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Eyes of a Black Dragon

Okay this is where we begin... And we will be starting at the Academy, or atleast around or close by it...

1/1/2011 #1

Eve knew she was going to get in a lot of crap with the authorities but she didn't care she knew exactly was going to happen either way. So she took the risk and approached the giant school that was label "Xavier's School For the Gifted," what ever that meant. She stood in front of the huge doors staring at them with her indigo and violet eyes as the gigantic building towered over her. She cracked her knuckles, neck, and fingers before opening the doors with out ringing the doorbell or knocking first, she just barged right in there. 'No going back,' she thought.

1/1/2011 #2
Eyes of a Black Dragon

Anlise watched the girl barge into the large building unannouced carefully. She really didn't understand why someone would do such a thing, and as much as that annoyed her she decided she didn't want to learn why some people found it fun to do such things. So she continued to stay in her spot hidden from veiw as she looked on and watched what would soon unfold.

1/1/2011 #3

Eve looked around as the empty hallways opened up in front of her while she stared at all the doors. 'Guess no one is here,' she opened a random door and stepped inside randomly. Her eyes widen as she stared at the gathering of children young and old-ish back staring at her. 'I guess there are people here, yikes.' She couldn't speak she was nervous and embarrassed. 'What am I going to do?' So she bolted out the door and down the hallway until she ran into something and was knocked back.

1/1/2011 #4
Eyes of a Black Dragon

(Okay I'll be some random teacher for the moment... XD)

The Elder woman looked down at the girl who she was very much certain was not registered in the school, "And who might you be?" Her voice was icy, and somewhat devoid of emotion. "It is illegal to break and Enter you know..." She continued her stern voice a hiss as she narrowed her eyes at the intruder as she grabbed onto her wrist and began taking her back down the hall to the entrance. "You are very lucky I am in a merciful mood right now..."

1/1/2011 #5

'Now you've done it!' "Uh, Ma'am, my name is Eve, I was hoping to enroll in this school I was trying to find the one who runs this place," Eve said as calmly as she could manage.

1/1/2011 . Edited 1/1/2011 #6
Eyes of a Black Dragon

"Is that so? Well he is not here at the moment so there is not much I can do for you, so you will have to find something to occupy your time until he does return." She said snidely as she looked at the doors which were opened at an odd angle and another girl stood in the entrance looking around nervously, before suddenly freezing at the sight of them.

"O-oh... U-uh... I am s-sorry f-for my fr-friends rudeness..." Anlise squeaked nervously, Why am I doing this agian?! she thought to herself as she managed to make what she hoped looked a little like a smile. "I-I tried to t-tell her to r-r-ring the d-door bell b-but she is just to im-impatient..." She said her head bowed in embarassment.

The Elder woman glared menacingly at the two intruders before depositing the one who's wrist she held in her iron grip beside the other. "You two should learn more manners..." She said angrily. "Come back later when the Professor is back..." She said shoving them out the door. "And be glade I don't press charges!" She then slammed the door in their faces.

1/1/2011 #7

"School of the gifted, psssshh gifted at what? Being bitchy?" Eve said annoyed. 'I wanted to get in there so I didn't have to be transferred.' Eve looked at the girl who had tried to help her with a slight smile, "I guess we'll have to wait on the door step for the 'Professor'."

1/1/2011 . Edited 1/1/2011 #8
Eyes of a Black Dragon

Anlise shrugged, "I-I don't know... I g-guess w-we c-could..." She whispered her voice slightly scratchy as if it hadn't been used much and looked at the ground again, finding it more interesting than anything else at the moment.

1/1/2011 #9

Eve then sat down on the stone steps as she seemed comfortable there as though she was sitting on clouds instead of stone.She closed her eyes and soaked in the sun rays happily.

1/1/2011 #10
Eyes of a Black Dragon

Not really certain if she should stay or not Anlise moved and sat a little ways from the other girl, her hands instantly going to her bag and pulling out a sketch book. Her fingers easily opening to a blank page as she pulled out her pencil and began to draw.

1/1/2011 #11

"Nitelove, Eve Nitelove," Eve said in a James Bond type voice trying to lighten the mood.

1/1/2011 #12
Eyes of a Black Dragon

Not seeming to have heard her Anlise continued to draw. Her eyes never straying from her page as her hand moved elegantly over the page never touching the paper.

1/1/2011 #13

Eve shrugged it off as someone approached them (being Storm for this little while).

"Excuse me, who are you two and what are you doing here?" Storm asked the two girls on the stone steps.

