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Techno Skittles

The place where all events outside of Death City take place. Whether it be for a mission, vacation, a secret lair for a villain, you name it. Just make sure you put in bold at the top of your post whenever you go somewhere new to reduce confusion.

3/19/2011 #1
Techno Skittles

In Medusa's Lair, Unknown Location

Medusa peered down into her orb with a delighted smile. Blue-ish purple fog surround the outer of the circle and centered in that was a hazy image of the infirmary at Shibusen. Medusa's hands hovered at the sides of the orb, long painted fingernails tapping on the glass bemusedly. She let out a dark chuckle and a crackling, small snake slithered from her mouth, surrounding in a purple-ish red hue. "Now Maka will definitely be in much less of a position to resist next time I fetch for her." Medusa ran her hand across the small cut on her arm, scowling when she thought back to how she got it. When Maka's son had shot her out of the air, she had cut it rather harshly on a roof's loose shingle.

"But I don't think I'll be going myself this time. Instead, I'll have someone do the dirty work for me." Medusa snapped her fingers and the sound echoed hollowly around the shadowed room. "Eruka!" she called.

3/22/2011 #2
The Moonlight Sonata

"C- coming, Medusa!!"

Eruka frowned. How pleasant it would be to is she were free again. A feeling of fear every time her ears heard that snakey voice. Were all of the snakes gone? Was she bluffing all along? This game was sick. Witches could become extinct because of her. A tear ran down her face.

'The Mizunes are being used. All because of me. I lied to them.'

Picking up her bombs, Eruka Frog headed out of the room. "Otama Jackson! Where are you?!" She tripped on her feet, only to land- face first- in front of Medusa.

"Ow. I'm sorry Medusa-Sama! I'm sorry!" She sprang up, followed by a salute.

3/23/2011 . Edited 3/23/2011 #3
Techno Skittles

Medusa waved Eruka's mess up off casually and turned back to her orb. "I need you to do a job for me. A retrieval.

"I want you to bring back Maka Albarn. She's weak right now; the substance that I injected her with will disable her ability to fight." She leered back up at Eruka, an amused look on her face. "And you'll be able to wipe out everyone with one tad bomb, so I'm sure fetching her won't be a problem."

When Eruka nodded obidiently and turned to leave, Medusa called out. "And leave Chrona be! I want him to bring me Soul Eater once the time is right."

Medusa smiled. "After all, Soul will do anything to bring his meister back, so all Chrona has to do is lead him to where we are in an attempt for a rescue mission." She chuckled darkly and stood up to walk out of the room. "And if we're really lucky, Maka's son will come as well. It's like killing three birds with one bite," she said.

3/23/2011 #4
The Moonlight Sonata

"I thought it was stone," Eruka said bluntly.

3/23/2011 #5
Techno Skittles

Medusa smirked wickedly and a snake slithered from her mouth, glowing in a purplish red hue. "Not when I'm involved," she said in a low, haunting tone.

3/23/2011 #6
The Moonlight Sonata

Eruka looked down in horror. "Y- yes. What did you call me for anyways?"

3/23/2011 #7
Techno Skittles

Medusa sighed in exasperation and crossed her arms. "I already explained this Eruka. Go get the Albarn girl and bring her to me," she commanded.

3/23/2011 #8
The Moonlight Sonata

Eruka nodded. "Otoma Jackson! We have to go now!"

Many whining sounds came from the back room. "Will I need the Mizune Sisters for back-up?"

3/23/2011 #9
Techno Skittles

Medusa shook her head. "As I said, one of your bombs should be able to take out anyone that gets in your way. And Maka's incapable of fighting back, I made sure of that. Now go, before I lose my patience with you."

3/23/2011 #10
The Moonlight Sonata

Eruka quickly nodded and left.

'Otoma Jackson is such a coward. . .'

"Now which way is the DWMA?" She mumbled.

