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Ayano and Hestia followed Luna.

"Hestiaaaaa, will we get there sooooon..." The weapon whined.

"Yeah, yeah. Stop being a baby," Her partner rolled her eyes at the whining.

Ayano immediately became quiet. She still slightly had her mind on that odd dream, why she had it, who the voice was.

What's Hestia thinking right now? I'm dying to know... or, wait! I could perform a silent Soul Resonance, and she did tell me a few days ago, since she's a witch, we'd be able to communicate through the mind. So... should I?

Ayano stared at Hestia as they walked in silence.


"Yeah?" Hestia looked down at her partner as Luna walked in front of the pair.

"Umm... is something bothering you? Just wondering, y'know. It just seemed, like... maybe you were angry or something, considering we kept fighting on the way here and all that crap..."

Hestia shook her head. "No, nothing's wrong."

"You could tell me if you'd like too!"

"But nothing's wrong."

Ayano pouted. Hestia looked almost depressed or something along those lines, she could tell it in her meister's eyes.


Ayano wanted desperately to know what her partner was thinking- she didn't want to perform Soul Resonance to do what Hestia had told, though. It made her feel nosy, far more curious than she actually was.

I'll just do it real quick, just too see if Hestia wasn't confessing 'cause of Mao-chi and Sensei!

The weapon fidgeted and glimpsed back up at Hestia. The meister was walking, ignoring her partner.

That's it. Something's definitely bothering her. I'm about to find out, whether she likes it or not!

4/28/2011 #31

"Ah, I sense something near" Luna said and immediately stopped walking. She looked around but nobody was seen accept her own allies.

"It's that frog..." She said as she saw the frog witch's tadpole flying around.

"Let's give her a warm welcome~" Luna said quite cheery again and snapped her fingers. "Ice Pillar..." She muttered and enormous spikes of ice shot out of the ground and hit a being swallowed by the snowstorm. Eruka was revealed through the attack and she collapsed on the ground because of the injury Luna's magic made in her stomach

"Ah, Eruka... I'm so pleased to meet you here" She said sarcastically teasing the younger witch "Shadow immobilization~" she whispered and snickered quietly. The shadows wrapped themselves around Eruka making her unable to move.

"Let's chat for a while... You see, I'm quite bored and I wanted to know if something happened since the last time we 'met'." She said as a grin spread on her face.

"Kage-kun~ Make her talk~" She said and the shadows began to chock the frog witch. "Answer me!" She said quite annoyed and threw a ice ball at Eruka

4/29/2011 #32

Hestia watched as Luna dealt with the frog witch.

Ayano, on the other hand, was still pondering Soul Resonance and different techniques, wanting somehow still to know her partner's thoughts.

But she'd feel it, wouldn't she! I mean, seriously! She has Soul Perception, I'm the one doing the Resonance when she's clueless of it... Ughh, I'm pure disaster, I really hate myself!

Ayano fidgeted her fingers and pretended to watched Luna and Eruka like her meister was doing (although, Hestia truly was watching).

Just super duper quickie... I won't even fail, it'll be like practice, she can't blame me at all!

Ayano swallowed her feelings and thought hard, almost zoning out from what was happening around her.

In her head, one thought echoed: 'Soul Resonance.'

Hestia looked shockingly at her weapon, her mouth open and her eyes wide.

Ayano... you...?

Yeah... sorry... I just know something's bothering you. Now you don't have to tell everyone, just me.

But I told you, nothing's wrong!

Ayano snorted. Yeah, right. Her thought message dripped with sarcasm.

Hestia looked at her feet.


She sighed within her mind.

...the dream. I can't get over who it was, what it was trying to tell us, why it happened.

That's all you had to tell me, Ayano gave a slight smirk.

Alrighty, I'm ending the Resonance now, kay? Buh-bye.

Ayano and Hestia resumed their rightful place, intently watching, paying full attention.

4/29/2011 #33

"Okay, students take your notebooks. I'm going to tell you how to beat a witch" Luna said joking and released Eruka again

"Let me tell you one thing..." She said and picked up Eruka by the collar "You actually are useless, you don't say a word or try to struggle... Why are you so boring" She moaned and grasped the witch tighter "You're going to bring us to Medusa, if you like it or not" She said and put her back down

"Where do we start" Luna said and fixed her fringe so, that it fell over one of her eyes again.

4/29/2011 #34

Ayano took out a notebook, scribbling down in red ballpoint pen Luna and Eruka's every move and word.

Hestia sweatdropped.

"Um, Ayano... I don't think she meant literally..."

Ayano shrugged, put away the notebook, and went back to watching, as did Hestia.

4/29/2011 #35

"You can also overdo it" Luna said and face palmed "It was a joke..."

"But what were you two just doing? Why did you two resonate souls?" Luna asked "I can see truly everything"

4/30/2011 #36

SHIT! Ayano panicked. I totally forgot that others might've been able to know... and of course it's Luna.

"W-WHAT? I mean, n-no! Of course not, we did nothing, nothing at all! We did nothing, nothing, nothing..."

Hestia looked at her feet. "No reason. Nothing at all..."

Ayano continued panicking, still repeating the word "nothing."

4/30/2011 #37

"Never learned from your parents that old people know everything..." Luna snickered and shook her head

"Stop lying to me and tell me why you resonated... If there was no specific reason... What was the reason you did it" She said and sighted at Ayano and Hestia's pathetic attempt to try not to be discovered.

"And if you refuse to tell me, I want you two to fight me~ As 'practice' " She grinned and chuckled silently "I won't think you two last a second against my strength"

4/30/2011 #38

Ayano pouted. "I wanted to know what Hestia was thinking," she mumbled.

Hestia frowned as well. "And you did," she looked away from her partner and her teacher.

