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Techno Skittles

Where classes, tutoring, and other school related things take place. Also where Death Room meetings take place. Whenever you're starting a new class or event, state so in bold at the top of your post.

1/1/2011 #1

Kylie sighed, she was walking down the hallway to class. They'd probably would have to dissect something again. "Jeez," Kylie whispered as she continued not really wanting to be in the school that day at all.

1/2/2011 #2
Techno Skittles

Bubbling laughter sounded loudly in the halls as its source came skipping down the halls, blonde hair bouncing and long arms swinging. A large smile was spread across Patty's face as she slid to a stop outside of Class Crescent Moon and let out another squeal of laughter. "Gyahaha! Silly Kid!" she called out to no one in particular.

(( I'll do something for Maka later. ))

1/2/2011 #3

Kylie jumped back in surprise, she heard Patty yell out something about Kid. She sweat-dropped, the girl was always screaming out random things. She hurried down the hall to get into class.

1/2/2011 #4
Techno Skittles

Patty walked into the classroom and climbed the steps to her seat. She jumped on the seat and sat on her desk, smiling and singing quietly to herself. An occasional giggle would slip from her lips as she recalled the morning's events. Kid had a fit over something and his OCD was kicked into overdrive, so Liz had taken him to the nurse's office. Her miester was just too funny sometimes.

1/2/2011 #5

Kylie walked to her class. She entered the Crescent Moon class and walked to her seat. She didn't like being there that much. She didn't have a weapon yet and she couldn't really understand what it meant to actually have a weapon. She watched in amusement as Kid try to rearrange what he thought was "imperfect"

1/2/2011 #6
Techno Skittles

Patty took all of Kid's pencils and lined them up perfectly to which he praised her for making the pencils "absolutely symmetrical". She laughed at his worshipping and moved one of the pencils so that it was the only crooked one. Kid noticed this immediately and began screeching his displeasure at the "asymmetrical mess" and Patty began to laugh harder at his ranting. She fell off of her chair and wrapped her arms around her stomach which was beginning to ache as her laughter shook her body. She kicked her legs in amusement and laughed while Kid stood above her, hands buried in his black hair, ready to pull it out from frustration.

"Gyahahahaha!! Kid's freaking out again! Kid's freaking out again!" she said in her sing-song voice.

1/2/2011 #7

"Calm down!" Kylie said to Kid as she laughed along. "It's not like it's the end of the world." She wiped a couple of tears away as she watched Kid cry over something so ridiculous. "The King Of OCD. Ladies and gentleman," Kylie sang out. Some of the other students laughed aloud while other snickered. It always happened but it never stopped being funny.

1/2/2011 #8

Her heels clicking on the tile, Liz walked down the hallway, massaging her temple in annoyance. "Jeez, Kid, ya see one painting slightly askew and you just have to fix it. You can't just LEAVE IT ALONE and get on with your life, you have to make a big fuss and I gotta drag you to the nurse's office!" She continued her rant as she met the door of the classroom. "Maybe i didnt WANT to go to the nurse's office, MAYBE I wanted to get to class on time--" Liz paused mid-sentence as she swung the classroom door open. The sight before her made her consider her previous words. The student body was laughing as her meister lay on the floor in a fetal position crying his eyes out. Ya know, the nurse's office did have a good supply of lollipops...

1/2/2011 #9
Techno Skittles

Patty looked up and saw her older sister standing in the doorway. She jumped up onto her desk and threw her arms open wide and screamed loud and clear, "ONEE-CHAN! KID'S FREAKING OUT AGAIN! HYAHAHA! IT'S SO FUNNY!! COME SEE! COME SEE!" She ended her announcement with a fit full of giggles and jumped off her desk to pick up Kid so Liz could see. "See, big sis? See?" Dropping him without caring whether he was injured or not, Patty continued her laughing fit on the floor.

(( Yay! Onee-chan's here! *glomps* ))

1/2/2011 . Edited 1/2/2011 #10

Liz tried to contain her laughter as she ran up the stairs towards her sister and meister. "P-Patty! You should know b-better!" She unsuccessfully tried to scold her little sister. But it was just too HILARIOUS! Pretty see she found herself chuckling which turned into laughter. "K-Kid! You are such a freak!" SHe sputtered, clutching her aching stomach. Kid stopped crying and the room suddenly became silent as Liz realized what she had just done. Oh. Crap.

