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Techno Skittles

Anywhere in Death City for your characters to just hang out.

Note: Whenever you are going to go to a new place, list which place that is in bold at the top of message. Entering a store doesn't have to be named, instead say "Shopping". Just give us a general idea.

12/31/2010 #1
Van the Key of Lain

Outskirts of Deah City; Desert

It was quiet outside the city. The wind blew slightly as the evening hours began to set in. Soon it would be rather dark outside, as well as rather cold.

The quietness was soon broken as what sounded like a short burst of crackling could be heard. At first it was short, and choppy like. Then it grew longer. Flickers of crackling lighting began to streek outward from some hidden spot just above the desert floor. It continued until what appeared to be a rip tore open in the air.


From the tear, a figure flew fowarded. The blueish-white glowing of what appeared to be a weapon shone bright behind the figure. It was as if this person had been fighting something, and in mid battle, was suddened transported elsewhere. As such, the figure unceremoniously crashed into the desert sand below; the weapon skidding off to the side.

The crackling tear flickered and in a last flash of light and sound, was no more. Again, the desert was as silent as it had been before.

"What...what the hell?" The weapon spoke.


The weapon... which was stuck partly in the sand, began to glow softly, and was soon replaced by a young man. Picking himself up, he smacked his jeans a few times before looking around. 'How did we end up back here?' He thought.

"Pppttth... ahh..." The other figure stirred, pulling his face out from a large sandpile. He brushed his face off, picking himself up.

"Oi, Than... you alright?" The older youth called to the other. 'Than' in turn, brushed away as much sand from his pants as he could.

"Yeah..." Looking up, the younger boy turned to the older one. "What happened? One minute we're about to decapitate that pre-kishin, and then...that light..." He looked out across the stretch of desert. "Now we're back at Death City. Did that stupid thing teleport us?"

"I dunno..." The older man spoke, running a hand through his shaggy white hair. "Since we're here, you think we should report this? The intellegence gathered on that creature never included it could transport people."

Than looked away, then back to the other and nodded.

"Yeah, let's go. We'd need to get to a mirror anyway to get back there in time, and this new information might prove a useful advantage."

The white haired man grinned, showing off a set of sharp pointy teeth. "See, I keep telling Grey*Star that you're not so dumb."

"Shut up, Jazz." Than growled lightly, beginning their walk towards the city.

This had been one hell of a crazy day already, so what else could possibly be any crazier than being teleported back home?

3/5/2011 #2
Techno Skittles

(( Ooooh! Interesting! Too bad I don't know how to reply back as either of my charas :/ [Especially not Patty] Maybe once I think of something. . . ))

3/5/2011 #3
Van the Key of Lain

Death City Streets

"Stone pavement, thank you Lord Death!" Jazz fell to his knees upon entering the main street of Death City. Than roled his eyes, muttering something about 'old people and idiots'.

"I hate sand. Why, again, do we live in the middle of a damn desert?" Jazz harped as he removed his shoes, sand pouring out from them.

Than ignored the question and waited for his partner to finish ridding his shoes of sand. The walk hadn't been all too far, but both of them were tired from the day's events and involving fights. It was a bit taxing to say the least. If it hadn't been for the fact that he and Jazz had untimely left behind the rest of their group, Than would opt to just go home instead.

"Just hurry up. We have to report this new information, come up with a new tactic, and get back to everyone as quick as possible."

"Yeah, I got it, but relax, alright? Grey*Star and Chronos are more than capable of holding that thing down for us; if not take it out in the time being."

Jazz finished putting on his sneekers and hopped back up.

"Regardless, I don't want to just leave them there like that. They could think we...that that thing..." Than trailed off.

"Than, it'll be okay." Jazz rested a hand on the boys head, ruffling his jet black hair. The younger squirmed and looked up at the older man; his expression one of aggitation. Jazz laughed and pulled away.

"Alright, let's get going then. No need to have anyone worry."


The two once again began to make their way towards the DWMA.

3/5/2011 #4
Techno Skittles

Looking up dazedly at the stars in the pitch black sky above her, Patty walked along the street of Death City, looking for something interesting to do. She sighed deeply and traced each building she passed with her eyes, dismissing them in her mind when she found no interest in them.

