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Ayano and Hestia turned around to see Luna's sister. Obviously Ayano didn't know this person at all, but Hestia had seen her at witch masses.

So this is the snake witch I saw at that mass. She's said to be really powerful... Hopefully Ayano will keep her guard up if anything happens...

Ayano gave a glance to Hestia, then to Luna, seeing what her reaction would be to seeing her sister Medusa.

5/5/2011 #91
The Moonlight Sonata

Eruka Frog gulped. Had they really followed her?

'Me- Medusa's gonna rip me apart!'

She decided not to say a word, in fear of her dying a painful death. A path that she did not wish she had taken-- the Witch wanted to die with her friend, Mizune, but just looking at how much she suffered. . .she just could not die with her.

"M- Medusa I didn't-- it's Otama Jackson's fault!" The Tadpole glanced at it's owner in fear. If

If only it could talk.

5/5/2011 #92

"Oh, I'm dissapointed. I was hoping for a spectacular greeting." Luna said and looked down. "You painted your hair?" she suddenly said and looked at Medusa's black even more spikey hair.

Damn, why do we look so damn familiar.

"Ah, like I really care... Forgive me my terrible appearance. I loaned the younger witch my blouse and shoes. Feeling no cold is quite handy you know" She slowly nodded and wanted to give her older sister a hug.

"We haven't seen each other in centuries!"

((FF is acting weird again... I posted this over 6 hours ago... Weird :S))

5/6/2011 . Edited 5/6/2011 #93
Techno Skittles

"Hmm." Medusa stood unmoving as her sister hugged her. "Yes it has been awhile, hasn't it? As for my hair, no, I did not dye it. Have you not heard of our third sister's death? By the hands of Maka Albarn and Soul Eater?" She slipped from Luna's embrace and ran a hand down her black hair. "It was the reason for Arachnophobia's downfall.

"And it would've been such a waste to leave her soul-less body there when I didn't have one of my own."

5/6/2011 #94

"Ah, thanks to the frog witch I'm here... I need to 'talk' to her later" Luna said with a low growl

"Yes, I heard Archy died, how pitiful... But I also heard about your ridiculous appearance. Taking the body of a child, how retarded" Luna sighed and slowely shook her head. She turned around to look through the room.

"That nice professor told me everything about it, but this was obviously a part that he kept a secret for me..." She teased and fold her arms together.

"I heard about your failed attempt to kiss him, tell me more" She said curiously and turned around again. "I'm truly curious"

5/6/2011 . Edited 5/6/2011 #95
The Moonlight Sonata

Eruka Frog was silent, her throat hot and lumpy. Her eyes would not settle, for the fear that they would meet Medusa's menacing ones. She could not build up the courage to talk. She did not have enough dignity to run and hide. The Witch could feel the snakes inside her rustle-- or where there really snakes inside her body? Yes, Eruka's morals were at an all-time low.

"Ribbit. . ." She squeaked, lips parting.

5/6/2011 #96

Ayano, hearing that Medusa had once stolen a child's body, remembered something- she had known the girl, Rachel. She remembered Rachel once saying that her parents freaking out when she had gone missing for over a month, and finally, when Rachel had safely (if that's what you would consider) came back, had moved to Japan in her neighborhood. Ayano had been Rachel's babysitter, despite looking several years younger than her. They had become close, until the weapon moved to Nevada a year later.

That was in the newspapers sometime back, Hestia though to herself.

So Rachel was never lying about what had happened? I thought she was making up stories... Ayano's eyes were round and alert.

"I knew that girl..." Ayano whispered towards her partner.

The meister looked at her, then directed her view back to Luna and Medusa.

5/6/2011 #97
Techno Skittles

Medusa scowled. "Well it's not like I had much choice in the matter," she spat. "Besides, there's much to get away with in a child's body.

"So why are you here? What do you want? You're wasting my time. It's because of you that I lost Maka Albarn in the first place, otherwise she'd be here right now."

5/6/2011 #98
The Moonlight Sonata

Eruka Frog looked at the floor immediately.

It was she who lost Maka Albarn.

5/6/2011 #99

Medusa and Arachne in one body?? That's two for the price of one!

Luna quickly snapped out of her thoughts as her older sister asked her something "No, I come here by accident... The meister and her weapon wanted to ask you something about your infamous experiment, I'm only a guide..." Luna said and raised a brow at Ayano and Hestia "Or not?"

"But first I'm going to have frog as dinner..." She said and glared at Eruka who was already suffocating by only hearing Medusa talk. Suddenly she changed the subject when something came up in her mind

"Is mother still mad at me for betraying the family..."

She swore to torture me the next time I should appear in front of her eyes.

