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"thanks drowned me in water" Iceman laugh as he shock off the water from his top

"anytime" she smiled but her smile fadded as she saw cyclops aka Scott Summers walking towards her he looked angry

"she gona get it now" Iceman said to sparky

6/14/2011 #61
Tori English

"uhm..." Victoria looked at the proffessor. "I was wondering... wondering if you could.. maybe you could... find my family... for me? I´m a multimutant so I would need help here at the institute too... Great.. Help!" She fainted right on the floor without any seemly occasion. 'the walls! The floor! The roof! This room! It´s so .. so.. small...' she thought before she fell to the ground, hardly.

6/14/2011 #62

Before Scott had a chance to give out to Splash he heard a bang from inside Xaviors office "what was that" he asked. He then knocked on the door and opened it to see the young girl on the floor

"has she fainted" Scott asked the proffessor

Behind Scott pering through the door was Slash and Iceman "can we help proffessor?" they asked

6/14/2011 #63
Tori English

"ungh..." 'why is everyone staring at me?' She got up on her elbows. Her long ponytail loosened and a lot of white hair whirled over her shoulders and face. Then she saw two young men and and a young woman standing by the proffessor. "uhm, sorry for that... I´m claustrophobic so I kinda lost control here... I´m Victoria Munroe-Xavier also known as Storm or Harmonie.... You´ll choose what you like..." She raised from the floor and greeted the young people.

6/14/2011 #64

Splash smiled at her "im Chloe also known as Splash" she said with a wide smile but scott looked at her and frowned

"we need to talk later" he said to her and she nodded knowing exactly what he meant

"im bobby but you can call me iceman" said the young man standing beside splash

6/14/2011 #65
Tori English

"nice to meet.. you, Iceman and Splash..." Victoria smiled, weakly. "I was wondering... if someone here could help me with... With finding my ... family..." She hesitated in her sentences because the room was so small that it knocked her breath out. "I thought... that maybe... you could... help me... proffessor..." She looked, weary, at the four persons in front of her. Then a strong sound pierced through her mind. "Arrgh!" She sat down at the floor as the sound became stronger. None of the others seemed to hear the noice...

6/14/2011 #66

" we will try and help you" scott smiled as she fell they all looked at each other

"are you okay" splash asked looking at her

6/14/2011 #67
Tori English

"don´t hear the noice?!" Victoria said, relieved, as the sound was gone. She looked at Splash, weakly. "No, I´m too claustrophobic to this room... It´s so... small..." She looked anxiously around and then she looked at the proffessor.

6/14/2011 #68

"would you like to go outside or another room" she asked her

6/14/2011 #69
Tori English

"outside is fine... " she said, almost out of breath. "do you... think my... family... might be... here? ..." she looked at the girl. 'she looks kinda the same age as me so I figure she understands...*

6/14/2011 #70

"you never know one can only hope" she said to her as they made their way down the stairs to the court yard

"ah it has just rainned" she said happily

6/14/2011 #71
Tori English

"you like it? It was me who made it rain... I have to keep my emotions in check, but my claustrophobia click the tricker at times..." Victoria looked surprised at Splash... She felt the wet air against her skin and she sighed relieved as they got outside.

6/14/2011 #72

"my powers are water basically so i hate being really dry" she laughed

Scott and Iceman decided to go inside "we will see yee at training later" he said kindlt to them

6/14/2011 #73
Tori English

Victoria laughed too and waved gently at the young men. "see you later on, boys.." She the looked at Splash. "Wanna see some really cool?" She spread her arms and flew into the air. Then some lightnings began to twirl from her hair and was suddenly flying infront of Splash then suddenly gone in the sky. When she came to the ground again, she was laughing. "great to have wind in the hair again... I have papers on which there stands that I should be a lot a like my mother... Which my mum should have the same weather ability as me..." Victoria suddenly saw a white haired woman walking towards the school, talking with a hairy man. "Who are they?" she asked, curiously.

6/14/2011 #74

she watched as the girl showed her her powers "shes like strom" she said to herself

she looked at the people walking towards them "oh thats storm and the man beside her is logan" she said smiling "i love logan hes great and storm is soo sweet she was so kind to me when i was first here"

"hey strom logan" she said to them

6/14/2011 #75
Tori English

(I´ll be Wolverine at the moment)

"Hey kid... Who´s the kid yer takin' ´round? She looks familiar, somehow..." He chuckled as he greeted Victoria.

"He.. Hello... I´m Victoria Munroe-Xavier... I´m a multimutant..." She laughed at Wolverines expression.

"Well, good day to you miss lots of danger!" He laughed in his own odd way.

Victoria laughed with him. It sounded like a beautiful thunder when she laughed.

6/14/2011 #76

(i will be storm :) )

"yeah I taught the same" she replied to Logan "training later logan"

"its a pleasure to meet you I hope Chloe is showing you around" storm said looking at the girl with a kind smile "just dont listen to everything she says skipping classes is not a right of passage" she laughed

6/14/2011 #77
Tori English

She looked mesmerized at Storm. "Skipping classes is not my style, Storm.. And she´s kind enough to show me around..." She smiled a sweet smile.

"Yeah, training later, miss Splash! And don´t be late!" Logan got off... "See yer at the office Storm... Hope to see yer in some of mah classes too, miss Victoria.." He chuckled and dissapeared around the corner.

"Guess, I´ll need to find a place to stay in for the night..." Victoria looked at the sky that was slightly raining again... 'dear goddess! you have to keep your emotions in check, Vicky!' she looked anxiously away so the two women didn´t see her cry...

