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Luna looked at the clock. Right now it was 9.45. She sighted and turned the tv on so that it looked like someone was home. She took a cloak out of the gardrobe and put it on. When she finished tying it she put on the hood and left. She waited at the edge of the town near a old willow and looked out on Hestia's home

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10 o'clock... I wonder were she is... Luna thought and hid her face behind the hood she worn. She carried her grimoire and a bottle of black blood. She imensly enjoyed herself right now. While robbing Medusa's residence she found a lot of usefull things, like the black blood.

This was what she wanted right? She saiid to herself and concealed it underneeth the cloak again. She waited for the girl to arive and picked a little at her bandaged arm.

Already 5 minutes passed and there is no sign of that child... She mumbled and jumped into the three.

4/10/2011 #182

Hestia threw on a gray, far-too-long for her coat. She walked quickly around Death City, the moon laughing at her pathetically. She finally found Luna. She looked at her, slightly confused.

"You wanted to see me?"

((My super fantabulous coat that I was just talking about two seconds ago!! XD: ))

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Luna saw Hestia finally showing up and she smiled brightly. She heard the younger witch' question and just answered to it. "Yes, indeed" She grinned slightly recognizable to Medusa.

"Isn't there something you wanted~ Oh I'm having moodswings again" she said quite cheery and giggled. When she faced Hestia again she revealed her face and eyes again and stared her in the orbs. Her own eyes reflected in the moon light and she chuckled. She reached her hand to her pocket and took the bottle out.

"Wasn't this where you were looking for?" She said and revealed the bottle with the black liquid. She reached her hand out and handed her the bottle.

"This is the least I could do for you, I'm a teacher and a witch... I could give you private magic lessons if you wanted to~ Isn't that wonderfull" She smiled and played a little with her bangs.

"I only want to ask you one simple favor... Beat the crap out of Mao, will you" She said and ticked with her nails against the tree

((Stardust, isn't your new ava from Touhou? I recognized Marisa Kirisame and Reimu Hakurei))

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(Sorry for such a late reply, fanfic wasn't working for me!!)

Hestia let out a small, quick, shocked gasp, reaching her hands to the bottle of black liquid. She enclosed her fingers carefully around it.

"Is... is it true that it'll make me stronger? Ayano keeps saying it won't, that it'll only put us both in the risk of madness..."

The young girl's voice trailed off as she pondered something in her head, silence in the air except for the sound of breathing. Not to mention, how did she possibly acquire black blood? But then again, she does have soul protect, meaning, she's a witch... her soul shows she's a very powerful one, really really old... Immortality, possibly... Or something I don't even know... should I take a closer look at her soul or not... Hestia was won over by curiousity and took a glance closer at her soul. Her mind banged against her head in fright at what she discovered. Luna-sensei is related to that witch Medusa, from the witch mass I went to last year! She was a horrible lady, the snake woman. Hestia looked back at Luna, waiting for a reply to if it would truely help her.

((Yup, it in fact is!! I was obsessed with "Bad Apple" and decided to do some research on the show, only to find Reimu and Marisa ^^))

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((My Fanfiction is acting weird the last time too, strange.... Almost suspicious))

"Yes, of course it'll make you stronger~ Why shouldn't it?" Luna said cheery and looked at Hestia's eyes

"What's wrong with you?" She said and tried to get the younger witch' attention "Is there something wrong with me? Tell me~ " Her voice was playfull but cold as usual. She handed her the bottle and yawned.

4/12/2011 #186

Hestia nodded carefully, and took the bottle.

"Okay, Luna-sensei, if you say so... and nothing's wrong, I'm fine..."

She forced a warm smile.

Luna-sensei says it's alright to use, but Ayano doesn't... weird... well, whatever!

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Luna raised a brow and shook her head

"I can tell you that you're lying to me... I'm living for over 800 years right now and I can literally read the human body" She chuckled and went slightly insane

"Tell me what bothers you, tell me what's on your mind" She threatened and reached out to choke the younger girl. She pinched herself and pulled her hand back

What am I thinking... Stupid disorder... I hate being psychotic

4/12/2011 #188

Hestia sighed, hesitating slightly.