5/6/2011 . Edited 5/6/2011 #100
Techno Skittles

Medusa shrugged and walked off to one of her shelves and began to sift through the bottles and jars resting upon them. "I wouldn't know. We haven't been in contact for years, decades I'd say."

She glanced over at Eruka from the corner of her eye and snapped. "Eruka! Why don't you make our guests more comfortable by getting them something to drink? I'm sure you're parched from your long journey from Death City.

"Now, what about my experiment did these two want to know of? The effects? The origin? The consequences? Or maybe even how it was the start-off for my new project?"

5/6/2011 #101

"Let us hear everything~" Luna said cheery and snapped her fingers "Frog maid, I want a cinnamon tea with a cinnamon stick on the side of my cup and and some chocolate. If you don't bring it here-" she said and pointed at the table that stood next to her "I'll rip your head off, and I don't care what my sister or my students think about that" She commanded and sat down somewhere. She revealed her glasses again and put them on.

"Can someone turn off the damn heater, I'm litteraly melting here" She huffed and whiped with her hand over her fore head

"I'm ready, let us begin" A little laughter escaped her mouth and she turned to two meisters and the weapon behind her "Sit down~ Don't be affraid. When my sister finished I'll tell you something about the Nakatsukasa clam weapon and Kage-kun, my weapon"

((Have I ever mentioned this??? Kage=Shadow))

5/6/2011 . Edited 5/6/2011 #102
The Moonlight Sonata

Eruka Frog nodded. Orders were orders.

The Witch made her way out of the room, her Tadpole companion not far behind. "Yes, Medusa," She called from the neighboring room afar. "I found some."

The girl ambled back, producing three cups full of a crimson liquid, a sheepish smile on her face.

Honestly, she just found it in a bottle.

5/6/2011 . Edited 5/6/2011 #103

Luna took on of the cups from the tray. To her great surprise it wasn't what she'd ask for, but instead it was a cup poured with a crimson liquid. It reminded her of blood and without hestitation she sipped some out of the cup. The liquid was surprisingly concentrated. She put the cup down on the small tablet next to her. She stroke through her hair and whiped away a small drip of red substance from her fangs.

A small chuckle escaped her mouth as she finally found out what she was drinking. She leaned her elbow on her knee and rested her chin on her palm.

"I ordered somthing else... but this is even beter... Well done, Eruka Frog" She smiled as she complimented the still uncertain witch. Although she didn't respond to her. Luna faced her sister again and stirred in her tea.

"Nee-sama, your servants are truly magnificent. They know excactly what I like. A cup of pure human blood." She laughed as she took more sips of the cup. The liquid worked as too much alcohol on a normal human. Suddenly Luna began to laugh even harder and filled the room with her laughter. She slowely began to get litteraly crazy and she smiled widely

"Thank you so much, I haven's felt so good in years~"

5/7/2011 . Edited 5/7/2011 #104

Ayano was silent, very unlike usual. She was deep in thought as Luna drank the teacup of blood, and Hestia sat also silent. Of course, it wasn't exactly like Hestia to be extremely loud and annoying anyway, but for Ayano, this was a bit too different.

On that website Hestia looked at about black blood, after she went to bed I read it... it said if you resonate, it will-

Her eyes went round in realization.

We... we resonated on the way here... the failed attempts, of course, but that once when our thoughts were in sync... I-impossible!...

She swallowed a feeling of horrible fear, the fear that her own meister had just infected the weapon with black blood.

No, no, no! Damn, I should've kept closer tabs on her. She is younger, after all, even if I look way younger...!

Hestia noticed Ayano's odd behavior and looked at her, a concerned look in her warm eyes.

"Ayano, what's wrong?"

Ayano nearly panicked as she snapped out of her mind.

"N-nothing!" She yelped it a little to loudly, too obvious that something was wrong.

5/7/2011 #105

Luna cleared her mind and looked at Ayano and Hestia.

"Why don't you two demonstrate a little, while I drink another cup of tea" She said and snapped her fingers "Let's try to act as ina usual lesson. Today we're training the soul resonance. C'mon show us something" She said and took another cup for the tray Eruka was carrying

"Don't think we're even now..." She said with a low growl to the frog witch and sipped her tea. Then she clapped her hands and commanded the students to show her a perfectly demonstrated soul resonace.

"This is an order, and I'll give you a grade afterwards. Disobeying is a zero and complaining is a zero as final grade"

5/7/2011 #106

Ayano groaned. "I don't wannaaaa!"

Hestia stopped her. "But I want a good grade, and as my weapon, you should get a good grade too. Now, c'mon."

Ayano sighed at Hestia's statement and just gave in. They stood facing eachother.

"Soul Resonance!" They said it in unison.

