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This is the thread where you can be as selfish and as self promoting as you like!

You can advertise any story here (Star Trek or any other fandom).

If you haven't posted in the Introductions thread, do so before posting here.

If you post here without joining the forum properly in the Introductions thread you will be treated as if you have spammed. Which you will have. So beware...

When you submit your story, you need to include these details:

Title with a link.

Rating so we know what to expect.

Fandom if it's not a Star Trek story.

Main characters/ Pairings because some people are picky about what they read.

Summary to make people interested.

Any warnings for example lemons, i***, slash, mpreg. All of that stuff that some people aren't keen on.

If you want:

Include an extract from your story.

1/21/2011 #1

I didn't want to be the first to post here, but it's called "shameless" for a reason, right? :P

Title: Take One Breath:

Rating: K+/PG, for occasional mentions of things like "mating", male shirtlessness, and a little slapping.

Characters/Pairings: Kirk/Spock; other characters (Rand, Bones, etc.) get mentioned/interacted with.

Summary: An exploration of how Spock's feelings for the Captain grow/change over the course of the original series. This means tons of canon references and quotes.

Warnings: No warnings for content, but the format is pretty odd, and anybody who hates long WIPs should stay away.

Edited because for some reason this came out as a big block of text. How embarrassing.

1/23/2011 . Edited 1/24/2011 #2

Yay! First posters rule. Never be afraid of being a little shameless.

Your story looks really good, Mallus. I'll be taking a look when I next get a chance.

1/23/2011 #3

Title Captain's Orders

Rating T

Fandom Star Trek TOS

Main characters/ Pairings Spock/Kirk. One or two mentions of other TOS characters, but not many.

Summary A series of Spirk drabbles, some based around episodes, others based around feelings, others based around nothing more than my over active imagination. 100 words per chapter, each chapter is a separate short story.

Any warnings Slash. That's about it.


They stood on a distant planet, in a distant galaxy. The wind raged around them as they stood, hand in hand, gazing up at the ruby red clouds racing across the purple sky. They stood in silence, simply taking in the beauty.

"Perfect kite weather," remarked Kirk.

1/23/2011 #4
And I Am Undone

May I suggest stories here that were written by someone else? (I only have up 1 chapter so far, so no point in promoting me yet)

3/8/2011 #5
And I Am Undone

I shall be bold and take the lack of response to my question as a "yes, you may" and then proceed. If I'm being out of line, I won't whine (much) if you delete this post.

If you have NOT read anything of the Star Trek stories by KCS, you really should. She writes top-quality stories, both short and long (but not epic-length). She does not write slash, though there is one (These Not So Simple Feelings) which she wrote in a way that could be taken slashy if you want to, or not, if you don't want to.

I highly recommend "Second Best Destiny" and have promoted it to others on twitter and by email. I seriously think it should be the script for the next movie. It's that good, and it would work. KCS primarily writes TOS, but that one is a crossover of TOS and Reboot, with a wee bit of TNG tossed in.

3/10/2011 #6
And I Am Undone

I finally have something worth sharing. (I hope)

Title Inclination

Rating T - I had changed it to M, but Mallus told me to change it back. And I obey The Mallus ;-)

Fandom TOS, set between ST:The Motion Picture and ST2:The Wrath of Khan

Main characters/ Pairings Spirk (Spock/Kirk pairing)

Summary Set between ST:TMP and TWOK, during the second 5-year mission. Bones is concerned about Jim's weight. Fluffy, plotless lightly sauteed one-shot, with a side of not-too-spicy Spirk. If same-sex kissing or implied sex or innuendo bothers you, please don't look

Any warnings Slash with clothes on. Oh, and a few cusses, but no F-bombs.

Extract from story:

"I'm serious, Jim."

"Me, too. Terribly serious. Now, tell I really have groupies?" he grinned, trying to change the subject.

"Get off it, Jim - you know you do, and you know the pointy-eared president of your fan club has a habit of capitulating to your every whim, sometimes even before you have the blasted whim. He indulges you and you know it.

5/3/2011 . Edited 5/4/2011 #7

Title Aftermath


FandomStar Trek: 2009

Main characters/ PairingsSpock/Uhura, eventual Spock/OC

Summary: One radical Vulcan's ascendancy has grave consequences for the newly established Vulcan colony. How far will he push Spock, until the only logical thing to do is push back?

Any warningsIt's not finished yet. Explicit sex scenes.

Extract Yet there T'Hual stood, the capital. Built from the plentiful supplies that Starfleet furnished, T'Hual sprawled for miles. Miles of stones carved intricately in the manner of those on old Vulcan, in a surprising nod to a sense of nostalgia, which rose and flourished into high storeys and arched in colours of steel and brownstone, visible from space as gleaming needle points. Yet, it was by no means the ancient lands that had supported Vulcan steps throughout all their history. Starfleet had provided the means for food, for water, for breathable air, and their own efficiency and knowledge of arid terrain meant that the colony was functional within the phenomenal time of six years: but it was not their home.

