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"Can you answer my question please?" Luna said to Mao and face palmed

5/8/2011 #151
The Moonlight Sonata

Mao was too happy to answer Luna, but concealed it by looking the other way. "Glad you're back."

5/8/2011 #152

Hestia gave a faint, rather hidden smile to Mao.

"Mao-chan, I'm sorry me and Ayano always faught with you back at school."

Ayano spoke up as well. "Can we pwease PUH-LEEZ be friends? Huh, huh?" She said in a giddy way.

5/8/2011 #153

"Friendship, ridiculous" Luna said stubbornly and turned herself away fro the three students.

5/8/2011 #154
The Moonlight Sonata

Mao brushed the black-blood on her hands off onto her pants. She extended her hand.


5/8/2011 #155

Hestia shook her hand. "Friends."

Ayano, instead of shaking the girl's hand, grabbed Mao into a tight hug from her petite figure. "Friends!!"

5/8/2011 . Edited 5/8/2011 #156
The Moonlight Sonata

Mao peered down at Hestia's hand. "You should wash that."

5/8/2011 #157

Hestia sweatdropped, looking at her hand. "...Yeah"

5/8/2011 #158

"Friends can only betray you. There are no real friends." Luna said cold and stared emotionlessly infront of her remembering what more people told her

"I know what you're missing, you never had love. You envy love and friendship. Which is also the reason you murder, you just can't stand it. Leviathan of Envy"

"I don't need love. I already lost all my hope in love" She said and almost cried

"I love you, Leviathan Luna. I'll remain forever by your side. You're my everything."

"Father, where are you... You're what I desire the most. The only living being that ever understood me. You were my everything." Luna complained still without crying

"You left me alone with that horrible monster. She doesn't deserved to be called a 'mother'."

5/8/2011 . Edited 5/8/2011 #159

Luna stood up and walked to the door

"I'm leaving. Stay here or come along, but I'm not going to wait. Sayonara Nee-san" She said with an uninterested tone and left the lair

5/9/2011 #160

Ayano shrugged, no longer hugging Mao, as Luna left. "Whatever." She looked at her partner and new friend. "So, what now?"

Hestia looked at her, obvious that she was still wondering why they hadn't asked the question they had came her for. The weapon responded quickly to this as she realized.

"Oh, yeah, the question... the dream." She somewhat sighed at the end of the sentence as her meister glimpsed around the room they stood in.

5/10/2011 #161
The Moonlight Sonata

Eruka's mouth hung open in bewilderment. After all of the hell had passed, they were still standing? And they still had the nerve to ask their question? A fly darted past The Witch, but she was too quick for it. Her tongue lashed out and devoured it in mere seconds. "Hm."

5/11/2011 #162

The cold weather outide was intolerant even through it didn't seem to influence Luna at all. She just stood there, waiting for something to happen. She led one humdrum existance. Her life was like a game. The main goal is to win and the second to enjoy. She did both, in her own weird way. But sometimes, she realized her life wasn't so good at all. Realizing she was always alone and others were with eachother, made her doubting. She tried to lock away the thought of friendship deep inside of her to hide it from the world, but secretly, she was just jealous.

The thin air blew through her night raven hair and filled it with various tiny ice crystals. She'd arrived at the spot they depparted some hours ago, ready to leave again. She couldn't care about the threesome she left behind her and only thought about her own activities.

Go to Shibusen, trick the boy, escape Death City, bring her here... No problem for me... Tsk, I can't even imagine getting caught

5/11/2011 #163

(Someone on?? I wanna RP... TT_TT)

5/12/2011 #164
The Moonlight Sonata

Mao shrugged. "One of teacher's mood problems--- we're in Medusa's base with her!" She gasped, catching on.

5/13/2011 #165

Ayano yawned.

"Why are we here again...?"

Hestia facepalmed herself, groaning rather obviously. "Ayano, your so forgetful and everything... I have to tell you these things everyyy singleeee secondddd, don't I?"

Ayano snaped her fingers, seeming to remember. Her expression lit up. "Ooooh, right!"

5/14/2011 #166
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