There souls resonated in near perfect sync at first, until the rate was extremely stable.

Wait... we're resonating again, Luna wanted us too, Luna's Medusa's sister... HOLY SHIT, WHY DIDN'T I REALIZE THIS EARLIER...

Ayano squirmed, desperately trying to cancel their resonance. For some reason, an unknown force was stopping her, as if her meister was controlling their wavelength.

Hestia's mind buzzed. Everything around her was silent, but she could feel in the bottom of her soul that her partner wanted to stop.

"S-stop... I can't do it." Hestia stopped hearing Ayano's stuttered command. The voice sounded weak, quiet.

"What?" The resonance was stopped immediately by Hestia. Her mind still felt almost as if blank. Not to mention, a little bit crazy.

"Sorry... my fault. I hope it was okay, just even for a short time... should we do it again?"

Why can Hestia and I do this when I'm not in weapon form? Are we seriously that compatible?

5/7/2011 #107

Luna was more than curious how her sister's experiment was going to have effect on the weapon meister duo and watched attentively. She smiled when the two started a remarkable strong resonance but her smile turned more dissapointed as Hestia broke the resonance.

"I lied about that grade... I only wanted you two to resonate, because I'm curious and I can easily fool you two." She said teasingly and let out an enjoying chuckle. She nodded and focussed herself on the crimson tea again.

"Resonate once more, or I'll start threatening" She said with a crooked grin and waited patiently for respond of both, especially the weapon

5/7/2011 . Edited 5/7/2011 #108

Ayano clutched her tiny hands into fists. "WHAT THE HELL?! WHY!? YOU-"

Hestia sweatdropped. "Uh, Ayano... please don't fight with sensei..."

The girl sighed, turning to her partner and letting her hands fall at her sides.

"Fine. But I don't want to resonate anymore today."

Why doesn't Ayano want to resonate? Or, wait... she read it...

The meister flashed back for a second to the article she had browsed over, how it could spread.

But we'd have to resonate eventually. There's nothing I can do. Hestia felt utterly helpless.

"Ayano, I know why you're acting like this. We'll have to resonate eventually, anyway, y'know."

Ayano grumbled something that wasn't understandable and shot her partner a glare.

"Soul Resonance," it was in unison again, even though Ayano's part was more of a mutter.

The resonance was strong yet again, becoming even higher than before, if that was even possible.

Hestia's mind was full of abnormal fizzing yet again- she was totally unsure of what it was, but she could feel it. She gasped, trying with all her soul to keep calm and ignore it.

Hestia...? Hestia, calm down! Your soul, I can feel it, it isn't stable! It's...

Ayano didn't attempt to cancel the resonance, nor did her partner. But they didn't really have a choice- something was wrong, nevermind their stable rate.

"But I... can't..." Hestia didn't even think to respond in the mind, instead out loud.

Ayano's eyes were wide, she knew Hestia wasn't alright. Hestia was quickly entering a breif insanity. The weapon ran to her meister's side, trying to cancel the resonance. But she couldn't, it was still not under her freewill. She shook Hestia, trying gravely to bring back Hestia's normality, the meister now on her knees with her hair in front of her face.

"Hestia, Hestia, Hestia... no, stop! Just cancel it, stop it, STOP IT!" Ayano swallowed the fear of losing Hestia, regret for not seeing her inject herself, many other things as well that stuck in the back of her head and she couldn't name at the time being.

But Hestia couldn't hear her cries and pleas... she had entered a current moment of madness.

5/7/2011 #109
The Moonlight Sonata

Eruka thoughtfully frowned. At least she could see someone suffer-- Medusa would enjoy it also. The Witch studied Hestia before letting out a tiny croak. Her partner, Tadpole Jackson, was also paying attention to the scene unraveling before them.


Mao had zoned out. She let her gaze fall on Hestia, then, out of blinding rage, slapped Luna violently. She could not see, nor did she care. The girl considered Hestia as a friend, even if Hestia considered her as an acquaintance. Her stark-white locks covered her face, masking the frown on her lips. "Hestia. . .come back." Mao's face twisted to look at the madness-influenced teen. "Hestia come back!"

Her outstretched hand grabbed Hestia and pulled her into a hug. "He- Hestia. P- please." Tears spewed from her eyes. "Hestia fight it."


Tadpole Jackson inched away in fear of the sight in front of him. Before the creature could go any farther, Eruka placed a loving, frail hand on the monster. "Ribbit," She whispered.

5/7/2011 #110

"C'mon, why so pissed off? You're such a killjoy... Why do you hate me so much?" Luna said sarcastically. She ignored Mao for a while and watched Hestia getting consumed by madness.