"Sis is out shopping with Blair and Kid-kun's fixing up the house, so he told me to go somewhere for a few hours," she mused to herself. "But what am I supposed to do?"

Spotting a tuft of white hair in the distance, she smiled to herself. "Maybe Soul-kun and Maka-chan will play with me!" she excalimed. Waving frantically, she began calling out her friend's name, asking for his attention. "Soul! Hey, Soul-kun!"

3/5/2011 #5
Van the Key of Lain

Jazz and Than continued their trek towards their destination, until Than noticed Jazz had stopped moving. Turning back towards his partner, Than rose an eyebrow.

"Jazz, what's wrong?"

Jazz looked slightly confused.

"I thought I just heard someone calling for Dad..." Jazz turned around to look behind him. He didn't see anyone sticking out from the few people walking along the streets that would look like his father.

'Odd...but who'd be looking for Dad at this hour?'

"You sure you heard right?" Than asked, walking back towards the taller male.

"Pretty sure..." Jazz looked back again.

This time, it seemed there was someone coming towards them; a mass of blond bobbing back and forth and waving their arms frantically.

"Aunt Patty?" Jazz squinted his eyes. Than tilted his head, also looking towards the woman.

"I thought she was away on a Death Scythe mission?"

The two stood slightly dumbfounded.

3/5/2011 #6
Techno Skittles

Eager at the possibility of hanging out with someone, Patty sped up into a jog towards the white-haired figure. She continued to wave her hand and smiled when she saw that he had spotted her.

But for some reason he wasn't waving back. He just stood there looking. . .well, it was too far to tell from here. Desperate to get a response from him, she called out again. "Soul-kun!"

Patty's steps faltered when she finally noticed the person standing next to him. Was that. . .was that Kid? But wasn't he at Gallow Mansion, straightening things up? That's the whole reason she was out here wasn't it? Unless, it was just some plot to get rid of her for a few hours.

Slightly miffed, Patty frowned and called out her meister's name as well. "Hey, Kid-kun! What are you doing with Soul?"

Both of them continued to silently stare at her and she ran closer to them, weaving through a few stray people on the sidewalk.

3/5/2011 #7
Van the Key of Lain

Than seemed to jump a bit as the woman approching them called out "Kid-kun", turning to look behind him like he'd just been caught doing something wrong.

Jazz, still watching the girl approach, spoke to his Miester.

"I don't think that's Aunt Patty anymore; though I sware she looks exactly like her."

Than turned back to him, feeling a sence of unease growing in his stomach.

"I'm not getting good vibes about this, Jazz."

Jazz 'hmph'ed and turned back to the approching girl.

"Yo!" He called out, giving a short wave. He nudged Than to do the same, who gave a hesitant wave and nervous chuckle.

3/5/2011 #8
Techno Skittles

Patty's shoulders relaxed when Soul called out "Yo!" and waved to her, Kid following suit and waving soon after. She finally caught up to them and bent over panting, exhausted from her run down the street. Despite her tiredness, Patty looked up and smiled at the two. "Hey guys! Whatcha-" The demon gun cut herself short and stood up straighter, looking directly at Soul. She stared at him intently without a sound and just stood there.

Without warning, her hands reached out and gripped the side of Soul's face and brought it closer to hers until they were no more than an inch apart. The white-haired teen jumped in surprise and attempted to pull back, but Patty kept a firm hold on him.

"Soul? Why are your eyes blue?"

3/5/2011 #9
Van the Key of Lain

Having his face grabbed by a random girl, it was understandable when the white haired male jumped in surprise and attempted to free himself. However, this girl's grip was rather strong. He was a bit impressed, but still a bit unnerved. The neverous feeling grew as she stared into his eyes.

"Soul? Why are your eyes blue?" She spoke.

"Becwause HI'm Nwot Swol." The male spoke as best he could with his face held tight in her hands.

Than stood rooted to his spot, watching the scene before him.

Who was this girl? She looked a little older than himself...perhaps more around Mika's age?