3/23/2011 #11
Techno Skittles

Medusa smirked as she walked through the halls of her hideout, on her way to her bedroom. She wasn't planning on sleeping, perhaps a moment of relaxtion at the most. She expected Eruka to come with Maka soon, so there was no need to get too comfy. She had to begin her operations on the scythe meister very soon. Her curiosity was gnawing at her mercilessly so much she could hardly stand it.

"The venom should've done it's job by now. Now it's only a matter of minutes before she falls asleep," Medusa mused to herself. "Unbeknownst to anyone at Shibusen however, she won't be waking anytime soon. Not until I allow her anyway." Medusa walked into her room and took in the dark atmosphere in large eyefuls. The room consisted mainly of shadows and more shadows, but whatever wasn't concealed by darkness, was too grotesque and sickening to desribe in words.

"I win no matter what in this situation."

3/24/2011 #12
The Moonlight Sonata

There was a sharp crash. Eruka's pet- Tadpole Jackson came in proudly. It made an odd sound, then tried to slip the girl off of his head.

Nothing was there.

Where was Eruka? It panicked. Maybe returning to Medusa wasn't the right thing to do.

3/25/2011 . Edited 3/25/2011 #13
Techno Skittles

(( Kid already got her (apparently she slipped off when you were clashing with Luna) ))

3/25/2011 #14
The Moonlight Sonata

(( Oh lol. . .then I'll change it ))

3/25/2011 #15
Techno Skittles

Medusa watched as the oversized tadpole bursted into the room without a passenger. Her mouth flat-lined and her eyes narrowed in annoyance. "I did tell Eruka to leave the girl, but I didn't want her to stay as well."

She put her hand over her eyes and sighed heavily. "Such unreliable help these days."

3/25/2011 #16
The Moonlight Sonata

The tadpole searched around- idiotically for it's owner and the blond-headed girl.

"I did tell Eruka to leave the girl, but I didn't want her to stay as well."

Jackson finally had a intelligence burst:

Try to write in the dirt(no one ever cleaned) on the hideout floor.

It did circles and figure-eights, until it had finally spelled out what it needed to:

Your Sister Captured Eruka. She Was Behind Us The Whole Thyme.

However, instead of time, the brain-dead creature had written thyme.

3/25/2011 . Edited 3/25/2011 #17
Techno Skittles

Medusa nodded. "I see," she said after a long silence. She sighed and walked over to Tadpole Jackson. "Your owner is pretty dim-witted sometimes. But she is a powerful minion nonetheless. It's the only reason I've bothered to keep her for so long."

3/25/2011 #18
The Moonlight Sonata

Tadpole Jackson had a sick feeling in it's stomach from the comment. It inched away from Medusa, terrified.

3/25/2011 #19
The Moonlight Sonata

"Medusa . . .I'm back."

Eruka lowered her head as she walked in.

3/26/2011 #20
Techno Skittles

Medusa tapped her fingers against her arm. "Well that took longer than I thought. And you still have nothing to show for it."

3/26/2011 #21
The Moonlight Sonata

"W- well your sister kinda. . ." Eruka showed the bruises in her arm and stomach.

3/26/2011 #22
Techno Skittles

"Tch." Medusa plucked one of Eruka's arms from her side and rose it higher to inspect it. "Of course she would pull something like this."

3/26/2011 #23
The Moonlight Sonata


Pain shot through Eruka's arms as Medusa lifted it.

3/26/2011 #24
Techno Skittles

Medusa shook her head and dropped Eruka's arm. "No matter. I'm going to bed now. I advise you to clean up your arms."

3/27/2011 #25
The Moonlight Sonata

Eruka sighed. "We don't have a bathroom. . ."

3/27/2011 #26

California, On a mission

Ayano took large, choppy breaths, obviously being overly dramatic.

"NEED... WATER... *breath breath*"

Hestia motioned for her to stop and continue walking.

"Oh, give it up, were here-"


"Yeah, you sure recovered quickly-"


"Ayano, shut up, I'm sensing something in the area... it's 6 souls. 5 of them are definitely human... but the other, it's... it isn't."

