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On the streets of Death City

Ayano giggled as she dragged Hestia through Death City.

"Hey, Hestia, I wanna get coffee. I'll meet you at your house!!"

"Do you even know where it is?"

Ayano opened her mouth, about to say something, when she closed it and shook her head.


Hestia rolled her eyes at Ayano's weird but cute personality and searched her pocket for a paper and pencil. She pulled out a newspaper scrap and an old pen. She scribbled down her address and handed it to Ayano.

"Okay, fine. See you there!"

4/5/2011 #121
The Moonlight Sonata

On the streets of Death City

Mao squinted her eyes as she looked at the price of the laptop.

"How much?" She asked the clerk.

"1,000 yen."

The clerk looked up to see Mao's shocked face. "Take it or leave it!" He yelled.

4/6/2011 . Edited 4/7/2011 #122

As Hestia left, Ayano set off for the nearest Deathbucks shop. Immediately she found one- she had memorized where all of them were, anyway (she's a coffeeholic). She dashed in and placed her usual order- she had been there so much that she didn't even say what.

"The usual!!"

An extra large mocha with three sugars was placed in front of her.

"That'll be about 300 yen," the clerk waited for her to pay.

She handed over the money and trotted out, back to Hestia's house. She sipped her coffee, ignoring the darkish hues of the evening sky.


Hestia sighed, hoping that Ayano was okay. Hopefully she didn't run into any trouble! I mean, she sort of acts like a child, she tends to easily fight with others... Hestia approached the door of her home and pulled out the key, unlocking it with a clicking noise. She walked in, trying not to worry to much about Ayano.

4/7/2011 #123

Center of Death City, Main Square

Luna walked down an alley and was on her way to the centre of the city. She stuck her hands into her pockets and continued on walking, completely ingnoring her surroundings. When she arrived at the main square she entered the local bookstore to check out their new collection. Not long after that she left the shop with over 10 books and walked down the street in the direction of her home. On the way home she passed a music store. In the display was standing a beautiful white violin for 350000 yen. She checked her budget and took sighted. Of course her budget was too low.

After a while she came up with a perfect idea. She took out her staff credit card. Only use in case of emergency was engraved on the back of it but she ignored it. Well, I can give my old one to the school and keep this new one. Then I'm buying something neccesary for the school. She thought and entered the shop, bought the violin and walked cheery in the direction of her home

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The Moonlight Sonata

Death City, Video Store

Mao looked down at her feet. "How much is the game?"

"1,000 yen."

"C'mon!" She leaned in closer to the clerk with a seductive smile. "How much now~?"

"Take it or leave it."

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As Ayano sipped her coffee and lazily strolled down the street, her pink cellphone rang rather loudly.

"WHAA! Oh."

She flipped open her phone.


On the other end, Hestia's voice sounded rather depressed.

"Hey, Ayano- before you come back, I just have something I need you to get me. I'll pay you back, don't worry."

"Ooookay! What is it?"

Hestia sighed.

"Go over to Death Electronics and get me a laptop. Like I said, I'll pay you back."

Ayano suddenly became curious.

"A laptop, eh? What do ya need to look up? Just go to Deathbucks, they have computers with FREE WI FI!"

Hestia sounded rather nervous now.

"Uhh... no, that's okay, it'd be much easier to just own one. Right? Yeah..."

Ayano shrugged, even though she knew she wasn't seen through the phone, only heard.

"Yuppers! I'll be back soooon! Bye bye, Hestia!"

"See you then..."

Ayano disconnected the call as Hestia's voice trailed off.

***A few minutes later! At the Death Electronics store!***

The weapon lugged a silver laptop onto the counter.

"Ohoho," laughed the clerk, who seemed to probably be in his 30's. "Aren't you a little young to be buying such an expensive thing, little girl? Be careful, this isn't a toy!"

Ayano paused for a second, and then burst out into laughter.

"HAHAHA!! I'M 16, BAKA!!!"

The clerk sweatdropped.

"Errr... anyway, miss. That's..." He checked the price. "...59325 yen."

Ayano pulled a 600 dollar bill from her pocket.

"I only have American money left, sorry. Just keep that, it's equal to the amount!"

But it wasn't, in fact. It was a whole 100 dollars less. Ayano didn't mind telling the clerk, though, considering he just took it and told her to have a nice day.

Ayano skipped back to Hestia's house, darkness of the night beginning to come. She heaved the heavy bag all the way back, not even breaking a sweat.

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The Moonlight Sonata

Death City, Hestia's House

Mao sagged, out of breath and depressed. She spotted Ayano.


4/9/2011 #127

Ayano turned around.

"Oh, hi..."

She opened the door to Hestia's house and walked in, curious of why Mao was in the front.

4/10/2011 #128
The Moonlight Sonata

Mao fell flat. "Did you know today was Bargain Day? Did you get anything?"

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((Sorry everything changed randomly... XD Hestia's with Luna at some tree- you'll have to view that yourself if you wanna know, I'm too lazy to explain- and Ayano's nearly having a panic attack all alone at Hestia's house, trying to sleep XDDDD)))

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The Moonlight Sonata

(( Lol my fault. I couldn't get on because of maintenance ))

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((Same thing happened to me yesterday DX I was forced to only looked at the comments until I could log in... :))

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The Moonlight Sonata

(( It was unbearable lol ))

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On the Streets, towards Death City's outskirts

Hestia looked down at the paper she clutched tightly in her right hand, Ayano holding her other hand.

"Sooo! Our first mission? COOL! Where is it? What do we needa do?"

Hestia looked at her and then intently at the paper.

"It's in California. The school thinks there's a kishin egg around there, because bodies are found without souls every two or whatever weeks."

"Oooookay... meaning what?"

"We need to stop it, of course. Pretty simple, I guess."

"Me agreed!"

Hestia came to the outskirts of Death City. The hot, desert air surrounded her, the sun panting in a pathetic tone. She stopped midway in, beads of sweat forming on her forehead. Ayano was breathing in a heavy fashion, making herself more tired with each dramatic, unnessasary breath.

"*Pant* Hestia... *Pant* ...Are we almost there... *Pant* ...I'm so freaking tired...*Pant*"

The meister rolled her eyes, turning away from Ayano.

"Yeah, we are. But, seriously, as it was, Death City's only, like, 3 or 4 miles away. We have a mile to go, so c'mon."

Ayano moaned dramatically before following Hestia.

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