"Your soul shows that your that snake woman's sister... true or not?"

4/12/2011 #189

"Yes, exactly..." Luna mutered and leaned against the tree behind her "I wished I was never born..." She said and sighted deeply

"My whole life is one miserable failure... Just like me, I'm a big mistake... I'm crazy, evil and psychotic" She said and stared at the dark blue sky above her

"My whole life long I've been insulted as Psycho, Orphan, Devil, Demon or even worse... can you understand why I'm filled with hatred?" She said and closed her eyes slowly

"I want to slaughter all those people who ever bullied me." Her mouth twisted in a grin and she revealed her fangs. "It should be so great to murder everyone that ever hurt me, I'll make them pay for letting me suffer"

4/12/2011 #190

Meanwhile, back at Hestia's house...

Ayano rubbed her eyes, waking up and walking out to the kitchen in a drowsy fashion.


She searched the whole house, not finding Hestia anywhere. Finally she found a note on a piece of yellow paper, Hestia's bubbly handwriting on it.


Luna wanted to meet with me, dunno why yet.

I'll be back soon, just go to bed (obviously your awake if your reading this!!)

-Hestia 3

Ayano yawned and nodded at the note. Finishing reading it, she grabbed the silver phone from it's stand, and dialed her meister's number.

As she waited for an answer, she thought about what Mao had said through those gritted teeth, a wicked expression. 'Don't go to sleep tonight.'


Back with Hestia and Luna...

Hestia nodded, understanding her troubles very well, when, suddenly, her phone rang a loud, alerting, abrupt ringtone, the song obviously being "Super Driver" by Aya Hirano. She flipped open her phone.


Ayano's voice was unusually calm, and for some reason, almost panicky sounding, at the other end.

"Hestia... come back soon, please... it's nighttime and your out. It isn't good for your health! Anyway, just get home!"

Hestia knew just by Ayano's voice that the weapon was most likely scared because of Mao's earlier threat.

"Alright, Ayano, I'll be there as soon as possible. Just wait a few minutes, okay? Don't worry. Bye."

She closed the phone, slipped it in her pocket, and looked back to Luna.

4/12/2011 #191

Luna relaxed again and stared to the sky again

"I've one question for you... Are you going to inject that stuff yourself?" She asked and pointed at the bottle in Hestia's hand

4/12/2011 #192

Hestia shrugged, looking intently at the black bottle.

"I suppose so"

4/12/2011 #193

"If you want, I could do it too" Luna offered "I lied about the fact that I'm not a doctor... All three of us are specialized in medics" She said and chuckled again

4/12/2011 #194

Hestia shrugged again.

"I guess so, sure...."

Hopefully Ayano isn't too paranoid back home right now, she quickly thought.

4/12/2011 #195

"Go back home and I see you tomorrow... Maybe it's better for me too to get home and violin again" Luna responded and rubbed the back of her head.

"I'm Leviathan Luna Gorgon... don't ever forget that name"

4/12/2011 #196

Hestia nodded, turned away from Luna, and headed home.

'I'm Leviathan Luna Gorgon... don't ever forget that name'


Hestia entered the house, Ayano leaping up as she opened the door.


Her eyes drew widely to the bottle of black blood.

"-B-black blood...Hestia, how..."

Hesti glimpsed at the black container, her voice quiet.

"From...Leviathan Luna Gorgon."

4/12/2011 #197

Luna opened the door of her home and walked up stairs. She dropped her body on the bed in her room and almost immediatly fell asleep

I'm so bad at hiding secrets...

4/12/2011 #198

Ayano nodded slowly.

"Ummm... wait, isn't Luna our teacher? Because I've heard that last name in fairytales, and Luna is the same name as our teach- HOLY SHINIGAMI! OUR TEACHER'S A WITCH WHOSE TRYING TO SELL BLACK MAGIC!?"

Hestia shifted uncomfortably, her voice filled with uneasyness.

"Umm, yeah... I thought that too. But judging from all the stuff she explained to be back there, I think she doesn't want us to tell anyone."

Ayano rubbed her eyes tiredly.