Kid sniffed and began to sob. "Y-you're right! I AM a freak! I only have 3 stripes on one side of my hair! I'M AN ASYMMETRICAL FREAK!!!! WAAAAH!!!" He cried out as he repeatedly pounded on the floor

Liz groaned and slapped her forehead. Here comes another headache...

1/2/2011 #11
Techno Skittles

Patty began to laugh even harder as Kid threw a tantrum on the ground. "He's doing it again! He's so upset!" She crawled over to the depressed Shinigami and patted his back rather forefully. "Kid! You're so silly! Gyaha!"

1/2/2011 #12

Liz knelt down beside Death the Kid and, unlike her little sister, patted his head gently. "Aww, c'mon, Kid, you're not a freak. No freak has stylish hair like you do. And symmetry? Pssh, without you, we'd be completely out of balance!" She stood up straight, pulling him up beside her. "So cheer up and let's get ready for class!"

1/2/2011 #13
Techno Skittles

Patty smiled and knelt beside her sister. "Yeah, Kid. You're not a freak. Freak's are creepy and you're not creepy," she said in her childish voice. She patted his back playfully and giggled. "The kishin's creepy and you're nothing like him." She smiled and turned to face Liz. "Right, sis?"

1/2/2011 #14

Liz nodded in agreement. "You bet. I mean have you seen him?" She smiled at Kid. "Ya see? You've got nothing to worry about."

1/2/2011 #15
Techno Skittles

Maka walked into the classroom, quirking an eyebrow at everyone's laughter. She cautiously climbed the stairs up to her seat when she saw Kid curled up on the floor, throwing a fit. She sighed as she slid down to her seat and asked, "What happened this time?"

(( Finally! I have found a way to bring her into this. ^^ ))

1/2/2011 #16

Liz rolled her eyes and spread her arms out, her palms facing upwards. "You want the short version?" She asked gesturing with her right arm. "Or the long and detailed version?" With this, she gestured with her left arm

1/2/2011 #17

Kylie grinned, Kid was always an amusing guy. She turned in her desk before calling out to Maka. "It involves some pencils, a painting, and his hair though. I guess that was too much for the guy. She added a smile at the end, not wanting to be rude.

1/3/2011 #18
Techno Skittles

Maka sighed and shook her head at Kid's ridiculous spazzing before arranging her textbooks around her desk. Kid was just WAY too OCD for his own good.

And this was supposed to be the next Shinigami?

1/3/2011 #19

"At least he's not having suicidal thoughts," Kylie said staring at the freaked out Kid. 'Kid plus OCD equals bad times,' Kylie thought to herself as she went back to her work.

1/5/2011 #20
Techno Skittles

Patty left it to her older sister to calm the young Shinigami down and sat at her seat. She rested her head on her hands and closed her eyes, quietly humming to herself a playful tune as she drifted off to sleep.

Beside her, Maka got out a book and opened it at random and began reading. Besides the crying Kid, it was peaceful enough to concentrate on her book.

1/5/2011 #21

Kylie was looking through her notes. Scribbling now and then whenever she had gotten a bit bored. She sighed to herself. 'Not really the funnest class we had.'

1/6/2011 #22
Techno Skittles

Sighing dramatically, Patty patted her elder sister's shoulder urgently. When Liz had turned to face her, she gave her her cutest smile and asked sweetly, "Can we play a game, Onee-cha~n?"

1/6/2011 #23

Kylie leaned back as she sighed to herself wishing for soemthing to happen. She overheard her Patty ask her sister to play a game.

1/6/2011 #24
Liz glanced suspiciously at her little sister, "What kind of game?" She asked slowly.
1/6/2011 #25
Techno Skittles

Patty hopped in her seat, unable to sit still from her aimless excitement. "A fun game!"

1/12/2011 #26
The Moonlight Sonata

Liz shrugged it off, thinking nothing of it. 'Besides what could Patty do that was so bad?' She thought, her eyes still on Patty.

1/14/2011 #27
Techno Skittles

(( You can't RP here. Not until you claim a character or make your own. Besides, Liz is already taken. Please read the rules if you wish to join. ^^ We could use some more members ))

1/14/2011 #28
The Moonlight Sonata

Oh, I didn't know lol............ I'm kinda embarrassed now..... -_-'

1/15/2011 #29
The Moonlight Sonata

I'll join.......I guess..

1/15/2011 #30
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