Ayano cocked her head, slight annoyance bubbing to the surface.

"Ya sure, Hestia? I don't see anything!"

"I'm sure, but it's not super close. Transform just to be safe... or, wait, something's happening... I sense the human souls trembling..."

There was a loud, bloodcurdling scream, and Hestia's eyes went wide.

"The human souls are... gone! Ayano, weapon form, now!"


Ayano transformed into a labrys and Hestia gripped her handle firmly, fear not shown but truly deep in her soul. She slanted her eyebrows in irritation as her sense of the non-human soul disappeared.

"It isn't here anymore...?"

Ayano suddenly let out a small, surprising gasp, her lip quivering and her voice rather shaky.

"Uhhh... Hestia... b-behind you..."

4/17/2011 #27

"Behind me...?"

Hestia slowly whirred her head around, coming face to face with what was definitely a kishin. It had a human form, but a very odd one, indeed- it was the weirdest tint of red, as if a space alien, and looked intently at her. It began spoking in a creepy, fairly raspy voice as she tried to step backward.

"Oh, your soul looks good... I want it."

Hestia took a step backward, gripping the labrys handle tighter, her knuckles turning a shade of near white. She took a deep breath, trying not to tremble or look fearful in any way possible.

"Your the kishin egg, huh?"

The kishin smirked at her, cracking it's nasty looking fingers with a loud "Crack".

"Well, well, well, was a kishin egg. Now just a kishin. A kishin who shall eat you and the labrys's soul."

Hestia lunged forward, aiming at the kishin's neck.


She struck at the kishin's neck, but a peculiar, unseen force pushed her backward. Hestia was launched at the ground, lightly scraping the side of her face. She brushed the dirt and blood from the new cut and looked down to Ayano.

"This opponent's harder than a thought..."


4/17/2011 #28

Hestia nodded at Ayano.


She lunged at the kishin again, aiming this time wherever she could, but the unknown force threw her back yet again, even more forceful this time. Hestia breathed heavily, lying on the ground, feeling it hard to get back up. Her body ached.

"*Huff* Why... is this... *Huff Huff* So hard... *Huff*"

Ayano's eyes went wide as Hestia spoke, noticing something she didn't.


The kishin lifted her by the neck, making it even harder to breathe.

"Put... me... down..."

The kishin smirked at her.

"Wow, your trembling with fear."

The girl squirmed in the kishin's grip, attempting with her best effort to get away. Her partner transformed into her human state.


The kishin squeezed her neck harder, choking the gasping, nearly screaming meister.

"O-oww... s-stop...! *Cough*"


The kishin grinned in a wicked, ugly way and let Hestia go. She fell lifelessly to the ground, luckily still breathing. Unfortunately, though, her breath came out in quick, choppy intervals. Ayano balled her fists, looking directly at the kishin.


The weapon turned her arm into a labrys blade and struck at the kishin. The kishin, not paying attention, was cut straight through the stomuch. With a wisp of dark smoke, it turned into a red, glowing soul.

"We did it!"

A weak smile appeared on Hestia's hurt face.


Ayano pouted, worried about her partner.

"Hestia, you look loike your gonna die!! You gotta get home..."

She crossed her arms as Hestia shook her head, not even trying to stand.

"I'll make it home, I'm pretty sure... d-don't worry about me!"

Ayano observed Hestia more closely. Her eyes went extremely wide at what she saw.

"Hestia... your... your shoulder's bleeding... but... it's... it's..."

Hestia looked at her bloody shoulder, frowning. Ayano continued, her voice sounding fairly scared.

"...Black blood."

4/18/2011 #29

Somewhere on an unknown location

On their destination it was currently snowing. The thick snow crystals that slowly twirled down blocked the view. Luna realesed her Soul Protect and maniputated the snow to clear her vision.

"Guess I won't need that anymore" She said and walked further through the ice cold white substance. She lightened a candle and paced further

"Over here you three" She said and waved with the latern

4/27/2011 . Edited 4/27/2011 #30
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