"Alright, I'm going back to bed..." A yawn broke her sentence.

"Tomorrow I have to meet with Luna-sensei again, but I think we should test out our resonance rate and stuff after that."

"Kay, can do..." Ayano shuffled off to her room, immediately clicking off the dimly lit lamp.

"Good night, Ayano."

"Night... *Snore*"

Ayano had already fallen asleep. Hestia figured she should go to sleep as well. She went into her bedroom, slipped on a bright pink tank-top and thigh-length sky blue shorts, and hopped into her bed. Right away, she fell asleep, not even wondering what might happen tomorrow, as well if Mao was going to do anything from when she said 'Don't Sleep Tonight.'

4/12/2011 #199
The Moonlight Sonata

Ikeda HouseHold

Mao sighed. "I wonder what Hestia is doing-- cause I'm bored!"

She shifted in her seat. "Tomorrow's your birthday, Mao. Good luck." She drifted off into a deep sleep.

'Tomorrow I'll scare the crap out of the two idiots.'

4/12/2011 #200

Hestia woke at the crack of dawn, rubbing her eyes tiredly as she looked at the digital clock on the bedside table. 7:30, but luckily there was no school due to the weekend. She yawned.

"Hmmm, I should probably make breakfast."

Her stomach grumbled, and the brunette crept out of being, trying to be as quiet as possible. She dressed in black shorts that reached her mid-thigh, a light gray tank top, and a brown sweatshirt that reached to about her knee. She yawned yet again as she waltzed into the kitchen, dim morning light dancing off the counter. She glanced at the stove, having a quick thought to actually use it and cook, but shrugged as the thought escaped her head and she opened the cupboard. She tore out a box of cereal, the yellow box looking especially cheery, and even more cheery when you compared it to Hestia's drowsy, bored expression. She set the cereal box on the maple mood table and went to Ayano's room. She knocked lightly a few times on her door.

"Ayano, wake up!"

Ayano's eyes fluttered open, though she was still pretty much half asleep.


"Breakfast! It's morning! Hello?"

Ayano pulled her pillow over her face, groaning dramatically.

"Ughhhh, what time is it...."

"Eh, around..."

Hestia looked at the clock on the wall, it's second arrow ticking softly, and then she turned back to her weapon.

"...Around 7:40 ish."

Ayano kicked off her blanket, making it fall harshly to the ground, but didn't wake up. Instead she pulled the pillow tighter on her head.

"ARE YOU CRAZY... I don't wannaaaaaa......"

Hestia shot a warm smile to her, looking far to energetic for it to be morning. Damn. Ayano's so peppy during the day. Until morning!

"C'mon, sleephead! Don't be lazy!"

"Like you aren't..."

"Wake up! There's food!"

"Lemme guess... Considering I don't smell anything, you took something packaged..."

"Yeah, I hope that's alright-"

Ayano jumped out of bed, rushing past her partner.

"I wonder what got her up like that?"

"Shower..." Ayano mumbled loudly as she quickly walked into the bathroom.


After Ayano's shower, with her hair still dripping wet, she was dressed in a very, um, ratherdifferentoutfit, judging from what her usually personality caused her to wear. Yes, very odd! Today she wore a white dress, it's sleeves below her shoulders, the end of it's sleeves reaching past her fingertips and the bottom of the dress reaching her mid-thighs. She wore two different colored socks, one flamingo pink and the other sky blue, the only hint of her actual style that different show today. It was odd to Hestia to see Ayano with her faded blue hair down, dripping over her flat chest (considering they've only known eachother for a day or two). Ayano poured her fifth (yes, fifth) bowl of sugar filled cereal, her mood uncomfortably hyper.

"So, Hestia! You said you were gonna meet with Luna today, right? And after we're gonna practice our resonance rates and that crappy crap? Yeah? Yeah!!"

Ayano laughed uncontrollably in the middle of chewing, nearly choking herself. Her giggling turned into coughing, and Hestia slapped her on the back, causing her to stop.

"Yup. And don't choke, please, eat more carefully. And remember to try and use honorifics when you don't know someone super well, it isn't very nice if you don't. Oh, wow, I sound so responsible..."