'Why do I get the feeling this day just got even more crazier?'

3/5/2011 #10
Techno Skittles

"Becwause HI'm Nwot Swol."

Patty silently stared at the person in front of her, the serious expression she had adopted for the situation looking out of place with her childish features. Kid stood off to the side, watching the her squeeze Soul's face as she studied him some more.

"Pfffft!" she blurted out and let go of his face. She doubled over, clutching her stomach as laughter racked her torso, resounding deeply in her chest and stomach, making her jiggle in her womanly places and her hair bounce as it joined her in her laughter. The two boys stared at her like she'd gone crazy as she continued to laugh, eyes shut tight, tears gathering at the corners threatening to spill down her face.

"Of course you're Soul, Silly! You look exactly like him! You know, except for the blue eyes."

3/5/2011 #11
Van the Key of Lain

"Well, yeah, I got my mother's eyes..." Jazz ran a hand through his hair, trying not to stare at the bouncy girl infront of him.

"Yeah, that, and aside from your freaky phobia, that's all you got from her." Than snorted quiety.

"Oh, like you're one to talk, Mr. Short Tempered Mental Disorder."

The two boys seemed to glower at one another.

3/5/2011 #12
Techno Skittles

"Hahaha!" Patty laughed. "I don't get anything you guys are saying!" She went into another hysterical fit, this time earning a few glances from passer-by. "So, Soul," she spoke up when she was done. "Where's Maka?"

3/5/2011 #13
Van the Key of Lain

Than and Jazz stopped bickering and looked to the girl. They shared a glance and looked back to her.

" home?"

This was getting really weird.

3/5/2011 #14
Techno Skittles

Patty tilted her head to the side, putting a slender finger on her chin and gazing up at the two with her large, innocent eyes. "Really? Then I'll head there now!" She turned around and walked off in the other direction without a word of goodbye to the two boys.

3/5/2011 #15
Van the Key of Lain

Jazz just stood there wondering what to say to the departing girl. Than however, finally opted to speak.

"You're going the wrong way!" The younger boy called out, noticing the girl was moving away from the direction of the Gallows Mansion.

3/5/2011 #16
Techno Skittles

Patty continued walking, humming a upbeat tune softly to herself. Her arms swung back and forth at her sides as she strided down the sidewalk. She paused when she thought that one of the boys had said something to her, but shrugged it off quickly and headed to Maka and Soul's apartment.

3/5/2011 #17
Van the Key of Lain

"Shouldn't you go after her?" Jazz pointed towards the departing girl, still walking in the opposite direction.

Than grumbled under his breath and pinched the bridge of his nose.

"I'm heading home... You go report what we found. I'm starting to get a headache, and this nervous feeling I have is really bothering me."

Jazz nodded and turned towards the school. He looked towards the boy before departing his own way.

"You gonna be alright?"

Than nodded, and gave a weak smile.

"Yeah...just gonna grab something to settle my stomach and nerves."

Than turned and began to make his way towards the Gallows.

"Meet you by the old basketball court in an hour, alright?"

"Right." Jazz grinned and Than grinned back in return.

Thus, the two boths parted ways; each still wondering upon their encounter with that strange, yet bubbly girl.

She really did seem like Aunt Patty.... but that couldn't be....


3/5/2011 #18
Techno Skittles

Patty walked up the steps of Maka and Soul's apartment and knocked on the door.

(( Kay. Switching over to the next topic now ))

3/5/2011 #19
Van the Key of Lain

Jazz continued towards the DWMA, lost in his own thoughts.

What had happened to him and Than earlier? Did that Pre-Kishin really just shunt them out here at Death City's front gates? It seemed like it, but...why did something seem...amiss?

'It's like, there's some sort of secret I'm not being told. Bah, maybe I'm just being paranoid. Though that girl...'

There was that too. Who was that girl? How had she know of his father and Kid? Why did she seem so much like his Aunt Patty?

All this and more stirred in the GunScythe's mind. Before he knew it, Jazz was already asending the steps to the large academy. Perhaps Lord-Death or 'Shinigami-sama', as their group called him, would be able to shed some light on this odd little plight.

