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((That's cool~ ^^ Oh, and by the way, I dunno whether I put this up here or not, but does this sound just plain weird or...?: ))

7/22/2011 . Edited 7/22/2011 #1,201

(It's quite funny! Reminds me of when I poked my friend in the side. She jumped up and made a really weird but cute sound xD. I just checked my own forum and I discovered... THAT IT'S FRIKKIN DEAD! but I've this forum and I like it! Oh, good news. I'm 99.9 precent sure you know Megurine Luka from Vocaloid. I can finally play Double Lariat on the piano since my music teacher loved it and found the sheets for it ^^)

7/22/2011 #1,202

((My oddly immature-ish voice XD I had to do it for a weird fandub cover thingy I'm working on, but I used my normal voice (that's definitely too high for the character...)

You can play piano!! Lucky... I wish I could play an instrument. :|

Seems your introducing me to more and more songs everyday XD))

7/22/2011 #1,203

(Thank you~ But maybe we've to do this in the OOC topic next time ^_^' Let's start RPing! Uh... Where do we start?)

7/22/2011 #1,204

((I suppose I'll start?))

Hestia make a "tsk" noise, breaking the silence. "Um... well then...!"

Ayano shook her head, sitting down on a hospital bed with her hands in fists and arms laying on lap.

"I'm sorry..." she whispered.


"I... I'm sorry!"

"Why are you apologizing-"

"I'm sorry that even with a Grigori soul I'm not strong, don't know anything about it..." her voice was rising, an obviously painful tone. "...SO I'M SORRY!"

Hestia could tell, as Ayano looked back down at her feet with hair covering her eyes from view, that she was crying.

I've seen the worst now, I can easily get killed if something like that were to happen again... what's the point of living, then?

"Ayano... it's not your fault. You don't have to tell me anything, it's okay."

"Hestia..." she looked up, "'s your fault."


"It's your fault for not coming on time! It's your fault for being the slowpoke you honestly aren't!!"

But... Hestia will be there for me next time, right?

7/22/2011 #1,205

"N-no! Don't feel bad right now! It's all my fault! I'd to prevent my meister from doing that! I'm a weapon, I'm supposed to keep an eye on my technician all time! If I didn't went out to buy ingredients for my pasta this never happened!" Kage yelled over-protective again and began to smack the ground with his fist (Like Kid in Symmetry breakdown!)

"It's all my fault! I'm useless and I don't deserve a partner like Luna-sama! Forgive me mistress! WHEEEEEH" He cried and lay down on the floor

7/22/2011 #1,206

((I seriously don't know what to do next XD))

7/22/2011 #1,207

(Wait! I'll add something!)

"Damn you! Pasta!" He squeeled and continued crying "I don't know how I'm supposed to deal with all this drama anymore"

"Kage, stop crying like Crona and come with me" Luna commanded and appeared in the doorway "Today we've music class~!"

"R-really!? Thank you, ojou-sama!" He said and followed her

"See you in some minutes, Hestia, Ayano" Luna said and smiled weakly.

7/22/2011 #1,208

"Whatever," Ayano was currently in a pissed off mood. "Okay," Hestia, of course, didn't seem to be.

"We have to go to class, y'know!"

"Shut up, Hestia." Ayano got up, grumbling.

7/22/2011 #1,209

"Luna, are you planning to play your violin again" Kage asked

"Yes, why?" Luna asked and raised a brow at him

"You just want to get compliments again for your playing, isn't it?" He sighted and faced down

"Maybe" Luna shrugged and looked away from him

"You're in denial again..."


"Look, there she goes again"

"I'm not in denial..."

"Yes you are"

"I am not in denial, okay!"

"What you want..."

7/22/2011 #1,210

(I'm bored like hell... Is anyone on? I'm tired of reading Bleach vol 25 over and over again cause I've not enough money to buy the next volume)

7/23/2011 #1,211
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