Ayano waved her index finger in her partner's face.

"Nuh uh, you AREN'T! Cause' you got that black blood. And it's gonna fuck up the balance of your life, ya know!"

Hestia squirmed, hearing a girl, that only looked like a preschooler, swear. She paused, processing what the blue haired girl had actually said. She suddenly boiled with a mere amount of anger.

"Hey, are you saying I fu-"

"Now, now!! Bad mouth!!! Hehehe..... HEHEH!"

Ayano swallowed and began laughing again, lightning the mood. Hestia rolled her eyes and stood up, putting her glass bowl in the sink.

"Today it'll be your turn to clean up, because I have stuff to do, I'm too busy. Anyway, I gotta go now, Luna-sensei said she was expecting me today. See you in a little bit!"

"Ughhh, fine. But don't be angry if I clean the whole house!!"

"But that's a good thing..."

"YEAH?? Anyway... be back soooon! Bye bye!"

"Bye, Ayano"

Hestia waved as she shoved the bottle of black blood into an empty, mauve-colored tote and strolled out the door, making her way into Death City.

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The Moonlight Sonata

Death City, Square

Mao opened an eye. She was sleep walking again?

"I really have to stop doing this."

4/13/2011 #202

Hestia walked slowly through Death City, clutching the tote bag with a tight grip. She noticed Mao, looking perplexed, in the center of the city.

Why the hell is Mao there? And in her pajamas? And- wait, don't bother with that at the moment, I have somewhere to be!

And with that, she walked more swiftly towards where Luna had said to meet (eh, I'll pretend she said somewhere).

4/13/2011 #203

Luna's home

"TRING!!!" The alarm clock rung and it made a tremendous amount of noise. The sound echoed through the room and Luna pulled the pillow over her head. First she didn't want to release the pillow but later the sound got more and more annoying. She angrily punched the alarm and threw the sheets to the side.

"Damn you!" She moaned and slowly stepped out of my bed. While she picked up the broken pieces of the alarm and put them in the container, the postman delivered the newspaper. She put on a pair of slippers and picked up a tray with an empty teapot and some cake rests. When she was downstairs, she put the tray in the kitchen. Then she started the kettle and took out some tea packages. The water started boiling and she took the can from the machine. While pouring a glass with boiling water she read the front page of the newspaper.

"Nothing very intersting today" She mumbled to myself and opened a tea package. She read the remaining articles and then noticed it was already half past seven. I left the newspaper in the kitchen and put the sac in the water. I ran back upstairs and took out my usual clothing. A waist coat with a white blouse underneath it, some black trousers and a pair of black shoes. She slid them on and brushed her hair. When she finished brushing her teeth, washing her face and packing her stuff, she ran back down stairs again. She looked at the clock in the living room and sighted.

"Unfortunate, I've enough time left to read the newspaper…" She sighted and entered the kitchen again. She took the tea and the newspaper and put out the boiler. She sat down on the table in the living room and began reading the front page again. She totally forgot she had to go to work and intended herself in the newspaper.

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The Moonlight Sonata

Mao quietly followed Hestia when she spotted her.

'Gosh I feel like a stalker. . .'

She glanced at Hestia's bag and crept into the shadows.

4/14/2011 #205

Luna jolted up and quickly searched for a clock with her eyes. While reading the newspaper she'd fallen asleep. When she finally found a clock and looked on it she cursed and closed the newspaper as quickly as possible. It was already 9.45 and she had to be on her work over 1 hour ago. She probably also missed her appointment with Hestia. She quickly stuffed the newspaper in her bag, almost forgot her diner and left through the front door. It was a wonder she locked it. Then she ran down the street. When she crossed the roadway some miles further she got almost hit by a lorry.

"Watch your feet, Lady!!" The driver called out to her. He'd managed to stop right on time and she deeply apologized to him. She quickly felt again and the driver face palmed and continued driving. After a long trip she walked over around 4 grandmas and passed over 2 dogs, a little girl and a bird. Totally exhausted she reached the school grounds and walked inside the school. She searched for her keys and unlocked the infirmary. When she was inside she locked it again.