Ayano shot a look at Hestia. "Your lucky we didn't fail the resonance this time."

Hestia glanced to Ayano. "Why?"



"You know, you were seriously suckish at hiding your feelings. It was a little obvious something was bothering ya!"

"Hmph." Hestia crossed her arms. Ayano shrugged.

4/30/2011 #39

"Maybe you can share what you're thinking with the group... You're resonance and link will get stronger if you two trust each other... Which is currently-uh- you know what I mean" Luna said mentioning their arguing and often fighting

"And if it's about me... I don't care if you call me: Bitch, crazy, total insane creep or frikkin' psychotic witch... Just tell us what's on your mind"

4/30/2011 #40

Hestia shrugged.

"I was wondering about the dream again, that's really it." She said quietly.

Ayano put her index finger to her lips. "Huhhh! maybe you are sort of boring, Hestia!"

Hestia shot her partner an annoyed look. "Oh, shut up..." she mumbled to the weapon.

4/30/2011 #41

"You're acting like a human already. Being with them all days made you're mind go crazy" Luna said and adressed in a roundabout way Ayano

"But don't worry... Doing some damage to that damned sister on mine will do you more than good" She said happily and continued walking dragging Eruka with her

"Let's go~"

4/30/2011 #42

Ayano and Hestia followed Luna as she continued walking.

4/30/2011 #43

"Grrrrr, I hate playing hide and seek... Why can't that stupid bitch not appear here right now infront of me!" Luna growled and looked around

4/30/2011 #44
The Moonlight Sonata

Eruka Frog, speechless and stupified, looked at Luna. The Witch could not hold the gaze-- it burned.

"Well," She finally spoke, lips parting. "Either way I die then. Medusa will kill me if you don't."

4/30/2011 #45

"Hey kid, I can destroy Medusa's threat in you body there" Luna said and poked in Eruka's stomach "I only want you to bring us to her-" She said and stared Eruka deep in the eyes

"-And I'll get them all out" She said and released the other witch's body again

"Or I'll kill you in a allot more painful way~" She teased and revealed a shiny knife

5/1/2011 . Edited 5/1/2011 #46

Ayano took once full glance at Eruka and tilted her head.

"That's supposed to be an evil witch with an animal theme? Wow... I never expected a witch like that to be so... so...wimpy!"

She laughed a bit at her own statement. Hestia sweatdropped.

5/1/2011 #47

"She evil?" Luna said surprised "You thought she was evil? You're really stupid, aren't you" She face palmed and shook her head again

I'm crazy, frikkin' insane and they just don't notice... How patetic are these kids? that Mao girl is probably the only one here who has a brain

"I am the evil one here..." She mumbled unheard and gritted her teeth

5/1/2011 . Edited 5/1/2011 #48

(Someone on? I'm quite bored... =__=)

5/1/2011 #49

((I've been off because I've been planning a cosplay XD And went to an arcade... but mostly the cosplay!~ But I'm guessing no one's on now, considering this is 2 hours later...))

5/1/2011 #50

((I was obviously offline. It was 1.10 am here when you posted xD. I was sleeping in my nice and warm bed =3=))

5/1/2011 . Edited 5/2/2011 #51

((Someone on? Pwease! Pwease! *Gets in Kid pose* Let's RP!))

5/2/2011 . Edited 5/2/2011 #52
The Moonlight Sonata

(( Here. ))

Eruka Frog's eyes were full of fear, but she didn't believe it.

'Worse than Medusa? Nah, she can't be. Where's Tadpole Jackson?!'

5/2/2011 #53

((YAYAYA!! Excitement! Sowwy... I ate too much of that choco cake my mom made an hour ago))

"Well, what do you think? Deal or no deal?" Luna said and pointed at a huge ice cube

"There is your stupid pet, now stop complaining and answer me" She said and frowned a little out of annoyance

5/2/2011 #54

((U still there?? Otherwise I'm going to sleep TT_TT))

5/2/2011 #55
The Moonlight Sonata

Eruka Frog paled, looked at the giant cube. ". . .Otama. . ."

She scratched her head with the little strength she had.

5/2/2011 #56

"I didn't do it... You need to watch your stuff more carefully... it's all your own stupid fault" Luna said and growled quitely. She did a poor attempt to hide her anger but relaxed again

"Back to the question..." She sighted

5/2/2011 #57
The Moonlight Sonata

The Frog Witch did something she never did. . . .

Get angry.

Eruka growled loudly and took a Tadpole pocket out of her bag, throwing it next to Luna as it emitted a nasty gas. She wriggled out of the teacher's grip and threw another bomb at the ice cube, which exploded and let Tadpole Jackson free. The creature sprang towards Eruka-- not in the sense of love, but fear.

5/3/2011 #58

"Damnit!" Luna growled as she collapsed on her knees to cough the gas out of her lungs. After a while she jumped up again and quickly dove toward Eruka.

"Marionette!" She yelled and thin treaths where formed out of the shadows and wrapped themselves around the Frog witch's body parts

"You do whatever I say..." She growled and still coughed because of the gas. The white of her eyes had meanwhile become black. Mostly out of anger. "Whenever I say!" Luna was furious. She snapped her fingers and Eruka was fired back. Luna catched up with the frog witch again and stomped her to the ground. Then she wrapped her hands around her neck and lifted her while crushing her entire throat.

"Bring me to my sister or prepare for torture"

5/3/2011 . Edited 5/3/2011 #59
The Moonlight Sonata

Tad-Pole Jackson grabbed Eruka by the mouth and ran off, out of sight and whimpering. The Frog Witch was dazed, but thankful.

'Scared cats can be brave?' She thought, bewildered.

5/3/2011 #60
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