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"The stupid creature broke the treaths... " Luna growled and clenched her fists. "Coward..."

"The next time we meet, I'll devour your entire body" She mumbled and looked for the students

5/3/2011 #61

Ayano looked at Hestia, a curious look in her eyes.

"Alrighty! We gonna continue?"

Hestia nodded in reply.

"If Luna-sensei says so."

The two waited.

5/4/2011 #62

In the distance of the snow storm, Luna could see three figures standing. She walked in the direction of the beings and found the students

"Let's continue, the frog witch escaped" She said and turned away again to hid her furious black yellow eyes from the students

5/4/2011 #63

Ayano, dragging Mao and Hestia along with her, continued on behind Luna.

5/4/2011 #64

My eyes will not turn back to normal just like my mood. Stupid frog... I want to rip her appart... Just don't turn around

Luna said to herself and tried not to look at her students

5/4/2011 #65

Hmm... Luna seems moody. She must've really had a fuss over that frog. Don't wanna know what she'll do to her sister... Ayano tryed to give herself a peek of Luna's face, her currently furious eyes.

Of course, she couldn't notice them, considering: one, Hestia and Mao were far taller than her and in basically blocking her view, and, two, she was too lazy to find a good way to look without being noticed.

She just shrugged off the idea of Luna being angry and looked to her partner.

Isn't Hestia cold in that skimpy outfit?

Ayano gave a concerned look as she observed her meister, still in her pajamas. She had goosebumps on her arms from the cold wind, her hair was covered with tiny, melting snowflakes, and although she was trying to hide it, it was pretty obvious that Hestia was shivering.

She is cold. I knew it... poor Hestia...

The students and teacher continued to walk, crunching snow under their feet.

5/4/2011 #66

There is no other way! They'll soon find out and if they discover it'll get even worse. I must tell them that their teacher is a heartless murder who loves to torture people, is crazy and slaughters people who annoy her... Sooner or later they'll find out... or even worse Medusa will tell them...

Luna let out a deep sight and turned around. She looked directly at Ayano and Hestia

"Please don't be affraid. I'm not in the mood" She said and tried to hide the rest of the information

5/4/2011 #67

Meanwhile, Ayano was still staring at Hestia. The weapon bit her lip, now ticked off at herself that she didn't let her partner change into something warmer, instead just dragged her up the enormous set of stairs to DWMA.

Hestia nodded to Luna. "Not afraid."

Ayano looked up at Hestia and poked her arm. The meister looked down to her partner.


"You're freezing."

Hestia attempted to keep herself from shivering, even though she truly was cold. "No I'm not."

Ayano hugged Hestia as they walked. "Ayano, what the hell...?"

"I should've let you change."

"Geez, Ayano. It's no big deal."

"Your the one whose as cold as an icicle. And's still shivering."

"I told yo-u..." her voice cracked in mid-sentence because she was attempted to not shiver at all, a rather dumb attempt. "...I'm not cold at all."

((Why am I using the word shiver so much? Ugh, darn my Science teacher... she started lecturing my class about why people shiver and sweat... XD))

5/4/2011 #68

"Take this" Luna said and handed Hestia her blouse.

"I don't really need it" She said and walked further with only a top on

"I've also a pair of shoes... I don't think walking barefoot will help you warm up" She said and tossed the younger witch her shoes

((Yay! I've vacation! Last biology lesson we went to the zoo... Damnit! I'm 15 years old! and it was such a lame zoo...))

5/4/2011 #69

Hestia took it. "Thank you..."

Ayano pulled away from Hestia, sticking her nose up and putting her hands on her hips, assuming the pose of a very stuck-up person.

"And you said you weren't cold! Hmph."

Hestia rolled her eyes as she put on the blouse and shoes. "I didn't want you suffocating me, Ayano, thank you very much," she said, a bit sarcastically.

((Lucky, I wanna be on vacation, short or long -_-x I have 36 days of school left and I can't even write like I used to during Math because the teacher noticed. Lucky he didn't take the notebook... he'd be in for a surprise when he opened it... O_o))

5/4/2011 #70

"Damn, my socks are getting weat" Luna complained and threw them aside

"Weat socks are annoying and nasty... Your feet are getting smelly if you keep them on" She said and then it remembered her of something funny

"Mother warned us several times, but Meddy was so stubborn... She never wears socks or shoes but when she does... It's like someone threw rotten eggs against the walls and furniture. Archy didn't entered the room anymore without 23 scarves over her mouth and nose.

((I've a super awesome Maka Soul Notebook! I got it free when I bought SE Vol 1, 2 and 3. My notebook is filled with drawings and crappy stories. Seriously, I can't even write a decent story in my own language!))

5/4/2011 #71

Ayano was staring at the snow covered ground, zoning out to a thoughtless mind, when she suddenly bumped hard into something cold, tall, and rocky...

...It was the door of a cave.

She leapt nearly a foot backward, stunned because she never realized it was in front of her.


Ayano was back behind everyone, scared half to death. Finally realizing it was only a cave, she took a step forward.

"Why the hell is there a cave in the middle of nowhere?! ARE WE THERE NOW?!"

((You have the total opposite of my luck! Which obviously is a good thing because I don't exactly have the best of luck~... And were we in a cave already? I sort of lost track XD))

5/4/2011 #72

"We finally arived" Luna said and looked at the cave

"Good work you two" She said and walked inside

"Onee-sama, I'd come to bring you a little visit~" Luna said cheery and walked further inside

5/4/2011 #73

Ayano wobbled as she walked in, nearly collapsing onto her meister.

"That hurt... Waaaah..." She whined as they entered.

Hestia steadied her partner. "Ayano, you didn't even hit your head that hard. Stop it."

Immediately the weapon hushed, still rubbing her forehead.

5/4/2011 #74

"Aw, you two... please be quite... you've to stay a surprise... Otherwise you'll ruin the fun~" Luna teased and helped them up

"You ready?"

5/4/2011 #75

Immediately Ayano perked up, as if she had randomly healed (as if she ever seriously was injured). "Ready!" She whispered in a cheery fashion.

"Ready," Hestia said as well.

5/4/2011 #76

"Let's go then" Luna said and dissapeared as she went futher inside.

5/4/2011 #77

They followed her as she went further inside.

5/4/2011 #78

Luna entered the main room. She looked around but it was empty. Everywhere were sheets and candles but that was actually it.

"I guess we've to wait... She isn't here right now"

5/4/2011 #79



5/4/2011 #80

(Techno! We need youuuuu)


5/4/2011 #81

((So... what should we talk about while we wait...))

5/4/2011 #82

((Nevermind... I'll be back later XD))

5/4/2011 #83

((I'm going to sleep... It's 23.10 here *yawn* See ya tomorrow!))

5/4/2011 #84

((Is anyone online? I'm bored T_T))

5/4/2011 #85
Techno Skittles

(( Oh? What am I needed for? ))

5/5/2011 #86

((Luna, Mao, Ayano, and Hestia are waiting for Medusa~))

5/5/2011 #87
Techno Skittles

(( Oh! So what exactly am I doing? ))

5/5/2011 #88

((I guess just enter, for now... we'll have to see what happens as it goes along, I suppose~ XD))

5/5/2011 #89
Techno Skittles

A low chuckling was heard from the shadows, its location not definite. In fact, it seemed to come from everywhere. The source could be anywhere, waiting for its chance to strike.

"Why hello sister. I should've expected you to come to visit, alas, I haven't had the time to clean. Forgive me for the mess."

5/5/2011 #90
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