4/14/2011 #206

Hestia and Ayano entered their home after the long, tiring walk back.

"Ayano, I'm going to bed. Good night!"

"Nighty night~!"

Ayano retreated to the couch to watch television, and Hestia went into her bedroom.

The meister lazily dropped onto her bed, pulling the covers up to her nose. Right away, with no delay, she fell asleep.


Hestia's dream, in her opinion, was rather awkward.

She found herself in a room of pitch darkness, nothingness.

She could barely see herself, let alone anything that might've been there.

Not to mention there wasn't even floor to stand on, or walls to touch. It was like a floating field of black.

Eventually her dream (nightmare, shall I say) progressed.

By this point she was still in darkness, but this time, it wasn't exactly normal- it had a more liquid look to it.

Hestia was extremely confused by this dream. Weren't nightmares for toddlers going into childhood? Why was a teenager like her having a nightmare?

She squinted, trying to make out what was around her. This failed, though she could almost make out the slim, currently shadowy figure of herself.

"Where the hell am I... what kind of dream is this... wait a sec! If you dream about nothing, your never there. This is nothing, isn't it? Why am I here...?"

She expected no answer- yet, there was a reply. She didn't recognize the voice at all.


4/19/2011 #207

Hestia awoke, sweating, panting, nearly screaming.

"W-what the hell... was that dream...?"

She attempted at calming her breathing and looked at the clock. It quietly ticked, it's arrows marking 9:35.

She sighed in relief that the dream was over, and sat up in her bed.

Is Ayano still awake? She should be asleep by now. I mean, we have school tomorrow, not to mention she acts so immature.

A weak smile entered the meister's face as she stood up and entered the kitchen, glimpsing into the next room over where her partner was.

The weapon was sprawled on the couch, snoring peacefully. She had turned off the television but the remote lay on the ground next to her. Hestia sauntered into the room, placing a blanket atop Ayano.

"Geez, Ayano. You'll catch a cold."

She pouted as Ayano slept.

"I wonder what Ayano's dreaming about. I wonder if it's possibly the same dream as me."


Ayano awoke in her dream.

In front of her stood a split wall, one side red and the other black.


She carefully took a shaky step forward.

In front of her, the wall suddenly opened- revealing what was behind it.


Ayano nearly fell forward- there was just darkness in front of her.

But this wasn't just any darkness.

The darkness was almost like liquid. Around her, the liquid darkness wrapped around her feet, making her immobilized. She struggled at it came to her knee...

...Then her waist...

...Then her chest...

By the time it reached near her shoulder, Ayano was squirming with her best effort.


She swore under her breath as she was consumed into the darkness.

But she heard a voice, one she'd never heard in her life-

"Enjoy the madness, seek rules to break- insanity will reach you."

Ayano's eyes shot open, and she screamed.


Ayano breathed hastily, trying her best to stop her heart from beating up against her chest.

"Oh... sorry... guess I'm still a little sleepy!"

She gave a nervous giggle and sat in front of her partner.

"Sooo... what time is it?"


Hestia peeked at the clock.


Ayano sat back on the couch, still drowsy.

"Alright... I'm gonna go back to sleep."

"Oh, okay. Well... I just came to check on you because I had a nightmare and couldn't sleep-"


Hestia tilted her head, curious.

"What was it about...?"

"Well, there was darkness, consuming me, and-"

"There was darkness in my dream too..."


"Same here...!"

Hestia sighed, still a little clueless about this.

"Shouldn't we tell a teacher about it? I mean, it's a little awkward that we have the same nightmare after I'm infected with black blood-"


"-I guess we'll tell someone tomorrow-"


Ayano grabbed Hestia, still in her skimpy, thin pink tank top and thigh length, considerably revealing, rainbow polka-dotted shorts. She dragged the meister towards the front door, slamming it behind them, and marched up towards the school, giving Hestia the tiniest interval of time to slip on white flip-flops. Luckily, it wasn't drastically cold outside, so she wasn't shivering. Ayano picked up her pace, lugging Hestia with her.

You know, Ayano always drags me places. Maybe it's a habit? She smirked.


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