10/27/2011 #8

Oops. Here's the link:

10/27/2011 #9

Title: Party Time! Excellent!

Rating: M (comedy smut)

Main characters/ Pairings: McCoy/OC, slight K/S.

Summary: In the boring early morning, Uhura recieves a signal. It's a call from home for Lily-Lee. Is it a reason to celebrate? Watch out for serious M-rating in chapters 4 and 5. McCoy is good with his hands. Het.

Any warnings: Stupid puns, explicit and implicit smut.

An extract:

The room was crowded with people standing and sitting. Captain Kirk was sitting in a low armchair with the hairy little creature on the wide armrest.

"I'm not saying that clothes are a bad idea. I love all new ideas! I'm just saying that it stops you humans from honing your talent for recognition. I read in an article that an earth chimpanzee can recognise any member of the flock by just the butt."

"What, don't you think I could do that?"

"I don't think you could even tell the female officers butts apart."

"Of course I could."

"No, you couldn't."

"Are you questioning my qualifications as a captain? I say I can!"

7/13/2013 #10
(This is brand new I just published it) Title: Between Life and Fear of Death Rating: K/PG Summary: David and Saavik's first conversation, the wisdom they impart, and the things they notice in each other from the beginning. First in a series of 1-shots. Warnings: None so far as the content, but if you don't like Davik ship, just stay away!
7/30/2013 #11
EmeraldGarmadon oops, forgot this. Here's the link.
7/30/2013 #12

Thanks for the link. Oh, and I recently learned how to link the text itself. You want to hear the secret? Go to the edit window, highlight the title, click the little chain symbol right after "styles" and a window pops up where you can copy-paste the link.

9/2/2013 #13

Title: Star Trek: Chicks in Space

Rating: K

Main characters/ Pairings: None of the original characters.

Summary: 2296. The USS Rider and the Klingon ship Qapla' set out to explore the Beta Quadrant. Their mission: Find a new Qo'nos. It seems easy. Then the captain has a heart attack, and their ambassador breaks the Prime Directive... With all their careers at stake, Commander Aren Blake and Kadi of the House of Onnak must unite their crews to hide the truth from their governments.

Any warnings: Religion, but mostly as a background thing.

Extract: Lin Thompson sat down at her computer and typed a message.


It relayed to the computer, which sent it on the same frequency as the message she was replying to. She waited. No answer. She hadn't really expected one, but she'd thought it worth trying. Ever since the message had come this morning, she'd wondered.

It'd been a very short message, and impossible for even her to decode, just a series of blips. There was no reference in the computer. She wasn't even sure it was a message, but it'd come from a planet just outside the limits of the Klingon Empire - she'd pinpointed it - and they were here to explore, after all, so no one ought to object to her starting a little early. She thought others'd probably picked it up, too. The signal'd been aimed randomly, and she couldn't imagine she was the only one. That dampened the excitement, but only a little. This was weird.

She sent the message again. Then she set up the computer so it'd notify her station if there was an answer.

It was 1443 hours, so she stood up reluctantly and locked her station. Eavesdropping on a dinner party didn't sound nearly as exciting when she faced the possibility of first contact with a new species.

7/4/2014 #14

First off, thank you if you are reading this!

Title: In The Space Of A Heartbeat

Rating: T because I believe in the value of expressing strong emotions through non-vulgarities

Fandom: Star Trek, TOS

Main Characters/Pairings: K/S with a healthy dose of the friendship between the two and Bones thrown in the mix

Summary: What happens after the 5 year mission, AU after TOS. K/S. "I can still have my ship back. But the Enterprise isn't my Enterprise-" Another deep breath, "if you aren't on it." Sometimes it takes time for 2 souls to realise what they have known all along.

Warnings: Internal injury from emotional punches in the gut (but there are light moments too)


Bones leans forward and steeples his fingers, eyeing Jim with an evaluative look that sees entirely too much, before heaving a sigh and saying, "Not the same ship without him, huh? Not worth fighting no longer, is it, Jim? You knew him best, Jim, but I know you best, so don't deny it."

And Jim would like to protest against this, heavens forbid that Jim Kirk give in before a fight just because one Vulcan took his leave, but his mind whispers to him, It's true, isn't it, and he can't find it in himself to struggle in a battle he has already lost. Because the day Spock left after a hushed spoken name, Spock took the person it belonged to together with him, and the Jim that would have fought his way back into Starship command on pure charisma and an attitude that the world will give him what he damn wants hasn't been around for many long months.

I would be very very humbled if you would check out my story. Live long and prosper.

2/14/2016 #15
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