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I assumed it was Max, considering the fact that she didn't mention him when she mentioned all of those that died previous to her death. That, or they spend a lot of time together, to nurture their damaged souls.

2/18/2011 #1
Midnight Cheesecake


I think it's Max. It has to be Max. It has too...

5/7/2011 #2

Not Max. I am willing to seriously debate this. u_u

6/4/2011 #3
A Band Of Thieves

I'm still very sad over Rudy's death! Liesel and Rudy were each others one true love, she wasn't supposed to marry anyone else!!!!!!

7/20/2011 #4
I think it's Max, but why don't you?
7/20/2011 . Edited 7/20/2011 #5
A Band Of Thieves

I don't think it's Max though, because the bond they had just wasn't like that, and he was much much older than her.

7/21/2011 #6
kz darling
What if she met someone else? Someone who was never in the story, someone else who fell in love with her? Do not forget that she was only a young child. She had to grow up and move on. What if she grew up and tried to escape the trauma that was her childhood. After Himmel Street was bombed, she couldn't not of stayed there. Perhaps she went back to see if she could find out what happened to her Mother. I think her and Max will have stayed in touch, but she was so young I think he would look on her as her guardian. Is it not a lovely idea that he looks after her after the other were taken away. If Max helped her grow up, supported her and saved her from being alone. I think her being married is just a way to say that she moved on, nut did not forget her first love :)
9/16/2011 #7
I can see both ways; I have always presumed she married Max. To compute the ages, he is in his early twenties(?- to lazy to look it up...) and sh is 12-14 ish(?-ditto) so a maximum age difference of 10, which doesn't look to bad. It probably depends on two factors(at least in my mind): whether, when first meeting, did Leisel look to him as friend or older brother, and did he look at her as a little sister or peer? If it is the first options, and he waited for her, it is quite likely. If not, then another person. Also, it mentions her husband not being dead. With a 6(assume 14/20 years) to 10(assume 12/22 years) he is older than her. Male life expentancy is usually shorter, so he would be more likely to die first, and therefor be dead. That is my reasoning, anyhow.
1/2/2012 #8
kz darling

I like your reasoning :)

but I do like the concept that she gets the chance to move on and escape the horrors of her life then. I think the book has beautiful meaning and holds captivating memories, but one must not forget the pain she must have been through. If it were me in her shoes I would most likely want to get away from the ruins of Himmel Street and start a new, fresh life. I would let the brilliant spirits of my lost friends live within me, but try to move on.

Also I wonder if she would go to find her real mother. A fairly impossible task I know, but its a nice idea to think her mother made it through the war so she had someone left to look after her. Would her mother of been proud of Max as a love match? :)

2/3/2012 #9

I still assume Max, simply because no other options really exist. She and Rudy's father were the only ones from Himmel Street that survived, and the book doesn't go on to explain much of her life afterwards, but it does throw in that Max comes back. It is perfectly reasonable and expected that she had a full and completely different life after she went to live with Mr. Steiner (for the life of me, I can't remember his first name), so it is also perfectly reasonable that she might have had a love that the book never touched on.

2/14/2012 #10


They are so cute... :)

11/23/2012 #11

I wish it was what sparks said :(

11/23/2013 #12

But I do think that she didn't marry max. It's just to big of an age difference and they didn't feel that way for each other.

12/6/2013 #13

I think she did.

1/14/2014 #14
Louisiana Stephenic
You must remember that at the end Death names the people who walked though her life. He says were Hans and Rosa Humbermann, her husband, her brother, and the boy whose hair remained the colour of lemons forever. But not Max. Do you think that in the end she'd remember everyone but him, who gave her eyes to see so to speak?? He must be her husband because she doesn't think of him but of her husband.
1/21/2014 #15

Thank you. I thought I was the only one that thought that.

1/21/2014 #16
I think she did get together with max in the end
3/21/2014 #17

Honestly? I don't think she got together with Max. She met him at a young age. When I think about it from my perspective, he would have definitely been my friend for life, but I don't think that she ended up with him.

4/8/2014 #18
Rudy. I. Don't. Care. That. He's. Dead.
6/14/2014 #19
Ikr ;-;-;-;
7/18/2014 #20
Ikr ;-;-;-;
7/18/2014 #21

Rudy pulled a Jesus and resurrected himself after 3 days. XD

8/17/2014 #22
Emily Meminger
It should be rudy, but I'd say she met someone else when she moved to Australia. Rudy dying is a perfect ending but it would suit a lot of us better if he'd of lived
9/20/2014 #23

In my opinion, she would have definately married Rudy if he never died, but sadly he did. So I just think of all the millions of men Leisel could have married. I think about it a lot. Just imagining a bunch of men in my head with Leisel, but my mind always flickers to Rudy.

10/3/2014 #24
Emily Meminger

I get that too, rudy always comes back in our mind

10/3/2014 #25
Las Letras de Elizabeth
3/5/2016 #26
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