"You musn't punch teachers or me if I'm an exception"

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Techno Skittles

Medusa watched the resonance between the meister and weapon duo with mild interest. She put her head in her hand watching halfheartedly and turned to face her younger sister. "You're students," she spoke. "They need more work. Much more work. The black blood just isn't taking the intended effect on them that I have reached on Chrona." She got up and stood in front of Hestia and Mao - who was hugging her. The snake witch put her hands on her hips and clicked her tongue.

"I'll have to leave it to you to perfect though, dear sister. I'm still working on my current project with Chrona, Maka, and Soul and nothing is to get in the way of that."

Medusa's lips twitched up into a sneer and she let out a low chuckle. "Perhaps, though, if you are willing to help me in the capture of Albarn and Eater, I could assist you with these two without trouble. I could become your mentor."

She shuffled over to Luna, going around to stand behind her. Medusa bent over and placed both of her hands on Luna's shoulders. "What do you say, sister?"

5/7/2011 #112

"Yes, let's do it. I'm getting rusty of sitting in a classroom all day. I don't like it but I wanted Death's protection. Guess I won't need that anymore" Luna mumbled and leaned back making Medusa's elbows side from her shoulders.

"I've always been the naive idiot so, so what if I get in trouble again"

5/7/2011 #113
Techno Skittles

"Oh you won't." Medusa walked back over to her chair and crossed her legs Native American style. "Not when you're with me. Have you not heard of the many times I've evaded Shibusen's clutches? No, no you won't get in any trouble here.

"Now, for the capture. You ruined my last one; a nice one too. It was all thought-out, but I hadn't expected you to interfere. So since you messed it up, you get to help me with the new one." She crossed her arms and looked expectantly at Luna.

5/7/2011 #114

"Restrain that one there and everything will be fine" She said and pointed at Mao. "With her out of the way there is no danger in the school, not even that stalking professor who seems to trust me in some weird kind of way. I don't like that." Luna shook her head and sighted again.

No, I'm not telling her what we did three weeks ago! That restaurant is so delicious! I couldn't refuse his offer...

"C'mon. how difficult can that be? I can say there is something wrong with her grades and that kid has a total break down."

5/7/2011 #115
Techno Skittles

Medusa shook her head and waved for Eruka. "No. What we need is for her to let her guard down or become weakened in some way that she can't fight back. That was why I injected her with that green poison when she wasn't paying attention. It weakened her physical state to the point where she could hardly stay awake. Of course, there is one other way besides those two that we could get Maka now." She smiled evilly, her yellow eyes narrowing into snake-like slits.

"The key is her son. Once we have him, we have her. Guaranteed."

5/7/2011 #116

"Obvious, let's do it. Finally something interesting. I was getting worried about myself turning in someone weak like Marie." Luna said and smiled with her fangs bare. She was quite amused that her sister wasn't tormenting her like usual. She stood up again with a nod and stretched her body. She put the empty tea cup down and yawned.

"It's getting late, maybe we could better leave right now"

5/7/2011 #117
Techno Skittles


Her sister froze in her spot, listening to whatever she had to say next.

"Remember, do not let anyone from Shibusen onto what you're doing otherwise I cannot promise to bail you out. You will have to suffer the consequences and bear judgment on your own. Do you understand?" Medusa walked over to her shelf and pulled out one of the bottles filled with green liquid and handed it to Luna.

"This is the same poison I injected in Maka before. You can use it either on her or her son."

5/7/2011 #118

"Bail me out? I kick their asses" Luna said arrogantly a little similiar to Black*Star "Noscence, I'm definitely stronger than those three meisters and their weapons. Black*Star and the Uncanny Sword can't damage me since it is my weapon. The younger reaper will be no problem. And against Albarn's Genie hunter I already planned something." She said curtain of herself and shrugged.

"I don't know how I could fail in this mission" She said and hummed happily. She took the bottle with the weird green liquid in it and snickered quietly

"Shibusen will become a real massacre when I finished there" A low chuckle was heard and Luna spread her arms "I'll show them you'll never win against the great Leviathan Luna. I always get what I want, even if I've to slaughter everyone in my way." She said and took a smug pose.

"But for now, I'm going to leave again"

5/7/2011 . Edited 5/8/2011 #119
The Moonlight Sonata

Eruka scrambled over to Medusa, heart beating out of her chest.

"Yes?" She asked the Witch Woman, thinking of many awful things that she could do to her.


Mao roared as she jumped on her teacher, swing wildly, not caring if she missed. The girl was angry, terrified also. If her grades were changed, she wouldn't care, Hestia was her friend-- the only friend who was loyal, gloomy, and well-calculated at the same time. "No! No! I won't let you!" This attack was damaging her chance to go to a great college, Mao knew that as well as the back of her bony hand, but she didn't care.

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