3/5/2011 #20
Techno Skittles

Streets of Death City

Maka and Patty walked along the dark streets of Death City, heading over to Gallow Mansion to further investigate the Soul and Kid "clones" of which Patty spoke of. Of course, Maka logically considered that maybe Patty was making all of this up to simply amuse herself, but also realized that if Patty did in fact come up with such a case, she wouldn't be treating it so seriously by telling others. She would've simply entertained her mind with the investigation on her own. So while this mystery wasn't a lie, Maka couldn't be too sure if it was accurate either.

So a good way to go was to ask Kid. He was sure to come up with something.

Patty patted Maka's arm to get the young girl's attention. "Hey, Maka-chan! Just a heads up: Kid-kun's straightening the mansion for his monthly cleaning, so be careful not to upset him by touching anything!" Maka nodded in understanding and walked up the steps to Gallow Mansion, letting Patty lead her inside.

3/7/2011 #21
Van the Key of Lain

Streets/Outside DWMA

Jazz had made his way back outside, not really paying much mind to anyone who'd passed by him; the occasional student, or a random teacher. His mind was too focused on why he hadn't recieved an answer.

Maybe he'd been in a meeting? Eh, it was possible, but unlikly. He'd have opened the door for Jazz anyway. Hmm....

Jazz pushed the thoughts out of his head for the moment; rather filling it with random thoughts about anything else. If he consentrated too long on one thing, he was likely to over exert himself in thinking on the topic. So he often pushed aside the higher thinking and gave himself time to approach it from another angle.

As he cleared the numerous steps leading up to the academy, Jazz felt a lurching in his stomach. It wasn't from hunger, that was for sure. He wondered briefly if it was from nerves. He turned towards the Gallows, beginning his trek. The need to see Than was beginning to build up, and for a moment he had to wonder if something was wrong.

But what?

3/9/2011 #22
Van the Key of Lain

Death City Streets

Jazz ran through the streets, the churning in his stomach making the uneasy feeling multiply ten fold. He didn't know what it could be, but something just felt very wrong. Was Than okay? Was he in trouble?

'Oh no... please don't let something be wrong with him.'

Jazz had remembered a few occasions in which something had managed to collapse Than's usually strong mature resolve. The results were usually not pretty. Once, he'd unknowingly unleashed a wave of power that cause a fair amount of damage. Another time he'd just went a bit catatonic.

Jazz grunted, and sprinted even faster. The Gallows were in sight.

'Than...hang on.'

3/9/2011 #23
Techno Skittles

Outskirts of Death City

A rogue, hooded figure stepped out of the shadows into the smiling moon's light. Their bare feet hardly made a sound against the cobblestoned street. The wind played with their hood, making it flap side to side but never succeeding in unmasking the figure.

The figure looked up at the top of Death City where Shibusen made its home, evilly smirking. "Shibusen Academy. Long time no see, eh?" They looked over their shoulder and snapped. "Chrona, come forth. I have a new mission for you."

A frail, pink-haired boy stepped out from the shadows, clutching his left arm tightly with his right hand. "Y-yes, Medusa-sama."

Medusa turned and faced forward again, looking over Death City again with a spark of greed in her snake-like eyes. "As you know, the Black Blood experiment is a success," she began smiling proudly at her own genious. "But now I would like to take it to further levels.

"Maka Albarn and Soul Eater. They were infected with the Black Blood as well." She turned around fully to face her son with her hands on her hips. "I want you to bring them to me. I have some testing to do on them."

Chrona nervously looked behind his mother at the city before them, shaking violently. His eyes darted from building to building, never resting for more than two seconds. Finally, he looked back at his mother, the witch Medusa, and nodded.

"I-I will, Medusa-sama. I'll bring them to you."

3/13/2011 #24
Techno Skittles

Chrona and Medusa stalked along the streets of Death City, searching for their subjects of interest. Medusa halted in her footsteps out of nowhere and chuckled quietly. "Chrona!" she called. "We wait here."

A venom filled smile etched across her face while her eyes narrowed into reptile-like slits. "It seems as if Maka and Soul are coming to us. And with company, too."