6/14/2011 #78

"well your staying here of course" splash said brightly "theres a spare bed in my room you can have that and its a double" she added

storm smiled at her "your here to stay now all your belongings are in splashs room and dont worry we are here to help you control your powers" she said "now have to go so splash show her around and be on timne to logans class" she added as she left

splash laughed happily "see ya laters" she smiled " so to my room then" she said leading her upstairs down a long hall and to a blue door. when she opened the door the room was fresh and big. there was two double beds with white and pink silk covers. she had a window seat with long silk white curtains hanging at either side. there was two desks and a walk in wardrobe and ensuite.

"i was lucky banshee got me this room but i dont mind sharing" she said smiling

6/14/2011 #79
Tori English

"Do you mind if I place my flower in the window?" She took a little pot from her bag. A beautiful purple flower was growing in the dirty earth. "What is it that seems so familiar with that woman...?" She looked at Splash.

6/14/2011 #80

"no i dont mind at all" she said as she took out a summer dress to wear to training with logan

"i dunno the two of you look alike thats all" she replied as she fixed her hair into a pony tail "your hardly related" she said simply

6/14/2011 #81
Tori English

Victoria pulled a hairbrush from her bag and sat on the bed. She began to brush her long white hair, but she couldn´t help thinking of how alike she and the gentle woman where. "no, prolly, not... just wish I knew more about my relationsships... The only family I have is my boyfriend and my daughter... They´re coming tommorrow... at least I hope so.." She took a picture from her bag and showed it to Splash. It featured Victoria and a young man. The man was standing behind her caressing her big belly. "this was from my pregnancy... Latoya, she´s called... She´s 1 1/2 year now..."

6/14/2011 #82

"awh shes so cute" she said as she looked at the picture "your lucky you have a boyfriend my last one found out i was a mutant and ran" she laughed she too always wanted to know her family but her mother was dead and her step father kicked her out when he found out she was a mutant. her only family now was gambit and the xmen

"dont worry bout your family you will soon find them" she smiled

6/14/2011 #83
Tori English

"Yeah, I´m lucky to have them... My boyfriend´s a mutie too so there ain´t much to run away from..." She laid the picture at the nighttable. "His name is Curt Wagner... He pops his way around... and he has blue fur..." She laughed, sadly, at the memory of Curt. "At least you know what happened to your parents... Well, I´ll try to get some sleep and you should get to Logan´s class too..." She smiled pulling a turquise nightdress from her bag. She threw all the blankets off the bed and got dressed for the night.. "See you in the morning..." She laid softly at the bed and took one of the silky blankets over her slim body. 'perhaps, this is a good way to find my real relations...' She thought. Then she slept..

(just making a soft ending of the day, cause here the day is ending for me too.. sleep tight!)

6/14/2011 #84

she smiled at her "good night" as she walked to training she taught about kurt she knew him as well but maybe that was a conversation for another day. she was early to training and she worked really hard. it was the older students training such as iceman, jubliee, rogue, kitty and then there was gambit helping out. she was so tried after the two hour lession that she was ready for bed but as she made it to her room Scott caught up with her and made her train with him till late that night

"im never missing another class" she said as she hoped into bed and pulled the covers over her head

(sleep tight too xxx)

6/14/2011 #85

Sparky woke up to the sound of her alarm clock blaring. "uhhh," she groaned and flipped back over. After a few minutes she finally sat up and looked around.

6/14/2011 #86
Tori English

Victoria awakened early this morning. "Hmm... Everybody else is asleep... as always" She smiled for herself. Today was they day that Curt and Laya would come to join her. She excited about seeing the little daughter again... "Wonder what´s for breakfast..." she murmured as she got dressed. A white top and some light denim shorts. She pulled her sandals from undernieth the bed and walked in the morning sunlight... 'the morning is always beautiful...' she thought as she walked outside

6/14/2011 #87

Splash was awoken by the sound of Banshee training the younger children. She looked at her clock and jumped out of bed "im late" she said as she brushed her teeth, put her make up on and brushed her hair. She ran into her closet and but on a long pair of light jeans ands a plain blue t-shirt. she then put on her dolly poms and ran down the hall. she ran into the kitchen where Iceman was holding a plate of pancakes for her "thank you I taught i missed the pancakes" she laughed. she was always on time for breakfast but because Scott had her training alll last night she was too tired for her morning run.

6/15/2011 #88
Tori English

Victoria sat on a big stone, almost looking like a mermaid. Her long hair hung loose around her shoulders and she smiled as she saw the kids training at the ground. A girl with firebeams missed her target, which was Scott, and was nearly shooting Victoria down from the stone. Victoria catched the fire and it vanished into her hand. She looked at the girl that shot the fire. "Ahm sorry, maam! I didn´t mean to shoot at you..." The girl was frightened by Victoria and she knew. "Don´t be afraid, child, I won´t hurt you... It´s okay, just try to aim your target more precisely next time..." Victoria smiled gently at the girl and then she waved at somebody in the horizon.

Victoria flew to the ground and it looked like she was dancing as she hastily walked to the gates. At the gateopeneing she met with a young man who carried a little girl and a huge bag. He kissed her. "Hello love... " She smiled at him. "Hello Curt... Hi Laya!" She gave the little girl a hug. Then she showed them inside..

6/15/2011 #89

After breakfast Splash decided she would for a walk. As she walked down the halls she stoped to talk to a good friend of hers kitty. When they had finished talking she walked outside "ah what a beautiful day" said a familar voice she looked behind her and she saw Beast she smiled happily at him

"good morning" she smiled "il see you in class later shall i" she asked

"yes we are outside today" he said with a grin "bring your friend along the proffessor thinks it will be good for her" he added

6/15/2011 #90
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