that, thing that I did in the last hour was script a 19 minute video clip.

And now I have nothing to do again x3

7/29/2011 #68

So you wanna read that collection of drabbles I found? It's part one of the... maybe three... Most of them are oc but I can find the folder with my Kid Crona drabbles O_o

We need to set up a new Rp plot again...

Btw. Sorry for the slow post, was watching Fairy Tail xD

7/29/2011 #69

I finally finished Soul Eater!


7/31/2011 #70
Techno Skittles

The anime?

7/31/2011 #71

Yes, ma'am.

7/31/2011 #72

Anyone online? It seems like this haven't been active for a bit now...

8/11/2011 #73

Yes I'm here! Finally... I've been re-writing my story 3 times since everyone dissapeared! And I only got 2 reviews of my friends... Well, I love they review my stories but I want reviews of others who also love my stories... It's just that I fail so terribly at starting stories. I've an amazing plot on my mind... TT_TT

8/11/2011 #74

Whoops, late reply! Note to self: Don't make GIFs and wait for replies at the same time.

I wanna hear the story! Do you have a summary yet?

Oh, and you remember how you told me about Matryoshka? You've gotten me obsessed with it and now it's one of my favorite songs... C: (I've listened to it like a million times now in an hour~)

8/11/2011 #75

I think you'll like Panda Hero too if you love Matryoshka. It's made by the same songwriter.

Uhh yeah. I posted a new chapter some hours ago but it sucks untill now. My super plot will be called: the Fall of Shibusen. and I already finished it. But I still need to set up the plot before I can post my ultimate arc of evil.

Since you know my insane Oc Luna, you'll also know how insane that arc will be O__o

8/11/2011 #76

Oops, another super late reply...

Actually, I know the song Panda Hero. Another one of my favorites ^^

Knowing Luna, I'm going to assume it'll definitely be insane!

Okays now I'm bored and wanna RP but I dunno if anyone's even online right now...

8/18/2011 . Edited 8/18/2011 #77

I'm currently getting to many mails from FF, I just don't know anymore which one is for which forum...

Uhhh annoying -____-

I'm happy! I watched Fairy Tail up to ep 92 and I'm going to a con soon.

Too bad that I couldn't find a cool cosplay...

8/18/2011 #78

Lucky... I have to wait until April till the next con around where I live. :(

Wanna RP? I'm bored and to be honest I don't even know where we left off.

8/18/2011 #79

I live in quite a small country and there are in total 3 yearly cons here. I could get everywhere in one maybe two hours.

Alright, I've no idea too where we're now

8/18/2011 #80

Hmmm, last I remember there was the room and then back in the infirmary and then the confession about how Luna's inner self would kill Ayano and stuff... that's all I got. XD

8/18/2011 . Edited 8/18/2011 #81

Exactly. That what I remember too.

I'm going to read a little back

8/18/2011 #82

Holy crap... it's been over 2 months. :O

(And of course I decided to go on here and see if anyone else is at the most random time.)

10/6/2011 #83

Well this place seems dead. Join: ity-s-Next-Gen/137740/ a live and young Soul Eater rp that needs new members. Become a student, a witch, a teacher, or an Of (tons left including Death and Soul). Or you can yell at me and this place might come alive again.

7/25/2013 #84
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