3/13/2011 #25
Van the Key of Lain

Death City Streets

He was being pulled towards the center of town, and he wasn't sure why. The closer he got, the more his scar started to ache.

Soul didn't let it get to him. He couldn't. He just had to trust in himself that this was what he needed to be doing.

"Hang on Maka!" He called, and willed himself to go even faster.

3/13/2011 #26
Techno Skittles

DC Streets

Maka urged herself to run faster, digging her heels into the ground and pushing herself farther to reach her destination. The closer she got to the source of the powerful soul wavelength, the more of a strain she felt on her own soul and mind. She grunted in annoyance. Soul perception sure could be an ass. Yet without it, she'd never know that Medusa had entered the city. That would've be a disaster.

Another soul, this one smaller in size compared to Medusa's, finally made itself known. It must've been hidden by the power of the snake witches soul. That didn't seem very hard to do considering how timid and lost it was.

"Chrona," whispered Maka. The demon swordsman was here and was with her. Maka growled at the back of her throat and pushed herself even harder, making herself go faster as she left everyone behind.

'Get ready to get your rotten ass kicked, Medusa.'

3/13/2011 #27
Van the Key of Lain

Death City Streets; Other side of town

Jazz and Than had left the Gallows behind, and were currently following the trails of Maka and Patty. Or at least, the presumed path they had taken, for neither girl was in either of their sights.

"Than, go on ahead! You have to find them, and quick. I'll catch up!" Jazz shouted.

"Just transform now and -"

"No, you'll make better speed without me for right now. Just go!"

Than grunted, and gave a nod. Both of them continued running down the street, but soon Than vered off away from Jazz. As he did, Than looked around, trying to find - there!

The young boy practically jumped up the small flight of stairs connected to a small business. As he reached the top, he launched himself threw the air. Throwing his hands out, Than proceeded to snap both middle fingers, pointed and shouted.


A dark, almost black crackling energy shot forth from his hands, and swirled around them. In one fluid movement, he waved his hands across his feet, and the energy swirled around them. A second later; his normal shoes were now covered by a pair of bright orange and red styled In-line skates.

As Than came down, he landed hard onto the ground and shot off; the momentum propelling him down the street as he skated. Jazz as right. He had to find them, and quick. Jazz would be right behind him.

The young reaper shuttered. He could feel the wicked soul's tainting everything. It got stronger the closer he came to the source. Than grit his teeth. He was the only one in their group that had been blessed with the gift of Soul Perception.

Gift his ass. More than often if was a damn curse.

3/13/2011 #28
Techno Skittles

The two blondes continued to weave through alleys and narrow pathways, sprinting down streets and hopping flights of stairs, rushing to get to the center of the town where the soul's power was emitting from. Maka ran ahead of Patty, but Patty kept up a good pace, only five or six steps behind.

Maka rounded a corner, her lungs burning with the desperate need for oxygen. But she couldn't stop running. She had to find Medusa and put a stop to whatever she was planning to do. And remembering all of her past occurences with the witch, they would not be good.

The soul wavelength almost knocked her backwards it was so close. She had the sensation of running through tar and unwillingly slowed down due to the waves coming at her. "Crap," she muttered.

And there she was. Medusa. Just up ahead. Maka's eyes narrowed dangerously and she gritted her teeth together. Letting out an enraged scream, she pushed herself past all of the waves pushing her away, heading straight for the witch.

3/13/2011 #29
Van the Key of Lain

Death City Center

He was finally here. He was finally at the center of town, and his chest burned; the scar hurt.

Soul just kept moving. The crushing feeling; it was like the time he'd almost been consumed by the Black Blood.

And then he saw Maka. She was not too far away, and Soul thought he saw Patty as well somewhere behind his Miester.

Then he heard Maka scream and launch at...his gaze followed.


Soul launched towards her as well, only slightly off and yelled out.

"MAKA!" He screamed, and as he did; shifted himself and transformed into the all too familiar red and black Scythe.

As he flung himself threw the air, he could see himself entering his Meister's path. It would be quick. All Maka had to do was keep going, reach out and grab him.

3/13/2011 #30
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