"I'm Eve Nitelove and I'm wishing to enroll here, has the Professor gotten back yet?" Eve asked.

"Yes, he has would you mind staying here for a second while I grab him?"

"No problem." Eve said as Storm left for a few moments and came back wheeling an elder man over.

"Professor, these two girls are here to see if they can enroll in the school," Storm said.

(would someone mind being the professor cause if not i'm gonna have to be him... o.o )

1/1/2011 #14
Eyes of a Black Dragon

(Nite there is a Cannon Character Room where you can say which cannon character you would like to control so you can post them in there.)

Anlise looked up as the woman and elderly man approached just noticing them, but from the looks of it they had spoken to Eve already. So without a second thought she just went back to her drawing completely ignoring them once more. Her whole attention on the image that was slowly becoming more life-like as her hand moved over the drawing swiftly.

1/2/2011 #15

(sorry) (but its only for this scene ... hopefully *shifty eyes* ) "Storm, both of these girls are one of us," the Professor said with a nod. "What are your girls' names?"

"I'm Eve Nitelove, and, wel she can introduce herself," Eve said.

"Eve what is it that you do?" The professor asked.

"I control shadows and the dead," she said.

The Professor nodding and looked at the other girl waiting for her to speak.

1/3/2011 #16
Eyes of a Black Dragon

Anlise looked up as she heard what they said, One of them? She wondered, then listened as she heard what Eve said, Oh... That... She looked at the Professor as he looked to her, "I am Anlise Sunset...." She whispered but instead of saying what her power was she looked down at her sketch book and smiled at it. Suddenly the page rippled and out of the paper came a dog its image gaining more detail as the picture on the paper vanished.

1/4/2011 #17

"WOW! That is awesome!" Eve laughed.

"It is very useful I would guess," The professor said with a smile.

"Could get you out of a lot of unpleasant situations," Storm nodded.

"How about we go inside and talk," The professor said as Storm lead them inside being careful not to hurt the professor while going up the steps.

"Okey dokey," Eve said.

1/5/2011 #18
Eyes of a Black Dragon

Anlise nodded and followed after them quietly looking around the large entrance way that they had been in earlier. It`s very nice in here... She thought.

1/5/2011 #19

"It's bright in here," Eve said slightly disappointed.

"Yes, why wouldn't it be?" Storm asked skeptical.

"Because I like the dark," Eve said with a smile.

"Storm my dear, I have matters to attend to so I will wheel myself to them. Would you mind getting these girls started in their new lives?"

"Of course Professor," Storm said as he wheeled away.

1/5/2011 . Edited 1/5/2011 #20
Eyes of a Black Dragon

Anlise watched him go before looking at Storm, "Umm, w-where a-are o-our rooms?" She questioned her eyes falling back to the ground.

1/5/2011 #21

"Well we have one two room suit left so I am guessing you two probably wont mind sharing?" she asked.

"I don't mind, do you Anlise?" Eve asked.

1/5/2011 #22
Eyes of a Black Dragon

Anlise nodded, "Thats fine..." She said.

1/5/2011 #23

"Yay! I've got a room mate!" Eve laughs.

"You are odd," Storm shook her head as she leads them down halls towards their room.

1/5/2011 #24
Eyes of a Black Dragon

Anlise sighed but silently followed taking in and memorizing all the halls a creating a sort of map of the school in her mind.

1/5/2011 #25

When they were right in front of their room Storm opened the door a beautiful suit alredy stocked full of food and othr things.


"Yeah I said that too," Storm laughed.

1/5/2011 #26
Eyes of a Black Dragon

Anlise smiled, "It's nice..." She said and quickly claimed the bunk beside the window.

1/6/2011 #27

"I'll leave you to unpackin then," Storm said.

"UH, we have nothing to unpack," Eve shrugged.

"Well where is all your stuff?" Storm asked astonished.

"I don't have stuff," Eve gave a half smile.

"Nothing?" Storm asked.

"Never stayed in one place long enough to have things," Eve sighed.

1/6/2011 #28
Eyes of a Black Dragon

Anlise turned, "I have my stuff in here..." She motioned to her sketchpad,and made and attempt at a smile which looked rather odd and forced on her face like she hadn't smiled in a long time.

1/7/2011 #29

"Well that's handy!" Eve said and fell onto her bed.

"Well I leave you guys to ... I don't do whatever but don't blow up the school or anyhting," Storm said before leaving.

"Lets blow up the school," Eve said with a serious face. "No. I'm just kidding!"

1/7/2011 #30
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